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10-01-2011, 04:12 AM
Here's the low down on the game. Snap by snap.

Broncos receive kick. Touchback. Begin posession on the 20 yard line.

1st and 10 - Broncos screen right. Play read and contained out by LB Barrett Ruud. Kuper and Walton pull, and are supposed to block LB's, both are completely ineffective and fail their assignments about as bad as you can fail...they dont even slow the players down. Kuper misses Ruud, Walton misses LB#56 Ayers. 4 yard loss.

2nd and 14 - Two wide, two tight, singleback. McGahee hand-off up the gut. Excellent hole. Broncos Walton and Kuper clear the two Titans DT's and open a clean whole a good 5-7 yards wide right up the middle of the defense. Walton and Franklin both turn their men around and push them out of the play. Clady dominates the edge. Kuper gets a rub on Franklin's guy and then gets upfield and puts Finnegan on his butt. Fantastic play. 9-yard gain. Could have been a home run play with a quicker back.

3rd and 5 - 3-wide left, Decker goes in motion across to the right. Great route by Decker, good timing throw by Orton. Titans bring 4. Franklin lets the LDE take almost a 45-degree angle at the QB, but recovers to push him out of the play. Otherwise the pocket was excellent. Well-executed play all around. 7-yard gain, 1st down.

1st and 10 - 2-wide right, fullback staggered-I-left, Fells off of Clady. Decker in motion left. There's all manner of buffoonery on the OL. Orton drops back and gets 3 guys in his lap. The whole left side of the line is off in their reads. Kuper, Walton, Beadles, and Clady all mis-read the blitz, rotate too slowly/competently, pick up the wrong guys, and then most of them miss their assignment with those guys. Titans brought 6 on the play, and over-loaded the left side. Fells leaves to recieve, leaving 3 guys to block 4. Only one guy on the left side got blocked, and that was the guy that Walton picked up. Kuper didn't get a hand on anyone. The good plays - Franklin had a killer cut block, McGahee did a good job picking up a blitzer. Orton is clobbered by DT Casey. Pass incomplete.

2nd and 10 - Broncos in an I-formation. Run off of C/RG. Walton does a good job. Pushes RDT into the wash and gets to the second level, putting a solid block on LB Ruud. Clady and Beadles both engage and push their assignments into the wash and out of the play. Kuper is owned by LDT #93 Smith (two straight plays Kuper has been owned by a DT), who makes the tackle at the line of scrimmage. Franklin gets upfield and puts an effective cut block on #92 Witherspoon. No gain.

3rd and 10 - Broncos 5-wide in the shotgun. Titans bring 4. Nice pocket. Orton steps up and forces the ball to Lloyd and throws the ball behind him. Lloyd makes an athletic attempt to spin and snag while running directly across the field parallel to the end zones, but its asking too much as the pass falls incomplete.

4th and 10 - Punt. Colquitt hits a brilliant 62-yard blast.

Titans take over at their own 10.

1st and 10 - Broncos in classic 4-3. Bunk, Vick at DT's; Ayers, Hunter at DE's. Titans run off of RT. Von Miller reads run immediately and explodes to the play, closing the gap and forcing the play outside, where Cassius Vaughn has beat his blocker, is waiting, and makes a solid tackle. 2-yard loss. Von totally blew this play up before the pulling Guard #73 could get there.

2nd and 12 - Titans in an I with 2 wide left. Somehow the Titans managed to isolate Britt on Woodyard because the Broncos chose to overload the weak side rather than to shift a DB onto Britt. Quick timing screen to Britt. Woodyard several steps behind the play, but finds an angle and makes the tackle. Easy throw/catch for 8 yards.

3rd and 4 - Titans in shotgun with 4 wide, 3 WR's left/one right, Chris Johnson in backfield. Von lines up at LDE. Harvey at RDE. Ayers at LDT. Miller and Harvey both get serious push, but Hasselbeck has an easy target with TE Jared Cook matched up on Woodyard. Good timing throw/catch on a 3-step drop. 6-yard gain. 1st down. Woodyard getting owned on literally every play. He's their whipping boy.

1st and 10 - Titans in singleback 4-wide. Von at LDE again, Ayers at LDT. Vick at RDT, Harvey RDE. Titans end up with Woodyard covering Chris Johnson, who makes the easy dump-off grab and heads upfield for an easy 8-yard gain. Woodyard getting taken to the woodshed. Im sure that Fox is happy to have DJ back. Holy cow, this is comical at this point of the game.

2nd and 2 - Broncos essentially in a 5-2. Titans in the I. Titans run a zone blocking play and Johnson reads it well. Woodyard fills his gap well, puts a wallop on the fullback, Joe Mays is blocked out of the play and Johnson exploits Mays' gap. Bunk is the only guy who holds his gap on the line. Holding on #54. He was holding Bunk on the play, who was handling his business anyway. Holding called, 10-yard penalty.

2nd and 12 - Titans in shotgun 4-wide, Johnson in the backfield. 3-wide right, one left. Broncos in another 5-2 look. Von standing up on the left side. Broncos blitz Wilhite, stunt Von and Ayers. Broncos get pressure, but Hasselbeck makes another good timing throw to a man-covered Hawkins who has a great size advantage over Goodman. Hawkins makes a nice leaping grab thrown to his back shoulder, away from Goodman. Goodman makes a nice tackle. This is just a good offensive play. 11-yard play.

3rd and 1 - Titans in another shotgun. 3 wide right overloaded formation with Johnson in the backfield and a TE off of LT. Von at LDE again. Dawkins covers up TE, the 3 DB's cover the WR's. Mays and Woodyard in the backfield. False start. The Titans whine and throw fits like the liberals in the politics forum. ;D .

3rd and 6 - same formations, but Von is playing SLB and at the LOS standing up with Wilhite on his left shoulder covering a WR. Von and Ayers stunt again with Wilhite charging hard on a blitz. This forces the RT and RG to choose. The RG chooses Von, the RT chooses Ayers. Wilhite makes a b-line straight to Hasselbeck and gets a nice sack. Wilhite has some straight line speed and makes a nice form tackle. Nice play. 10-yard loss.

4th and 15 - Punt. Quan Cosby makes a nice return to midfield.

Broncos take over at midfield.

1st and 10 - Broncos in singleback with two tight. Quick screen right to Decker. Decker doesn't know the play and runs a slant while Orton skips the ball off the ground behind him. How on earth does this stuff happen at this level? Incomplete pass.

2nd and 10 - I formation three wide (two right). Delay handoff to McGahee. Walton does a great job leveraging #93. Encroachment on #93 anyway.

2nd and 5 - Broncos singleback two tight. Run. MASSIVE hole between Clady and Beadles. Walton, Clady, and Beadles all get their guys turned and pushed out of the play. Decker makes a decent block on #26. McGahee gets through the hole, but lacks the agility and speed to make this into the huge gain it could be. 8-yard gain.

1st and 10 - Play action bootleg from a power singleback. Witherspoon comes free. Orton is simply incapable of making a play on the run. DE Jason Jones clobbers Orton helmet-to-helmet. Orton goes down like a sack of potatoes. Flag. Big penalty. Titans basically moving the ball on this drive with their own stupidity.

1st and 10 - Broncos singleback two tight two wide. Counter off off of LG. A few yards and a cloud of dust. Its hard to see who did what.

-Red Zone Alert (19 yard line) -

2nd and 7 - Singleback 3-wide. Nice set up for a screen, poor and slow execution by Orton and then a bad throw to McGahee's feet. In-com-plete.

3rd and 7 - Broncos singleback 3-wide. Nice pocket, nice timing throw to Lloyd on a slant for 10 yards. Well-executed play on all fronts.

1st and Goal - Broncos singleback 3-wide. McGahee on a counter trap. Good blocking here. He cuts in between Walton and Beadles, but kind of gets caught up in indecisiveness in exploiting the hole and Walton's guy catches him from behind. 4-yard gain.

2nd and Goal - Shotgun with trips right, Ball in the backfield. Ball slips out for a short catch, gains a yard. Lloyd didn't block a lick and his guy caught Ball. This formation would be awesome with Tebow.

3rd and Goal from the 4 - Broncos singleback with trips right. Orton to Willis for a TD. Excellent blocking. Franklin cut blocks again to give Orton a wide-open throwing lane. The Titans dont even bother covering Willis. I gather that Willis was probably the primary option here and that the Broncos used a bit of deception because Orton got the ball out in a snap and didn't make another read. 7-0 Broncos.

10-01-2011, 04:44 AM
Let us eat of this boar tonight so that we will have strength for battle!

10-01-2011, 05:14 AM
Titans receive kick, take over at their own 20.

1st and 10 - Von at SLB, Ayers and Hunter at DE, Bunk and Vick at DT. Titans in singleback 2-wide. Screen pass left. Wide open Johnson drops the ball. Titans trying to exploit Woodyard again.

2nd and 10 - Von lines up outside of RDE this time, is standing up. Dawkins blitz. Johnson runs off of RG/RT for a little over a yard. Bunk gets some push and clogs up the hole by pushing his man into the play, Ayers makes a nice tackle in the hole.

3rd and 8 - Titans in a shotgun with 4-wide. Broncos rush 3. Nice timing throw by Hasselbeck that hits WR Washington a couple yards short of the 1st down. Washington turns and tries to get up field, but Von Miller makes a fantastic tackle, and holding him short. Stand-out play by Miller who is having a fantastic game.

4th and 1 - Titans Punt. Cosby with another good return out across the 35.

Broncos take over at their ~35 yard line with 2:12 left in the first quarter.

1st and 10 - camera work prevents viewing formations. McGahee runs off of LG. Fells is lined up at TE off of RT, and his guy gets all the way across the field to tackle McGahee for a 1 yard loss

2nd and 11 - Broncos in 5 wide, Orton under center. Titans bring 5. Broncos OL sorts things out quickly and provide a nice pocket. Orton hits Lloyd on a nice slant timing play for 6 yards.

3rd and 5 - Broncos in shotgun 4-wide with trips right. Titans bring 6, but the Broncos sort it out again and give Orton time to get the ball off. Orton throws a ball tipped by a defensive lineman who had dropped back in coverage 15 yards down the field and thus misses a wide open Fells who looks ticked off. The Titans fooled Orton here, and Broncos are lucky this play is not picked off.

4th and 5 - Punt. Nice punt and coverage, Titans get little return yardage and Broncos converge and close the play out at the 15 yard line

Titans take over at their own 15-yard line with 0:42 left in the first quarter.

1st and 10 - Titans in singleback. Von Miller is lined up in SLB. Johnson runs off of RT and has all kinds of space around the edge. RDE Hunter was double teamed and blocked out of the play, and that side was covered by Woodyard and Mays who are both bulldozed a good 10-yards backwards. Tackled by Rahim Moore. Holding call negates. 10-yard penalty.

1st and 20 - Titans in I-3-wide. Von Miller lined up in Woodyard's spot. The Broncos literally move him all over the field. This is a special player. Pass play. Broncos rush 4. No pressure. At least 3 open Titans that I can see. Hasselbeck hits Johnson, who is tackled by Miller after a 16-yard gain.

-end of first quarter-

2nd and 4 - Broncos in a sort of 5-2. Titans pitch left. Vick gets some major push and puts his blocker in Johnson's lap. Tackled by Hunter for a 1-yard loss. Nice play.

3rd and 5 - Von at LDE. Titans in shotgun 5-wide. Broncos overload the left side of the line with 4 rushers and isolate Von on the RT. Von bulldozes the guy back into Hasselbeck's lap, who is forced to lob a ball up the sideline to Johnson on an out route. Woodyard is covering Johnson, so you can guess the result of that play...catch. First down. Big gain to the Broncos' 46 yard line.

1st and 10 - Screen to Ringer, who picks up about 13 yards.

1st and 10 - Titans run a reverse, which gains about 4 yards as Woodyard makes a nice close-out play forcing the WR out of bounds by using a good angle.

2nd and 6 - Titans in singleback with two wide right. Broncos have Von back at SLB and pull the linebackers up closer to the LOS. Run. Ayers has a solid edge set. Bunk makes a really athletic play to get to the RB in the backfield. Vick cleans up the play and assists in the tackle for a loss of a yard

3rd and 7 - Broncos with 8 in the box. Titans in the shotgun with 3 wide right. Von standing up at RDE. Dawkins at the LOS off of LDE. Broncos blitz 5. Titans OL does a great job picking up the blitz. Hasselbeck makes a nice throw underneath and the WR makes a play upfield for a 20-yard gain and first down to the Broncos 15.

-Red Zone-
Titans first and 10 from Denver 15

1st and 10 - Titans in a strange 3-back diamond formation. Play action, Von almost gets there from the back side of the play, Hasselbeck hits WR Nate Washington in the endzone for a TD. 7-7

10-01-2011, 06:27 AM
great work brosef. thank you.

it makes it so easy to see just how orton manages games. its depressing as hell to read though.

10-01-2011, 08:17 AM
I see a pattern developing.

Orton doesn't just need the run game to get first downs or put us in 3rd and short to execute,

he doesn't just need the OL to maintain a hygenic, anti septic, sanitized zone in the pocket to execute,

but he also needs multiple penalties by the defense to execute and march down field.

10-01-2011, 11:29 AM
I see a pattern developing.

Orton doesn't just need the run game to get first downs or put us in 3rd and short to execute,

he doesn't just need the OL to maintain a hygenic, anti septic, sanitized zone in the pocket to execute,

but he also needs multiple penalties by the defense to execute and march down field.Have we scored a TD this year without the help of a personal foul on the defense during the drive?

10-01-2011, 08:46 PM
I just watched the 4th quarter again. Ugh. I feel digusted watching Orton try to lead this team in any clutch situation. He always manages to fumble, throw a pick, or just fail. What a freakin' loser.

I hope your daughter grows up to be a Raider fan, Kyle. A Raider fan....

10-01-2011, 09:24 PM
Kickoff brought out by Cosby to the Broncos' 17. Broncos take over with 11:30 left in the second quarter.

1st and 10 - Broncos in the I with one wide. Play action pass. Dominant blocking on right side of the line, nice pass protection. Nice pocket. Orton drops 7 steps and delivers a nice pass to Fells near the sideline. Fells gets some YAC out to the Broncos' 48. 31-yard gain, 1st down.

1st and 10 - Broncos in a staggered I with two wide. Handoff to McGahee who goes between Kuper and Franklin. Franklin absolutely bulldozes the LDE and pushes him back a good 8-9 yards, opening the hole. Stanley Clarke lines up at TE. 4-yard gain.

2nd and 6 - Broncos in I. Titans put 7 in the box. Play action pass. Beautiful pocket develops. McGahee does a masterful job picking up a blitzing Titan and there is a nice U-shaped pocket with gaps down the middle of the field. Orton drops 7 steps and airs out a ball over the head of a wide open Decker, into the waiting arms of Titans DB McCourty for an interception. McCourty returns the ball to the Titans' 44-yard line.