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  1. America's water crisis
  2. Gary Johnson On Bill Maher
  3. Child Rape Charges Alleged Against Rump
  4. Democrats and Corruption Acceptance
  5. Welcome to Rome!
  6. Republicans and Corruption Acceptance
  7. Nigal Farage is Britains Sarah Palin.
  8. HILLARY the movie
  9. What happened to Retro?
  10. The Suicide Belt of America
  11. No Charges for HRC
  12. Email Gate is Over
  13. Interactive Election Map
  14. Two More GOP Convention Speakers Line Up for Rump
  15. Wikileaks Leaks 1,000 Hillary emails about Iraq
  16. Sanders supporters melt down over FBI's Clinton decision
  17. Dana Schwartz Stands Up to Rump's Anti-Semitism and Her Boss
  18. The police behaving like they usually do in this country
  19. Fox News Host Files Sexual Harassment Suit Against CEO Roger Ailes
  20. Bring Snowden Home
  21. FBI files no charges ? WTF
  22. why are US missiles on the Russian border?
  23. 2 Police shot in Dallas protests
  24. Officer Ambushed in Missouri, in Critical Condition
  25. New AP & Minneapolis TV Station Reports Cast Doubts on Police Reports for Philando Castile Shooting
  26. is NATO necessary?
  27. Southern Baptist Convention: Come Hear About Jesus and Get a Free Gun
  28. Off-Duty Officers' Home Broken Into by BLM-Inspired Man, Officer Kills Him
  29. How the Dallas PD Really Became a Model for Police Reform
  30. Riveting post by black police officer confronts BLM
  31. Cleveland Browns player posts cartoon of cop getting throat cut on twitter.
  32. DWB is Real
  33. Arizona Minuteman, Fox News Star and U.S Senate Candidate Gets ~20 Years for Child Molestation
  34. Why not vote Gary Johnson?
  35. What Makes America Great! :)
  36. Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton
  37. Man Live Streams 'Zombie-Like' Behavior as 33 People Overdose on K2
  38. NRA--Silence on Second Amendment Rights for Black Gun Owners
  39. Drunk Trump
  40. Harvard study: no racial differences in police shootings
  41. The Most Conservative Platform in History
  42. French Actress Monique Chaumette a ringer for Hillary Clinton
  43. did Russia invade Crimea?
  44. Trump and GOP Drop Two-State Solution in ME
  45. Trump and GOP Drop Two-State Solution in ME
  46. failed states -- how many?
  47. How Donald Rump's Muslim Policy Will Make Us More Like France
  48. Biker thugs vs BLM thugs
  49. Funny political vids
  50. Melania Trump plagerizes Michelle Obama
  51. Fact Check for last night
  52. writing your own speech? aint nobody got time for that
  53. Black Lives Matter, KKK, and Westboro Baptist Protests Conflagrate into Urine-Throwing Extravaganza
  54. www.photographyisnotacrime.com (PINAC)
  55. Fact Check for Day2 of RNC
  56. US 5th Circuit Guns Down Discriminatory Texas Voter ID Law
  57. Another one...Miami Cop Shoots Behavior Therapist in the Street as He Tries to Help Autistic Patient
  58. Trump: The Art of the Deal
  59. What did you think of the RNC convention?
  60. NBA Pulls out
  61. Is Rump's Bimbo Really a Manchurian Commie Plant?
  62. JILL NOT HILL ! (Jill Stein for President 2016)
  63. David Duke is Back...and Running for the US Senate
  64. "the Saudis did 9/11"
  65. Virginia court invalidates McAuliffe's restoring felon voting rights
  66. Tim Kaine
  67. Hillary Clinton Seizure
  68. Michael Moore: Trump Will Win
  69. Nat Turner