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  1. GOP Latinos Warn Candidates to Back Off Racist Rhetoric
  2. The Politics of Fear
  3. Who's ready?
  4. OT: Oh, the irony. USAF searching for $3.5 B surveillance blimp
  5. Mystery bright spots could be first glimpse of another universe
  6. Boulder GOP debate
  7. 7 years of low interest rates by the FED
  8. Ted Cruz new owner of CNBC.
  9. Conservative National Review to Ben Carson: Liar Liar Pants on Fire!
  10. The New Speaker of the House
  11. Jeb Bush's Campaign Strategy Leaked
  12. Fight on ISIS...
  13. Russian plane crash in Egypt kills all 224 people aboard
  14. L.A. Council.. "Lock Up Your Guns"!!!!!
  15. Mayor's husband dresses up in KKK garb for Halloween
  16. TransCanada 86's the Keystone Pipeline Project
  17. Disgraced Tea Party Nuts Expelled from Michigan Congressional Seats are Running Again
  18. Pentagon is Paying Pro Sports Teams for Patriotism
  19. Anonymous promises to expose KKK members In Nov 5th
  20. Democratic Party Failing and the Country Will Continue Going 'Right' for Decades
  21. "Hero" Cop's Death Ruled a Suicide
  22. Income Inequality Also Leads to Early Death
  23. Wouldn't It Be Funny...
  24. Ethics Charges Filed against GOP over Benghazi
  25. Netherlands close prisons due to lack of criminals
  26. The Untold History of the US Age of Terror
  27. Get on the Bernie wagon. There's still room for 99% of you out there
  28. University of Missouri President Resigns in the Face of Racism Protests
  29. GOP Candidates Line Up With Call to Execute Gay People
  30. Ted Cruz's Background Story Under Scrutiny
  31. GOP debates
  32. Arizona Repubs Dump Private Border Fence Idea
  33. Obama Commuted Damaryius' Mother's Sentence
  34. Virginia Cops Murder Mentally Ill Black Man in Shackles
  35. Ben Carson in Business With Health Care Fraudster
  36. Trump launches tirade against Carson, compares him to child molester
  37. GWB ignored multiple warnings leading up 9/11
  38. Happening Now : Paris Attack
  39. What US society has become....
  40. Censored: Ten big stories the news media ignored
  41. Ever heard an Italian, Mexican, Asain...
  42. 2nd Democratic Debate
  43. Was Paris Connected to Darfur?
  44. Warmongers
  45. 10 Steps to Facism
  46. One Hundred Years Ago...
  47. Tes Cruz' Childish Rant
  48. The Land of "Family Values"
  49. Bernie's Plan for ISIS
  50. Jim Marrs: JFK murder was a globalist coup
  51. Most GOP candidates flunk climate science
  52. Rump Backs Criminal Assault by Supporters on Black Protester
  53. Should the US impose a no fly zone in Syria?
  54. Why no push for peace?
  55. Turkey Shoots Down Russian Plane
  56. Chicago Cop Charged With First Degree Murder in Laquan McDonald Case
  57. A Particularly Chilling Video Clip
  58. The Illinois Torture Inquiry & Relief Commission
  59. The Coddling Of The American Mind
  60. 2016 Election: Where we are at
  61. Gift Ideas for conservatives?
  62. Shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs
  63. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood because PRO LIFE
  64. Ted Cruz Embraces Endorsement from Domestic Terror Fan
  65. The NRA Is Getting Its Ass Kicked and Here’s the Proof
  66. trump
  67. Christian Group's Survey: Christians have the Most Abortions in the U.S.
  68. Chicago Police Chief Bites the Dust
  69. simple
  70. Mass Shooting in california right now
  71. gun humping ammo sexuals
  72. Overpasses for America ???
  73. Coalition? Or, more Cold War with Russia?
  74. One sentence that explains the rise of ISIS
  75. USDA May Be Suppressing Anti-GMO Scientific Inquiry
  76. The Dick-head is a bust
  77. Thoughts and Prayers... Its all Better Now
  78. I know these People
  79. Rubio accused of cheating on his wife in Florida
  80. guess she was part of a tyrannical government
  81. Good Morning America
  82. tea bagger legend
  83. UCSB’s ‘White Student Union’ releases ‘list of demands’
  84. NY Times: Analyzing Demagogue’s Speech
  85. Culture of Censorship - Is the Left Coming After Free Speech?
  86. Obama lied to the American people, tonight
  87. score board
  88. Who votes Republican and why
  89. here is why isis was created
  90. oops
  91. NFC East Could Produce 6-10 Playoff Team
  92. DOJ Launching Federal Investigation into Chicago PD
  93. The Surveillance State Is Alive and Well
  94. The Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security - 2014 Report on Muslim American Terrorism
  95. US attacks Syrian army
  96. Caption This
  97. Graham: Trump is a 'race-baiting, xenophobic' bigot
  98. Bombing ISIS Oil Will Cause Global Warming
  100. Grump may bolt party
  101. U.S. Military Report: Draft Women for Combat Against ISIS
  102. 150 Year Anniversary Today
  103. yep .. only Muslims are terrorist
  104. Trump proposes ban on Muslims entering U.S.
  105. Donald Rump Set to Visit Islamic Holy Site at Temple Mount in Jerusalem
  106. USSC Judge Scalia's Racist Brain Fart
  107. The middle class no longer dominates in the U.S.
  108. THE STORM
  109. Paris Climate Summit flops
  110. White Supremacy Website Stormfront Upgrades Servers to Handle "Trump Bump"
  111. ISIS starting to piss off the wrong people?
  112. FLOTUS Raps "Go to College"
  113. Sarah Palin and Muslims
  114. Democrat policies vs Republican policies
  115. Looks like France agrees with Trump
  116. The GOP Dog Whistle
  117. A sincere question regarding the current GOP mess.
  118. GOP Boogeymen
  119. "They're rapists, and some, I assume are good people."
  120. what liberal media!?
  121. What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?
  122. Global Climate Accord Wins Approval
  123. PCR: Necons aggression threat to our planet
  124. North Carolina citizenry defeat pernicious Big Solar plan to suck up the Sun
  125. Jeb Bush: Pay Me to Leave You Alone
  126. ACLU Board Member Urging People To Kill Trump Supporters
  127. Most Conservative and Liberal towns in 'Merica
  128. Hey Gaffney
  129. Hillary Clinton is an Idiot
  130. Hillary Clinton is an Idiot
  131. Dubya enters the 2016 race
  132. Mass Murderer Confesses on the Radio
  133. Rump's Evangelical Credentials are Suspect
  134. Congress sneaks in Surveillance Bill
  135. Republican PC Culture
  136. Chris and Carly Board the Short Bus
  137. Right Wing Crazy Squared: Nutball Gun Kook Torments Parents of Slain Sandy Hook Child
  138. a question for Rohirrim (which he can't answer..)
  139. 100 Million Muslims Coming to Re-populate American Cities
  140. Bernie Sanders a dirty, rotten stinking cheat??
  141. The World According to Donald Trump
  142. Democrats & Leftists are the New Church Ladies.
  143. Europe According to Vladimir Putin
  144. 12 Year old Sikh Terrorist attempts to blow up Texas School
  145. What happened to Rand Paul's 'libertarian moment'?
  146. What Demographic Does Trump Appeal To?
  147. Most admPresident Obama Named ‘Most Admired Man In The World’ And The GOP Is FUired man in the world
  148. A Note From My Congressman
  149. finally, some good news from the Mideast
  150. We Are Not Enemies. Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton: Just Say No to the Elitist Crony Politicians
  151. Automobile violence thread
  152. Syria conflict: Russia air strikes 'killed 200 civilians' - Amnesty International
  153. To All the Mad Hatters on the WRP Forum
  154. Is There A 9/11 Thread?
  155. Juice Rap News - Immigrants!
  156. W cancels Euorpean vacation
  157. Chicago PD...Just Another Day
  158. An Interesting Observation
  159. Why Aren't We Talking About Trump's Infidelity?
  160. Must Read: Why There Is No Peace On Earth
  161. California.... Stupid is as stupid does
  162. East African Al Qaeda Affiliate Using Rump Video to Target Recruiting American Blacks & Muslims
  163. Gov Out of Control Thread
  164. 20 Dumbest things said by GOP Candidates.
  165. The World's A Poppin'! Interesting Times
  166. another one joins the circus
  167. Congress voted to repeal Obamacare....... again
  168. Feds Open Investigation of the Biggest Scumbag Politician in America
  169. 10 things Americans get wrong about America
  170. Gaddaffis Warning.
  171. President Barack Hussein Obama CAUGHT BREAKING THE LAW!!
  172. Why Are Trade Deals Like NAFTA and TPP Insane?
  173. Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Caught Again
  174. Bundy's Y'all Queda Breaking Up
  175. The Longest Depression
  176. Federal Reserve’s “net worth” collapses 33% in two weeks
  177. Clinton Email Hints that Oil an Gold Were Behind Regime Change In Libya
  178. Congress Votes to Allow Racism in Auto Sales Practices
  179. Check it out....
  180. Saudi Salafists excoriate Russia for Syrian campaign against Al Qaeda/ISIS
  181. the wages of rebellion - Chris Hedges and Cornell West
  182. i hope BLM is proud
  183. Arctic ice now at lowest point in recorded history
  184. Naming Names: who voted AGAINST auditing the Fed
  185. Virginia GOP bill would require schools to verify children’s genitals before using restroom
  186. State of Denial Address
  187. Michigan’s Water Crisis Has Gotten So Bad The National Guard Has Been Deployed
  188. Ted Cruz getting a taste of his own medicine
  189. Rand Paul Daily Show Debate
  190. Has it started?
  191. Good news for Walmart Haters
  192. Iran Releases Washington Post Reporter & Four Other Americans
  193. Rand Paul flip flopper?
  194. 62=3.5 billion
  195. British Douchebags
  196. Amazing pro-Bush revisionism...
  197. Thanks Barack Obama!!!
  198. Pakistani boy cuts off own hand
  199. US will now openly fund NeoNazis in Ukraine
  200. The Ninth Planet?
  201. Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker Speaks Out
  202. Jamie Dimon Gets a 35% Raise
  203. Bloomberg may be Hilliary's Ross Perot
  204. US Mideast policy nightmare exposed
  205. CIA Pilot Swears Oath: Planes Did Not Bring Towers Down On 9/11
  206. great news regarding bogus anti abortion videos
  207. A Film to See
  208. David Duke: Donald Rump is a Little too Extreme
  209. Mosquito Borne Virus Causing Birth Defects Coming to the U.S.
  210. Crazy stuff around the world
  211. Coming to Your Town...Lead Poisoning in Your Water?
  212. Bristol Palin talks about "blacks"
  213. U.S. Becoming the New Int'l Tax Haven
  214. It’s Rubio Or Bust For Republicans Who Want To Win
  215. Most people would save money under Bernie Sanders' tax plan
  216. Norwegian Woman Thinks She's a Cat Trapped in a Human Body
  217. Clintonite Tries to Trash Bernie's Health Plan
  218. How We Got Here and Where We Might Go
  219. Why are Americans so fat and stupid?
  220. Trump rooting for Broncos
  221. The death of the Republican Party
  222. Cartoon shows Putin eliminating enemies
  223. Hawkeye Cawkeye
  224. Ted Cruz is creepy
  225. Devloping: Plot To Capture Snowden
  226. Surveillance Thread
  227. Thomas Jefferson was a Muslim
  228. Living Through the Interregnum
  229. Please clap
  230. Democratic Debate
  231. Russia/Syria on verge of decisive victory
  232. Federal Court Hit Cops on Taser Use
  233. Cruz owned by Goldman
  234. Hillary is NOT an idiot
  235. The Ultimate Elitist Hot Dog...WTF?
  236. Old-Ass Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Like Beyoncé
  237. Obama gets slapped by the courts again.
  238. Hillary comes in 3rd, Trump and Bernie roll!
  239. Is There a Libertarian Case for Bernie Sanders?
  240. Obama talks to Broncos
  241. More troops to Afghanistan
  242. 9/11 skeptics now in majority
  243. Republicans tried to get Iran to delay releasing prisoners unti after election
  244. Antonin Scalia dead?
  245. The Tragedy of the Clintons
  246. Who Do You Least Want To Be The Next President?
  247. VP for bernie?
  248. Thomas Piketty on the Sanders Campaign
  249. The Clinton Betrayal of the American Working Class
  250. So how do you feel about mating outside your species?