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01-02-2012, 02:54 AM
Remember the Giants fan that was attacked and put in a coma by the Dodgers fans this year? I only bring it up to illustrate a point about the Broncos this week: fans should stay in their home stadiums.

Case in point: the 2005 AFC Championship. Half the f u aking stadium was full of Steelers fans. If you're going to root for your team, I'm sick of all this post-20th Century tolerance BS that you see everywhere. You know, "No cussing at stadiums, be kid-friendly, have fun while we water down your sports.

Bottom line: You really should root for your team outside of the friendly confines of your own town at your own risk. Sure, it kinda sucked the guy was put in a coma but hey, sports are a tough racket. After Big Ben was walking off the field in 2006 there were Steeler fans all over the South Stands in 06. CRAZY. Back in the 60s when my dad was there, they used to literally take Chiefs fans for a walk into the bathroom and then beat the living four letter word that rhymes with spit out of them. It's all fair game. I don't go to Oakland and root for the Broncos. I didn't go to Philly and root for the Rockies. If a Red Sox fan roots for his team at Yankee Stadium, if he ends up in a hospital I see that as fair game just like a kid who jaywalks on I-25 and then wonders why he was run over.

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So, this guy gets banned right?

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3 thoughts come to mind. WTF is your point? Are you serious? I understand the 100 post rule.

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I agree. Let's actually handout various types of weapons and let the fans police themselves. Ain't no one allowed to root fer the away team where I'm from!

Garcia Bronco
01-02-2012, 09:19 AM
That's European bull****. Most our fmailies left there for a reason. Mainly...we don't want ot be like them.