View Full Version : Nice team win

Bronco Yoda
10-23-2011, 06:53 PM
This was a fantastic TEAM win.

Tebow struggled much of the game, but when it counted he came through with both his arm and legs.

The WR's struggled much of the game but when it counted they came through.

Special Teams pulls off the critical recovery when absolutely needed.

The Defense made critical stops at the end and come up with the critical TO.

Pratter struggled most of the game with two earlier missed FG's but comes through in the end.

The entire team had to come up big in the end and they did!

It wasn't just one or two players. It wasn't just one or two plays. When you add it all up, it was a spectacular TEAM come-from-behind victory!

Is it fair to say that TEBOW = FORCE MULTIPLIER?