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  1. The Decency Line...
  2. DeLay: Illegal immigrants fill jobs that aborted babies can't
  3. Amesj's Odditorium
  4. ****ing PIGS!
  5. Speculating presidential assassination is unacceptable.
  6. Gold is now a bad investment.
  7. US is turning into a police state
  8. Jobless claims and inflation are rising
  9. ACORN smear: "Sometimes a fuller truth is found on the cutting room floor"
  10. Some good news for California
  11. The First Major Anti-Globalist Movement is the Tea Party
  12. DA: Pa. abortion doc killed 7 babies with scissors
  13. Fox: "How many Police Brutality stories will it take for us to realize that the war on drugs is far
  14. If facts don’t lie, is Mexico safer than the U.S.?
  15. Mullen Sees Risk in Quicker Afghanistan Withdrawal
  16. Political Humor..
  17. How Walmart Destroyed America and Built China
  18. Inside the Investigation of Leading Republican Money Man Sheldon Adelson
  19. Homeland Security stockpiling millions of rounds of ammo
  20. Patriot posts
  21. The Dangers of Denying Evidence
  22. Three interesting ways Big Oil spends its profits:
  23. The Bengahzi Debacle
  24. Sen Bob Menendez (D NJ) and his "off shore drilling"
  25. Election Day!
  26. Dow closes below 13,000 for first time since August
  27. Woman denied abortion dies in agony in Hospital
  28. Detroit, once the "Paris of the West" ......
  29. There is No Fiscal Crisis
  30. More Obama green energy money wasted.
  31. Poll on Fiscal Cliff
  32. Shooting at Conn Elementary 27 dead including kids
  33. Westboro Baptist church to Protest Newton kids funerals
  34. What happened to the Liberal Anti-War movement?
  35. getting around the debt ceiling fight.
  36. critical thinking about September 11, 2001
  37. Chuck Hagel for Sec Def?
  38. LOL @ "Tea Party"
  39. Al Gore made 298 million dollars since he lost to Bush Jr.
  40. Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Libertarians ... I think we can all agree
  41. Was Hitler Anti-Gun?
  42. For God’s Sake, Go Get a Flu Shot
  43. GOP pollster: americans don't care about the size of gov.
  44. sandy hook truthers
  45. Let's Hear it for the Second Amendment!
  46. Obama Sworn In
  47. Adding to the National debt is Unpatriotic
  48. "demagogic slander that sounded like a script for Radio Hanoi" - Time Magazine on MLK
  49. NObama Names Candidate For ATF Director Who Was Involved In Design Of “Fast And Furious”
  50. Racial Groups Cry Foul Over NYC SuperSize Soda Ban
  51. first thyroid cancers appear in F-u-k-u-shima
  52. Obama the annihilator
  53. G.I. Jane .......Coming Soon
  54. Want an abortion after a rape in NM? Soon you might be charged with felony tampering with evidence.
  55. Senate Filibuster progress
  56. GOP Can't Win Honestly; Time to Cheat
  57. Courts rule Obama recess appointments unconstituional
  58. John Elway wants to take away your guns!!!!
  59. Thought for the Week
  60. Govt spending isn't out of control?
  61. County Sheriffs Position Paper on Gun Control
  62. Immigration reform
  63. We may be in another recession already.
  64. Legal immigrant reminds us why the 2nd exists.
  65. Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops
  66. Global Warming ties to Chicago murder rate
  67. "Assault weapons" in Context: Hunting Calibers
  68. MSNBC: Racist Slurs OK?
  69. Lying Liars and the Deficit Lies They Tell
  70. What a Mass Murderer looks like
  71. History of Venus
  72. IRS says Obamacare will cost $20K per year
  73. collapse of rule of law in Amerika
  74. Some countries are reducing the size of their government
  75. Fairewinds: Website under verified DDS attack
  76. Gun Control
  77. Caption this pic........
  78. Panetta Admits, Yes, Waterboarding Worked
  79. Guns aren't the only issue.
  80. Criminal Background Checks on Private Firearm Sales
  81. Fox News losing independents
  82. Offseason is here --let the NON PC debates begin!!You Swine Happy Now? Black Kills whites
  84. Obama Absent Night of Benghazi
  85. PCR: The Obama police state will be worse than the Bush/Cheney police state
  86. former CIA pilot and 9/11 researcher "suicided"
  87. Hmm...
  88. Starwars themes by Cellos
  89. Probably won't hear this on the news - RKBA in action!
  90. Texas Pinko and Red Indoctrination
  91. Obama's Intelligent Ecological Policy
  92. Obama Quietly Opens LA Waters to Deepwater Oil Drilling
  93. Pope to resign
  94. ron paul:against the U.N.,unless of course you need there help
  95. 45 Declared Goals of the Communist Party
  96. The man who killed Osama Bin Laden...Is Screwed
  97. N Korea detonates nuclear device.
  98. ABC news reports Obama regime neglecting Ft Hood terrorism victims, but only after exploiting them.
  99. The crazy right
  100. The Austrian School of economics
  101. Who are you & and why do bad things happen
  102. It's Cultural Deviancy NOT Guns
  103. Teabow anti-gay?
  104. Welcome to Bankster World
  105. Why You Should Question the Feds
  106. Serfs Up
  107. Ilana Mercer---smart,practical and not too shabby on the eyes..
  108. the Federal Reserve answers to no one
  109. All Things Dumocrat part duex
  110. Please, No African American Nurses
  111. Another corupt Congressman bites the dust
  112. Home defense firearm tips from Joe Biden, head of Obama's gun safety task force
  113. Public more aligned with Obama than GOP
  114. did flu shots work for you?
  115. Owning a gun is not for everyone
  116. Huntsman, Amazing "politician"
  117. The Bicycle Guy? Really?
  118. Hornady: Nope, not a conspiracy
  119. Be careful where you protest...
  120. General who led National guard in 'Nawlins post Katrina says let's put troops in Chi-town!
  121. So will the new wet backs be coming from North to South?
  122. I agree with Louis Farrakhan..........
  123. Montana's Conservatives: eat roadkill, kidnap the president, and let corporations vote
  124. 10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down
  125. Christie snubbed
  126. ABC edits out first lady gaffe.
  127. Oabams White House threatening reporters
  128. Are ya mad yet?
  129. Obama: Manchurian candidate?
  130. DHS releases thousands of illegals in political move
  131. Pentagon's no-bid contracts triple in 10 years of war
  132. Wealth Inequality in America
  133. this article will REALLY make the LEFTISTS queasy...
  134. How long until republicans view the sequester as negative
  136. Killed for $34 a piece....Stay Classy DENVER
  137. Obama Outside Group, Raises Pay-For-Access Questions
  138. Colorado People Control Testimony
  139. Eric Holder: Drone Strike To Kill U.S. Citizen On American Soil Legal, Hypothetically
  140. More bad news for the right
  141. Busting The Daily Caller
  142. Drones
  143. Co County Sheriff Claims Extortion, Blackmail Over 2nd Ammendment
  144. Nixon wanted handgun ban
  145. Korean War is Back On
  146. Report: Immigration costs Miami-Dade schools $22 million a year
  147. Sequestration Cause for Critical Funding Cut
  148. Iranian breakthrough in free energy, anti gravity, etc
  149. Da Pope has been picked!
  150. American men are being turned into nancy girls
  151. proof we are being brainwashed by the media
  152. The future according to Dr. Bill Deagle MD
  153. CPAC Craziness
  154. Do you trust this man?
  155. Cyprus Banking deposits being confiscated!
  156. former torture chief now heads CIA
  157. GOP Dead
  158. Frum, Iraq, and Oil
  159. How's the Outlook?
  160. A letter to the murderers G W Bush and Dick Cheney
  161. Was Syria’s Revolution Climate-Driven?
  162. Tea Party group boycotting Fox News for becoming ‘too liberal’
  163. Heller: If someone in the Aurora cinema was armed, this tragedy could have been avoided
  164. Fantasy?
  165. Do guns save lives?
  166. Border Patrol Uniforms Manufactured in Mexico
  167. Jaw Dropping Income Disparity Report
  168. Syria -- just what we need, another failed state
  169. Common Sense for Idiots on the Gun Issue
  170. What is this for?
  171. Forget Gay Marriage: What About The Decline Of Marriage?
  172. White House : Don't Legalize Pot
  173. North Korea declares war?
  174. North Korea Declares War on S. Korea / US
  175. The new world currency - BitCoin
  176. Happy Easter to all, even you pagans!
  177. There's a train a comin, she's comin round the bend....
  178. If you thought it was "Blood for Oil" - you're wrong. It was far, far worse.
  179. An Uplifting Message from David Stockman
  180. Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act
  181. the real reason auto sales are up
  182. The Korea Poll
  183. CFFA -- about to make everyone a criminal
  184. Anti Gun Sponsor Diana Degette
  185. Colorado Sheriff calls out Obama after visit
  186. Killing you softly
  187. Whats more important than guns & gold in the coming storm? Aquaponics.
  188. United States: Assassins for Hire
  189. THE WAR ON KIDS : every parent should watch
  190. Margaret Thatcher dead at 87
  191. Another Mass Stabbing: Ban Knives NOW!
  192. Your Kids Don’t Belong to You
  193. In Support of Slack
  194. Police Survery on Gun Control - Surprise, Libs
  195. Insurance exchanges to cost federal govt double Obama estimates. Now going to be 4.4 billion.
  196. Heller Decision: A Short Explanation
  197. Gold Has Dropped 17%?
  198. Obama paid a federal income tax rate of 18.4 percent
  199. VP Biden collects $29k in Social Security
  200. Gub'mint buying up all the bullets? Nope
  201. SCOTUS upholds new yorks stricter gun laws
  202. Boston Marathon blown up.
  203. Boston Marathon bombing - false flag?
  204. GOP Dinosaur Calls Women "Vaginas"
  205. Gun control dying in the Senate.
  206. Constitution Project’s Report on Detainee Treatment
  207. Austerity economics based on an Excel error.
  208. So no one gives a **** that the GOP blocked background checks for gun owners?
  209. Ricin mailer: Nutty Democrat
  210. Attack of Garbage Liberal Immigration Law: Violent Chechen Filth
  211. Boston Bomb Suspect's Dad Tells Him to Surrender, Warns ' Hell Will Break Loose' if Son Dies
  212. Right wing media loses it
  213. Russia told FBI to look into bomber in 2011
  215. Who Said it: A Republican or an Insane Person?
  216. Insider Trading: We can, but you can't
  217. Boston bombing “is Exhibit A of why the homeland is the battlefield”
  218. QUESTION?
  219. The Fed: A visual explanation for the conspiracy minded
  220. preparing for Armageddon
  221. The "Recovery" Having Extremely Limited Impact
  222. This is interesting
  223. Obama Job Statistics Looking Up
  224. Obamacare Exemption for Lawmakers and Aides
  225. Obama may have to attack Syria soon
  226. This years White House Correspondent's Dinner
  227. SEC destroyed 9/11 documents re insider trading
  228. Bloomberg defends Stop & Frisk......
  229. "conservatives" vs. CFL's
  230. Tea Party State Rep Says Government Behind Boston Bombs
  231. Keynes was right, contractionary economics was wrong
  232. Should member of Congressional committees be required to meet certain criteria?
  233. PCR's latest - Gangster State America
  234. CNN anchor Carol Costello (one fine cougar) gets "Apple picked"..
  235. new study: insurance companies do not accept official WTC-7 collapse scenario
  236. If this passes it will be the end of the United States of America as you know it.
  237. Physicist Stephen Hawking joins academic boycott of Israel
  238. Gallup Poll: Americans Don't Give a Crap About Pet Lib/Media Issues
  239. CO2 passes 400ppm
  240. The Heritage Foundation; OR, The Center for Racist Policy Research
  242. Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware -- THANKS, MEDIA!
  243. grandson of Malcolm X murdered
  244. Obama Admin Overreach #12,419
  245. Minnesota is the 12th State to Legalize Gay Marriage.
  246. UN Says Eat Bugs and Save the World
  247. The day the Obama administration went all Nixon on us
  248. Serves him (her or them) right....
  249. Climate Change Might Be Good for Us?
  250. Pope Denounces "Cult of Money"