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  1. George HW Bush Voting Clinton
  2. Hillary Clinton’s tech guy might have asked Reddit for tips on purging emails
  3. Dept. of Homeland Security Doing a Great Job!
  4. President Trump's First Term
  5. Dishonest MSNBC caught again
  6. Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems
  7. GOP Pity Party
  8. riots/protest in Charlotte
  9. Silver: Trump rises from 3% to 48%
  10. Warren Rips Wells CEO
  11. Putin Has Finally Reincarnated the KGB
  12. Rump Tells Black Audience: Get Ready for Nationwide Stop & Frisk for Cops
  13. Kaepernick, My Take
  14. 176 lies and hateful things said by Trump
  15. Will Kap protest this?
  16. Cops accidentally record themselves fabricating charges against protester
  17. Where are They Now? Boehner Scores Seat on RJ Reynolds Board
  18. Rump Adds Support for Racial Profiling to Stop & Frisk Tactics
  19. Shannon Sharpe saying something everyone needs to hear on his new TV show.
  20. Clinton News Network caught again
  21. Manslaughter Charges in Tulsa Case
  22. Cam newton makes sense
  23. NC Law Witholding Police Video Doesn't Take Effect Until October
  24. GOP Senators Say **** You to Flint Michigan
  25. Houston Texans Duane Brown Lifts Black Power Salute for National Anthem
  26. Clinton's Gave 1000X More to Charity than Rump
  27. Clinton Body Count Keeps Piling Up
  28. Police officers use reasonable force (IMO)
  29. Who are you voting for?
  30. Obama protects the Saudis
  31. How White Supremacy Kills White People
  32. Nativist Con Man VS. Globalist She-Criminal (round 1)
  33. Protest In The Middle Of The Road??
  34. I hope an asteroid hits
  36. Russia Accused of War Crimes in UN Security Council Meeting
  37. 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?
  38. Presidential Debate
  39. Please God let this be real....
  40. ahhhhh
  41. Houston Cops: "No Connection to Terrorism" for Nazi Nutball Who Opens Fire on Motorists
  42. Trump Campaign in talks with Russia about ending sanctions
  43. Senate overrides Obama veto on 9/11 bill
  44. Breaking Tomorrow in Newsweek: Rump's Company Illegally Violated the US Trade Embargo with Cuba
  45. We Did It!
  46. Don't let your children have children
  47. Gary Johnson, when asked anything involving a foreign thing....
  48. Shimon Peres (1923-2016): war criminal
  49. Rump Foundation Lacks the Certification Required for Charities that Solicit Money
  50. The Echo Chamber
  51. Does it matter to anyone if.......
  52. How Donald Rump is Helping White Christian America Commit Suicide
  53. NOTA
  54. Congrats! The OM is now president. What do you do first?
  55. 6 Year Old Autistic Child Murdered By Police
  56. Steps trying to steal Trump Yard Sign!
  57. Support for death penalty drops below 50%
  58. Coolest thing I have seen in a long time
  59. Hillary craps on millennial supporters of Bernie
  60. Occupy Movement is KKK
  61. Prepare for the Propaganda to Come
  62. Doctor Links 'Low T' to Men Who Vote for Clinton
  63. Trump Don’t Pay No Taxes
  64. Who really wants regime change in Syria?
  65. Wikileaks 3.0
  66. 10-4-2016 WiKiLeaks Press Conference
  67. bring back the Cold War!
  68. Cant we just drone this guy?
  69. Crushing Democracy in Honduras
  70. Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapon
  71. Guccifer2.0 Clinton Foundation leaks
  72. Trump Group Did Business With Iranian Bank Later Linked to Terror
  73. Using actors at Town Halls
  74. My dog Gary Johnson doesn't know much about North Korea
  75. Colorado's Rural Divide
  76. Hillary didn't know Drone Strike plans were Classified
  77. The Official List of Hillary Accomplishments Thread
  78. Official List of Donald Trump Accomplishments
  79. Local Colorado Politics Thread
  80. Drudge wants people dead
  81. RIP Obamacare
  82. Poll: When Does Trump Drop Out?
  83. Chomsky warns about the danger of nuclear war
  84. Debate #2
  85. Rump Paid Clinton Accuser to Appear at the Debate
  86. If Trump wins, there is at least one modern comparable peer...
  87. Not Lockeroom Talk
  88. Predictions: Next SCOTUS Justice
  89. Will Rump's Disciples Go Full Bore Revolution When He Loses?
  90. um yea...
  91. Paul Ryan to GOP Candidates: It's Every Man for Himself Now
  92. DNC Chief Donna Brazile Leaked Sanders Info to Clinton Campaign
  93. GOP Scumbag Jeff Sessions Goes Full Turbo Retard
  94. Trump Golfed For Years At White-Only Club
  95. WTF Glenn Beck is for Hillary
  96. Trump Campaign Chairman Insults Blacks, Muslims, Roma as Professional Never-do-Wells
  97. Woman files suite alleging Trump raped her
  98. Rump Knew All Along That Russia was Responsible for Hacking Attacks
  99. The Parade of Paid Left Wing Shills - An Embarrassment to Anyone or Any Site Who Allows
  100. CNN Caught Coaching Up Voters On What To Say
  101. Greenwald; In the Democratic Echo Chamber, Inconvenient Truths Are Recast as Putin Plots
  102. Donald Trump Isn’t Campaigning to Run a Democracy
  103. Rump Declares War on the GOP
  104. Infowars Lunatic: "Flies are Landing on Obama"..."Hillary is a Demon & Smells Like Sulfur"
  105. Where is Turkey Headed?
  106. Join Asgardia!
  107. Hidden Video Of Clinton Campaign Ripping Up Republican Ballots
  108. The Official Donald Rump Sexual Assault Victim's List
  109. What do Republicans really think of Hillary?
  110. Trump Wants to Steal Middle East Oil, and He’s Not Alone
  111. Latest poll shows Trump and Hillary tied in Utah.
  112. Ted Cruz f***face
  113. Could Michelle Obama be the next great Democrat?
  114. 12 Yr. Old Rape Victim: Hillary Clinton Laughed At Me & Blamed Me For Getting Raped
  115. America’s Russia Policy Has Failed
  116. Electing Citigroup and Goldman
  117. We're Bombing Yemen Now, War Machine Churns On
  118. DNC class action lawsuit
  119. Podesta tries to Troll Wiki, gets Wikitrolled back
  120. "Christian" White Male Terrorists charged
  121. Wikileaks: Hillary admits she has a policy to lie to the public
  122. Trump challenges Clinton to drug test
  123. Clinton wants to rename ocean and encircle China
  124. RIP Pedals the walking bear
  125. Podesta: Would Have Been Better If Terrorist Was White
  126. An urgent briefing on Syria
  127. The debasing of American politics
  128. A sinking ship
  129. Judge Slams Rick Scott's Florida for "Obscene" Disenfranchisement
  130. Politico LOL
  131. War-weary Libyans miss life under Kadhafi
  132. Fact Check: Hillary Clinton Email Claims Collapse Under FBI Investigation
  133. Tom Brady and HRC
  134. Millenials lol
  135. Assange cut off from Internet
  136. TEKO cut off from internet
  137. Rigging the Election series
  138. Jill Stein: Trump Less Dangerous Than Clinton: She Will Start Nuclear War!
  139. new Filipino gov't: ***k you! America
  140. What the Hell Happened to My Republican Party?
  141. Trump says something right
  142. Listen Up, Liberals
  143. Michael Moore in Trumpland!
  144. Hillary Called Black Servant the 'N-Word' Claims Former Clinton Chef
  145. Vote for Trump/Pence
  146. Federal Judge Orders Trump's Counsel to Court to Review Alleged Violent Rape of 13 Year-Old Girl
  147. Debate No. 3
  148. The Pardon of Marc Rich: How Hillary Clinton Served as the “Secret Weapon”
  149. Pervo Pact Ends as Rump and Ailes Part Ways
  150. Donald Rump Creates Instant Economic Opportunity
  151. What was Hillary thinking? Loose lips sink ships!
  152. Trump Post Election
  153. The threat from Russia
  154. GOP Mutiny to Oust Paul Ryan Underway Now
  155. Post-Election Homework for Each Party
  156. Clinton released a Video to State Department Staff Regarding Cyber Security in 2010
  157. The unreal world the Trumpettes inhabit
  158. The Duty of Opponents of Globalist Corporatist Tyranny is
  159. It's gonna be a landslide in HRC favor
  160. The Fed Has Made Another Massive Policy Error
  161. Pentagon Gives the Shaft to Soldiers it Gave Re-enlistment Bonuses To
  162. That awkward moment when...
  163. Trump Media Self-Beclownment Thread
  164. Assanges idea of True Transparency
  165. Trump Illegal Fundraising Scandal Explodes As Influence Over Trump Sold To Foreign Donors
  166. Russian warships head for Syria
  167. Cheryl '"Immunity" Mills' smoking gun?
  168. Newt Gingrich to Megyn Kelly: "You're Facinated by Sex"
  169. Michael Moore Gets Why Trump is Popular
  170. Whites not allowed to cross bridge
  171. Most Americans Fed Up With Both Parties
  172. More Legal Problems for Racist Arizona Sheriff
  173. A panic has set in
  174. Mike Pence's Indiana Storm Troopers Aiding GOP Voter Suppression Tactics
  175. CO Ballot
  176. Huma Abedin On Hillary: "She Is Still Not Perfect In Her Head"
  177. The Elitists and You
  178. Republicans Contemplate Ending Supreme Court
  179. DNC Files Suit in NJ Charging RNC Violations to the 1981 Consent Decree
  180. new polls show Trump ahead in Florida
  181. Wikileaks: Exposes Clintons Corrupt Media
  182. Senior Rump Campaign Official: "We Have Three Major Voter Suppression Operations Underway"
  183. 2/3rds of Wild Animals to be Gone by 2020
  184. Putin’s Chaos Strategy Is Coming Back to Bite Him in the Ass
  185. Strange Scenario
  186. Erica Garner Blasts Clinton Campaign
  187. Wiki Exposes Bill
  188. Oh **** Ghaffney how ya gonna spin this?
  189. Republicans: The Zombie Party
  190. Campaign Humor Thread
  191. Illinois Senator Tries to Zing Tammy Duckworth in Debate, Looks Like a Racist Jerk Instead
  192. FBI Re-opening Clinton Email Investigation
  193. rigged elections - don't believe it? check this out
  194. Why does the US have such low voter turnout?
  195. When Equality = Oppression
  196. Chicago Tribune: Democrats Should Force Hillary to Step Down
  197. Parts of the United States to secede if Trump wins
  198. Assange: next leak will lead to arrest of Hillary
  199. How the Russians Pulled It Off
  200. ABC News: Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Paid to Trump by Russian Oligarchs
  201. NatGeo Doc on Climate Change
  202. oh donna
  203. NAACP Sues N.Carolina for Minority Voter Suppression Tactics
  204. FBI Director Coney Under Fire from Both Sides for Political Bias
  205. Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia?
  206. Election Shenanigans
  207. The Donald and Teh Russhinz - A Big Nothingburger
  208. Why I Have No Sympathy for Angry White Men
  209. Hillary has Tranformed the Left Into Everything They Hate
  210. Ex-Spy Tells FBI That Russia Has Been 'Cultivating' Donald Trump For Years
  211. Trumpanzee Goes Dirty Tricks in Utah
  212. This is bad, I mean REALLY BAD
  213. Targetsmart Florida Early Voting Data
  214. the race narrows
  215. One Week to Go
  216. Black Lives DON"T Matter when you're a blood Clinton
  217. Trump Won’t Inherit the Land, So He’s Sowing It With Salt
  218. Amnesty staff blocked from Moscow office after officials seal premises
  219. Meanwhile, Turkey Morphs Into a Tyranny
  220. Another Donald Trump Recording Emerges...and This Time its a Mob Connection
  221. Woman Suing Donald Trump for Child Rape Breaks Silence in Press Conference
  222. Clinton mole inside DOJ exposed
  223. Confederate Flag Waver Arrested in Double Cop Killing in Iowa
  224. The signs, seriously, there's no purpose to them anymore
  225. Rump Picks Up a Major Newspaper Endorsement
  226. Up To 5 Foreign Intelligence Agencies Hacked Clinton Server
  227. WSJ Exposes More Rump Business Conflicts
  228. Alleged Weiner victim hits out at FBI over Clinton emails
  229. A-Z of Trump: 26 illustrators imagine a 'ghastly' future – in pictures
  230. FBI launches internal investigation
  231. America’s best hope | The Economist
  232. Obamacare doesn't cover Nuke Radiation?
  233. Melania's speech leaked...
  234. Hillary Chooses Ridicously Iced-Out Inauguration Jewelry
  235. The Last Oligarch: Why Clinton Will End the System that Brought Her to Power
  236. What I learned after 100,000 miles on the road talking to Trump supporters
  237. Vladimir Putin Won’t Be Sweating the Election Result on Tuesday
  238. Breaking News...Breitbart Nut was the FBI Source for the Clinton Investigation
  239. Newsweek Tomorrow: "Why the Russians are Backing Rump"
  240. The Alt-Right Hates Chobani Yogurt
  241. Catholic hospitals are killing pregnant women - now Pro Life is the one who is doing the killing
  242. WGS favorite politician hates Hillary
  243. Media Matters LOL
  244. Most accurate electoral map yet
  245. Chris Christie's Minnions Convicted
  246. Demographics will be Trumps downfall
  247. Rudy Giuliani Confirms FBI Insiders Leaked Information To The Trump Campaign
  248. Social Media Research Firm Finds 35% of Rump Supporters Follow White Supremacy Sites
  249. Hill Dog being Hill Dog
  250. Spirit Cooking Podesta