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  1. CDs in your player now
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  15. Somebody's not happy about the new SimCity.
  16. Back surgery
  17. Drunk Bully Gets Knocked The F Out
  18. Who Owns your Favorite Brewery?
  19. Need help--don't one of you own a print company? Broncocalijohn perhaps?
  20. Uh Oh Mhgaffney!! The nanites missed a piece.
  21. Buying my first car. Everybody feel free to weigh in.
  22. Hughsnet Gen4 anyone try it
  23. bringing back the wooly mammoth
  24. DEXTER - the final season
  25. WTF
  26. Breaking Bad
  27. 40 Maps That Give Perspective
  28. Cloning John Lennon
  29. ben affleck batman ... Pow !$#@$@ Bang #@$@$
  30. Smaug
  31. Is this real life?
  32. Over the Air Digital TV
  33. Health insurance for self employed???
  34. Battlefield 4 - Xbox
  35. RIP Lou Reed
  36. Twins
  37. Thorium-Fueled Automobile Engine Needs Refueling Once a Century
  38. What's the name of this song?
  39. Paul Walker liked underage girls???!?!?!?!?
  40. Space Station Cooling System Failure
  41. Hello everyone
  42. The most ridiculous game with Evelynn
  43. OT - Whatever Bro, Its Legal
  44. Xbox One...
  45. Move to Colorado...
  46. Ear Electronics -- Guitar Pedals
  47. OT: Devil Baby attacks NYC
  48. So how much is John Elway worshipped in Denver?
  49. Kickstarter New MMO (Pantheon)
  50. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is dead
  51. RIP Shirley Temple and Sid Cesar!
  52. Hottest Disney Princess Poll
  53. Maleficent 5/30
  54. Heavy boxing bag: good cardio + muscle tone ?
  55. For you Young Ones fans...RIP Rik Mayall
  56. Challenger SRT Hellcat
  57. Tim Tebow wants you to know he's in shape and totally ready for an NFL call
  58. Hot/Crazy Matrix...a man's guide to women..lulz
  59. The worst Ebola outbreak in history - it's on the move
  60. OT-Coca cola company are Dirt bags
  61. Should Quoydogs be allowed to post news on the Mane?
  62. "Sissy Spike"
  63. Favorite rap song?
  64. John Denver's Aspen Pad on Market
  65. Shark Week - It's here !!!
  66. thinking of getting my real estate license
  67. Tony Stewart
  68. Roby just won PGA
  69. Any sort of good juju you can send my way, I'll take it.
  70. Commercial for fellow parents and fat people
  71. Robin Williams dies
  72. Lauren Bacall dead....
  73. The Knick
  74. Biggest Swimming Pool in the World
  75. Samantha Fish
  76. ...and they have an orange one
  77. Ghostbusters - 30 year anniversary
  78. NSFW Celeb Photos hacked and put on the interwebs.
  79. Anyone play League?
  80. Women Kayaking near seals get attacked by Great White
  81. Giant Mutant Spider Terrorizes the Public
  82. Intruders anybody watching on BBC
  83. Take the stairs you fat piece of ****
  84. Living in Denver