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  1. The Decency Line...
  2. Amesj's Odditorium
  3. ****ing PIGS!
  4. Speculating presidential assassination is unacceptable.
  5. Gold is now a bad investment.
  6. Jobless claims and inflation are rising
  7. If facts don’t lie, is Mexico safer than the U.S.?
  8. Mullen Sees Risk in Quicker Afghanistan Withdrawal
  9. How Walmart Destroyed America and Built China
  10. Inside the Investigation of Leading Republican Money Man Sheldon Adelson
  11. The Bengahzi Debacle
  12. More Obama green energy money wasted.
  13. Shooting at Conn Elementary 27 dead including kids
  14. getting around the debt ceiling fight.
  15. Please, No African American Nurses
  16. Do guns save lives?
  18. Following Tesla's good news, Fox conveniently forgets government loan
  19. Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought
  20. ***ushima now in state of emergency, leaking 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean daily Lea
  21. Birther conversion
  22. Syria - another war crime in the making
  23. What is the Cultural Revolution?
  24. Climate Change in the Coloradan Mind
  25. Racism in America
  26. Defunding Obamacare - Can it happen?
  27. Watch the 1% gobble up the country's income
  28. Facebook
  29. 33 Uncomfortable Questions for Progressives
  30. Boehner's Deal to Avoid a Shut Down
  31. New Republican strategy to eliminate the CR and piecemeal the budget
  32. 48 ways the government shutdown can hurt *you*
  33. The Obamacare Song
  34. 1960s Government Subliminal National Anthem Video
  35. Tea Party Congressman Makes a Fool of Chris Matthews Over Shutdowns Under Former Boss Tip O'Neill R
  36. 13 down 4 to go
  37. Silk Road Busted; Founder Arrested
  38. To Sum Up
  39. Aljazeera America trolls MSM with smart, insightful reporting
  40. Watch: Obama's Ironic Anti-Union Analogy That Was Supposed to Insult Republicans
  41. The woman who died today in DC.......
  42. FYI: Democrats have demanded conditions for debt-ceiling increases 21 times since 1979
  43. Nunes- GOP 'lemming caucus' has set us on fire & sent us to the Valley of Death
  44. Park Police Attempt To Shut Down Mount Vernon - Until They're Told It's Privately Funded
  45. Sy Hersh better watch his back
  46. Man Sets himself on fire on national mall
  47. UPDATED: Obamacare Poster Boy Chad Henderson and His Dad Didn't Really Buy Insurance
  48. OBAMACARE is the devils doing................
  49. Shutdown: America Dancing to the Koch Bros.' Tune
  50. Leukemia patient loses his insurance coverage because of Obamacare regulations
  51. Shutdown meltdown: Elderly residents kicked out of private Lake Mead homes; 60 families affected
  52. Sen. Ted Cruz with Candy Crowley on CNN's State of the Union
  53. OMG! Poor me!
  54. xkcd nails it, again
  55. Bachmann Says Obama Fulfilling End Times Prophecy
  56. Purely Awesome: Jon Stewart Rips Sebelius Over ObamaCare 'Level Of Incompetence'
  57. Right Wing Lunatic Fringe Says Default Might Be Good
  58. House, Senate Gyms Remain Open During Shutdown
  59. Sam Wang (better than Nate Silver): GOP likely to lose seats in '14
  60. Liberalism: Boogeyman to the Right
  61. And they said democrats were taking advantage of the shutdown...
  62. Aternative Name for "Redskins"
  63. Could we stop acting like Obama is a liberal?
  64. Are sinking republican poll #s working ?
  65. government shut down a path to greece?
  66. Obama wanted to give guns to her enemy?
  67. Wolf Blitzer: President poll at a new low. LOL
  68. how a default could cause another meltdown
  69. CO Pays to reopen Rocky Mountain National Park, Trail Ridge Road
  70. Tea Party Crazies Shake the World & China Wants Off
  71. Rand Paul Goes Begging to the Christian Right Fanatics
  72. proposed debt deal complete
  73. GOP Kills Majority Rule in House
  74. Rape Culture Alive and Well in the U.S.
  75. Obama’s New Policy Has Arlington Graves Stripped Of Personal Mementos
  76. You Get NOTHING
  77. Gaffney's address to DC 9/11 truth conference now up
  78. Someone should be fired over Obamacare rollout
  79. Yale researcher realizes the TEA Party is a lot smarter than he thought
  80. It had to end this way because "You cannot serve two masters"!
  81. Economy hurting
  82. Jay Carney flees presser when Benghazi questions get too hot
  83. Fox News caught lying about Obamacare......
  84. The Success of Right Wing Propaganda
  85. The Debt Limit is unlimited
  86. Christian, Not Conservative
  87. Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic ties w/ USA.
  88. Delay: Obama set to unsheath and hand Ted Cruz the ACA Mandate Sword
  89. Eat it Perry
  90. Democrats & Republicans agree: Capitalism is untouchable
  91. Obama admin. knew millions could not keep their health insurance
  93. Don't Think Campaign Financing is the Number One Issue Facing America?
  94. U.S. Budget Deficit Down, Lowest in 5 Years
  95. The party of dipshets
  96. for mark
  97. Obamacare enrollments got off to very slow start, documents show 6 total on the first day. LOL
  98. resolution for war against Iran gains ground in House
  99. Security hole found in Obamacare website
  100. Two Economies Equal Two Different Worlds
  101. SAC Capital to plead guilty to insider trading charges
  102. Douglas County, CO schools
  103. Scrooge McDucks
  104. Plagiarist Rand Paul too overworked, poor guy.
  105. Poverty in America Is Mainstream
  106. Far-right suffers another setback in Virginia
  107. Obamacare by Morning
  108. Chinese Man Hides Note From Labor Camp in Halloween Costume
  109. Is Bitcoin a Long-Term Alternative to Government-Sponsored Currencies?
  110. Opinions on 12 guage tactical shotguns
  111. For the Lib/Dems. What, in your own words, does "Obamacare" mean?
  112. Up in Arms
  113. Tea Party shocker: Even right-wingers become liberals when they turn off Fox News
  114. Ashton on His Teen Choice Speech / Ellen DeGeneres
  115. If You Are a Queer Please Apply Here
  116. JFK assassination -- 50 years on...
  117. Congressional approval sinks to single digits
  119. Fed employee turned whistleblower exposes QE program as bailout
  120. Study Finds Republicans Lie Three Times More Than Democrats
  121. If you can't win..cheat
  122. America's Middle Class Moves to Mexico
  123. Best place to check right-wing talking-points
  124. Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report
  125. Exit the vehicle and voluntarily provide a DNA/blood/breathalyzer specimen, citizen.
  126. Justice Department Victory: JP Morgan Settles
  127. Senate Dems on verge of "nuclear option"
  128. Healthcare access, affordability, complexity in U.S.
  129. Walmart's food donation drive for its own workers
  130. Publisher of "The American Conservative" favors higher min wage in CA
  131. US most violent western nation - by wide margin
  132. Those who believe in the Constitution's limiting powers may like this...
  133. Happy Zombie Apocalypse Friday
  134. From Robert Reich, via Facebook
  135. Some thoughts for you prohibitionists...
  136. is Israeli PM "Bibi" Netanyahu insane?
  137. Affluent, white residents of south Baton Rouge propose seceding from city’s poor, black north area
  138. Nelson Mandela Dead at 95 (M)
  139. Obama's attack dog
  140. Israel to pay African asylum-seekers $3,500 to leave voluntarily
  141. protests in Ukraine...what's it about?
  142. Israel moves to ethnically cleanse 40,000 Arabs
  143. Putin is defender of conservatism
  144. Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore....
  145. Sign Up Cause It’s Hot
  146. Are you mad ?
  147. NYPost Backs "Fahrenheit 911" Claims
  148. Jihadists over run Free Syrian Army headquarters
  149. Quantitative Easing made simple
  150. Michigan law bans insurance on abortion
  151. why does evil flourish in the US?
  152. I thought conservatives were against welfare...?
  153. Finally! a solution!
  154. Happy Holidays, America!
  155. A History and Linguistics Lesson...Just in time for Xmas!
  156. One 82-year-old preacher even called for “Tea Party” style meetings
  157. Good 60 Minutes Tonight
  158. Traded Pompoms for M4 Carbine
  159. The Unbelievable happens in Utah
  160. California law lets transgender students pick bathrooms
  161. Pat Buchanan NAILS it again
  162. A&E's Core Values as a Company are about Profits
  163. Glenn Greenwald talks about US surveillance state
  164. NSA diverted computers and laptops from shipping facilities to install spyware
  165. For you MSNBC viewers
  166. Russia bombing - prelude to Sochi?
  167. The Liberalization of Colorado
  168. The 25 most FAILED states in the WORLD.....
  169. #libertarianismin4words
  170. GOP party sinking
  171. Chris Christie's camp shut down worlds busiest bridge over political vendetta
  172. Don Lemon Grills DNC Head: Why Is Christie Suspicious if He Denies Involvement but Not Obama?
  173. Some college athletes read at the 5th grade level
  174. Remember the deficit? It's melting
  175. Jindal: DOJ 'More Interested In Skin Color' Than Education
  176. Eric Holder: Blacks are disciplined more harshly in schools because of their race
  177. let's cut the two most successful forms of economic stimulus
  178. IQ--and heredity--Don't shoot the messenger
  179. The WHITE GHETTO..........
  180. Obama's Admin. just set a new record
  182. This Story of a Prof Who Fails His Entire Class to Illustrate Obama's Socialism Has the Left Furious
  183. hunting eagles(bald and golden)
  184. Fox News Roger Ailes biography (written by Gabriel Sherman) out today
  185. Freeloaders!
  186. France is in the process of transforming into a post-national and multicultural society......
  187. The North Dakota town that thwarted a neo-Nazi takeover
  188. N.S.A. Uses Radio Frequencies to Penetrate Computers
  189. US Senate bill will set the stage for another Mideast war
  190. More racial protectionism from Holder, and a message to white Americans
  191. It Only Took This Army Vet 2 Minutes To Silence All Liberals In The Room
  192. The Death of the NRA
  193. post your favorite bar story or joke
  194. Obamacare for Jail and Prision Inmates
  195. Keith Olbermann's Defense For Fighting With 13-Year-Old Girl On Twitter? She Started It!
  196. Is this science?
  197. it's time to legalize ALL drugs -- not just marijuana
  198. Nation of Islam gets welcomed into Pasadena TX :)
  199. Eric Holder: US still a nation of cowards on race
  200. Wheelchair truthers now demand Texas Republican ‘prove he is paraplegic’
  201. State of the Union Drinking Game
  202. McCain Censured; Still No Rift in GOP
  203. 4 Rupblicans to respond to State of the Union; Still no rift in GOP
  204. Class warfare!
  205. “More than 9 million Americans have signed up for private health insurance or Medicaid coverage.” R
  206. Inner-city Chicago reaction to the SOTU.
  207. The Facebook of Mormon
  208. Apparently, being liberal is thirsty work
  209. We Demand!
  210. John Elway to Fox News: I’m Republican because ‘I don’t believe in safety nets’
  211. Conservative knuckledraggers offended that anyone would sing about America in a different language
  212. America as Horror Show: There is no shame anymore...
  213. 9/11 truth coach wins Super Bowl
  214. Can't defeat your opponent? That's okay, it just means you're a Republican. Do this, instead!
  215. Obama will lose more power in midterms 2014
  216. Will Piers Morgan apologize for spreading a racist hoax?
  217. John Stewart speaks about Fox News' penchant for circular logic.
  218. Bill Pushes Term Limits
  219. Here's one way to cut costs.
  220. Will Michael Sam be the 1st Openly Gay NFL player?
  221. Limp Boehner
  222. Obama delays health insurance mandate until 2016
  223. No hostage taking this time around
  224. Sheriff looks to black leaders for State Fair help....
  225. Camels? In Israel? Sorry, Bible.
  226. Second coal slurry spill in West Virginia in less than a month...but hey! We don't need the EPA!
  227. Protectionism is Inevitable
  228. Professor accused of racism for correcting grammar, capitalization
  229. professor counters Russia/Putin bashing now rife in US
  230. 1% Solution: Rich Should Get More Votes
  231. banking weirdness 2014
  232. Jon Stewart Blasts Democrats
  233. What Cruz trying to Do?
  234. ENJOY!
  235. Mind Control
  236. More rightard nonsense
  237. Surprise.surprise. 4 GOP gov. Under investigation
  238. Keystone pipeline dealt a big blow
  239. two party system
  240. People Love Communism!
  241. RIP Internet as we know it: 1969-2013
  242. After-Birth Abortion
  243. Gore says use Folk Music to end Global Warming
  244. College!
  245. Basic Conservatism 101
  246. I Sense a disturbance in Bitcoin-land
  247. (6,000) year old crystal is oldest piece of earth
  248. Oh noes!
  249. Repugs Torpedo Bill for Vets With More of Their Ideological Crap
  250. I really wish I had written this article about Fox News