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11-14-2011, 10:39 AM
Our running game has been spectacular since Tebow took the reigns.

link (http://www.denverpost.com/krieger/ci_19329862)
Give coach John Fox and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy this much: They must be older than they look. Over the last four games, three of them victories, their game plans have produced 915 rushing yards, or an insane 228.75 yards per, including 244 on Sunday, when the Chiefs knew exactly what was coming.

"I thought they had a terrific plan, and it just took us too long to figure out how to get the run stopped, whoever was running it, whether it was the quarterback or the backs or the receivers," Chiefs coach Todd Haley said.

Over an entire season, the Broncos' current pace would produce about 1,000 more rushing yards than the league leader the Chiefs, oddly enough accumulated last season (2,627 yards).Anyone have a good breakdown for how this is happening, in terms of what formations/ blocking schemes are being used the most and with the most success?

From the above article:
The Broncos have brought back the zone-blocking scheme Mike Shanahan used to great success, providing cut-back lanes that punish defenders for aggressiveness. They run power-blocking plays that punish defenders for hesitating to read the play. And, of course, they now run multiple forms of the option. That's a lot to prepare for and read.so there are really three schemes working here - power, zone, and spread option, all working together to cause the defensive front 7 to have to diagnose what is happening before they can react, which makes the running game even more successful.

AFAIK, teams have traditionally stuck to one main blocking scheme and sprinkled in a complementary one here and there, but there was clearly a favored scheme...Shanahan and Kubiak love them some zone and rarely run power, Belichick/McDaniels favor power and rarely run zone stuff...right? (I'm not a football strategist expert, so maybe someone can help me out.)

What I'm understanding here is that the Broncos are now running three schemes at relatively equal distributions...is that unique?

Smilin Assassin
11-14-2011, 10:58 AM
Currently ranked #2 in the league in Rushing......#31 passing.

Smash Mouth!

11-14-2011, 11:02 AM
What I'm understanding here is that the Broncos are now running three schemes at relatively equal distributions...is that unique?

I think most teams use a mix, though you are right that Den is mixing in a spread option and even triple option with Royal. Tebow is unique in that he's a qb who can run straight out of a power blocking scheme, and McGehee is a big back who lost his shake and bake in college and reinvented his game for the pros. Knowshow has a burst. I am not familiar with any team other than Car that uses anything like Den with the qb actually having a pitch/run option.

It's early on, but what I think I see is that McCoy is trying to give teams film with Den running all three schemes out of both shotgun and tebow under center, from both one and two back sets, from unbalanced lines with Clady and Franklin on the same side and even then running a straight sweep to the side with a tight end lined up at tackle. Mediator made a clever comment that Sean Payton in NO will run the same play out of 50 formations, and shanahan will run 50 plays out of the same formation. McCoy seems to be going in the Payton route.

Tebow can't really pass that well from the pocket, at least yet, but he has other strengths. It's clear that he's now making pre-snap reads and communicating with Walton on blocking assigments, and he may actually be changing the play/blocking scheme. That's somethign he couldn't do in Mia.

His ability to keep the ball and run outside on the option is forcign the defenses to spread horizontally to cover an extra gap. The triple option creates even one more gap. Teams were disrespecting Tebow by bringing up safeties and putting more that one defender in gaps, so blockers couldn't pick up all the defenders. With more gaps, defenses are now having to stretch horizontally to fill the added running gaps/avenues.

No pro team has successfully used the option plays as often as Den is trying to do. It's interesting to see how it works out. More interesting that seeing pocket sloth fall down. I thought we had a shot at stopping the Lions, but this will be Tebow's biggest test yet. The Jets corners can run with Den's WRs all day long.

11-14-2011, 11:13 AM
Any update on Willis and Moreno?

11-14-2011, 11:16 AM
Post said moreno know show but maybe willis.

When they told moreno to emulate willis' preparation, I don't think they meant he needed to get injured at the same time. I'm wondering if Quan Crosby will have to take some touches.

11-14-2011, 11:35 AM
Jeremiah Johnson still around?