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  1. Governor Nixon Explains Why National Guard Was Not Sent to Ferguson: We Didnít Want a Kent State
  2. Charles Barkley Responds to Critics Who Didnít Like How He Slammed Ferguson Looters
  3. How to not get your ass kicked by the police
  4. Dems try to jam bill through congress
  5. Democrats and Wall Street
  6. The Torture Report
  7. Gruber gets grilled
  8. 911 Caller: "There's a Caucasian Man with a Gun..."
  9. UFCW Demands Walmart Pay $15 Per Hour, While Thousands of Its Members Earn Far Less
  10. Whatís in the spending bill? We skim it so you donít have to
  11. GOP already effing us...
  12. KKK helped Repubs win south
  13. peace activist gets 3 months for protesting US drones
  14. Creed singer thinks heís a CIA agent on a mission to assassinate Obama: 911 call
  15. Victory TX cop tazes 76 year-old Spanish man
  16. Peyton Manning Opens Up About His Christian Faith
  17. Obama normalizing relations with Cuba
  18. Michelle Obama Claims She Experienced ĎRacismí During a Visit to Target, America Does a Face Palm
  19. N. Korea wins, Sony pulls release of The Interview.
  20. near term extinction?
  21. Corporate caving to pseudo-terrorist threats