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  1. Dept. of Homeland Security Doing a Great Job!
  2. President Trump's First Term
  3. Dishonest MSNBC caught again
  4. Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems
  5. GOP Pity Party
  6. riots/protest in Charlotte
  7. Silver: Trump rises from 3% to 48%
  8. Warren Rips Wells CEO
  9. Putin Has Finally Reincarnated the KGB
  10. Rump Tells Black Audience: Get Ready for Nationwide Stop & Frisk for Cops
  11. Kaepernick, My Take
  12. 176 lies and hateful things said by Trump
  13. Will Kap protest this?
  14. Cops accidentally record themselves fabricating charges against protester
  15. Where are They Now? Boehner Scores Seat on RJ Reynolds Board
  16. Rump Adds Support for Racial Profiling to Stop & Frisk Tactics
  17. Shannon Sharpe saying something everyone needs to hear on his new TV show.
  18. Clinton News Network caught again
  19. Manslaughter Charges in Tulsa Case
  20. Cam newton makes sense
  21. NC Law Witholding Police Video Doesn't Take Effect Until October
  22. GOP Senators Say **** You to Flint Michigan
  23. Houston Texans Duane Brown Lifts Black Power Salute for National Anthem
  24. Clinton's Gave 1000X More to Charity than Rump
  25. Clinton Body Count Keeps Piling Up
  26. Police officers use reasonable force (IMO)
  27. Who are you voting for?
  28. Obama protects the Saudis
  29. How White Supremacy Kills White People
  30. Nativist Con Man VS. Globalist She-Criminal (round 1)
  31. Protest In The Middle Of The Road??
  32. I hope an asteroid hits
  34. Russia Accused of War Crimes in UN Security Council Meeting
  35. 2016 Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate: Is the Universe a Simulation?
  36. Presidential Debate
  37. Please God let this be real....
  38. ahhhhh
  39. Houston Cops: "No Connection to Terrorism" for Nazi Nutball Who Opens Fire on Motorists
  40. Trump Campaign in talks with Russia about ending sanctions
  41. Senate overrides Obama veto on 9/11 bill
  42. Breaking Tomorrow in Newsweek: Rump's Company Illegally Violated the US Trade Embargo with Cuba
  43. We Did It!
  44. Don't let your children have children
  45. Gary Johnson, when asked anything involving a foreign thing....
  46. Shimon Peres (1923-2016): war criminal
  47. Rump Foundation Lacks the Certification Required for Charities that Solicit Money
  48. The Echo Chamber
  49. Does it matter to anyone if.......
  50. How Donald Rump is Helping White Christian America Commit Suicide
  51. NOTA
  52. Congrats! The OM is now president. What do you do first?