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01-14-2012, 11:35 PM
QB- C- Tebow did not have a good game, hence the grade. Tebow missed some option reads (didn't hand off when he should have, and didn't keep the ball when he should have, and at times, he chose the wrong hole). Tebow's passing only had minor problems. Early on, he failed to check down to a shorter option a couple times. Tebow MUST get better at checking down. I will not fault Tebow too much though, he was running for his life all night, and he had several dropped passes, again.

WR's- D Key dropped passes while Broncos were still somewhat in it really hurt them. As usuall, receivers having problems making tough catches in tight spots. It would be nice to have a pass catching tight end, but it is apparent that McCoy has absolutely no idea what that is.

RB's- B McGahee did what he coould do under the circumstances. Too many negative plays were not his fault. Predicable playcalling made for a really tough game for the backs.

O'Line F- Worst game I have ever seen by an offensive line. They were completely outclassed in both the running game and passing game.

Mike McCoy- D- Predictable play calling once again. Once it was apparent the option was not working, he still stubbornly called option running plays over and over and over again. Only when the Broncos were down by 3+ scores did they throw a first down pass.

Special Teams- B- Prater was okay, and his kickoffs were fine. Colquitt had a bad game. I know the wind was a factor, but his punts too high for that wind.

D'Line- D Just were not affective. Rarely pressured Brady, but when you only rush 3, not much can be expected out of them. They were ineffective against the run.

LB'ers- D Denver had linebackers? Struggled against the run, and struggled against the short passing game.

Secondary- D They were victims of an extremely conservative gameplan. Still, they gave up 2 touchdowns inside of the 2 min warning of 1st half. That last touchdown, the Broncos rushed only 3, yet the middle of the field was wide open for another long touchdown pass. Inexcusable.

Dennis Allen- F His got thoroughly outcoached plain and simple. Everyone knows that you cannot give Brady a lot of time to throw, he will pick you apart. Yet they rushed only 3 on what seemed like 75% of the plays. The danger in bringing lots of pressure is giving up the big play. Well, when you give up 35 1st half points anyway, your gameplan clearly did not work.

sinuous sausage
01-14-2012, 11:37 PM
how did the Mane grade out?

01-14-2012, 11:41 PM
I pretty much agree with all those grades, with a few slight tweaks here or there.

Overall grade: F

Armchair Bronco
01-15-2012, 12:16 AM
What a debacle! :facepalm:

The only thing left for me is to fight for the OrangeMane to adopt the facepalm smiley.

01-15-2012, 01:36 AM
What a debacle! :facepalm:

The only thing left for me is to fight for the OrangeMane to adopt the facepalm smiley.

Why dont you just save it from wherever you get it and use it and paste it on every post. If Mouth can waste time and sign his name on every post, you paste the : facepalm to your posts. It isnt like we havent seen you do it at least 200 times already.