View Full Version : Outside the Pocket

11-06-2011, 08:10 PM
We need to stop trying to make Tebow play predominantly from the pocket. I would like to see us employ an offense much like we had when Plummer was here. Tebow is 100% better playing outside the pocket.

I agree we need to make him get better inside the pocket but lets not rush it and force things on him. Give him some time, I'm talking 2-3 years to learn to play from the pocket. As the game slows down for him and he improves on his accuracy he will get better from the pocket. I think a lot of his problems is he is trying to stay in the pocket and play from it because the coaches are drilling it in his head to do so and he's forcing things with it. He does his best when he rolls out which is typically only happening when he's forced out there right now. But his anticipation is a lot better, his passes are more accurate and he is just a lot more confident once he rolls out. We need to start doing it more often by design. It would more than likely slow the rush down some too as teams would have to start trying to contain him on the edges.

Could you imagine him running those bootlegs like Plummer used to do with a pass run option. It would work great with the way Mcgahee is running the ball.