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  1. new film (must see): Awake, the life of Yogananda
  2. Malcolm Gladwell: Football Is An Abomination
  3. Obama is asked if a GOP president can disregard laws they don’t like, Obama is dumbfounded
  4. Ferguson PD stood back and let the town burn
  5. Banana Republic
  6. OT- Riots in Ferguson again
  7. Not for some folks here...
  8. grand jury doc
  9. National Guard, Amnesty International deploy to Ferguson
  10. FERGUSON RIOTS - Civilian Gets his Phone Stolen while Livestreaming
  12. White House Quietly Releases Plans For 3,415 Regulations Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday
  13. Ferguson Michael Brown Shooting: 'Boycott Black Friday' Aims to Hit America Where it Hurts
  14. Chuck Schumer: We Shouldn’t Have Passed Obamacare In 2010 [VIDEO]
  15. Bob McCulloch: Prosecutor or defense attorney for Darren Wilson?
  16. The next riots?
  17. Justice Scalia Explains What Was Wrong With The Ferguson Grand Jury
  18. St Louis bomb plot foiled when GF's EBT card funds are spent.
  19. Attack of a right-wing nutjob in TX
  20. George "Dubya" Bush: Your Country Thanks You!
  21. Gun Violence thread
  22. four Denver police officers hit by car while protecting students protesting Ferguson decision
  23. NY policeman not indicted in chokehold death of Mr. Garner
  24. DHS Chief Asked if U.S. Deported 4 Terrorists Who Crossed Southern Border
  25. America: The War State
  26. America in 250 years?
  27. OT- Bill Cosby rape case.
  28. US now 2nd biggest economy
  29. Mike Ditka: 'I'm embarrassed for (Rams) players more than anything'
  30. Hillary Clinton Country Music Video
  31. Christian Terrorist movement in U.S.
  32. Missouri AG Confirms Michael Brown Grand Jury Misled by St. Louis DA
  33. The Entire ‘Racism’ Narrative in the Eric Garner Case is Destroyed
  34. dpd union says some east high students chanted hit him again
  35. The people have spoken! Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ is IMDB’s worst film of all time
  36. the failure of the media
  37. Who saw the Orion/Delta 4 Rocket blast off.
  38. Ami Horowitz: Ferguson Protesters Call for Darren Wilson's Death
  39. The audio recording of the Michael Brown shooting proves Darren Wilson's story is false
  40. US Congress declares war on Russia
  41. Obama signs a new executive order
  42. Governor Nixon Explains Why National Guard Was Not Sent to Ferguson: We Didn’t Want a Kent State
  43. Charles Barkley Responds to Critics Who Didn’t Like How He Slammed Ferguson Looters
  44. How to not get your ass kicked by the police
  45. Dems try to jam bill through congress
  46. Democrats and Wall Street
  47. The Torture Report
  48. Gruber gets grilled
  49. 911 Caller: "There's a Caucasian Man with a Gun..."
  50. UFCW Demands Walmart Pay $15 Per Hour, While Thousands of Its Members Earn Far Less
  51. What’s in the spending bill? We skim it so you don’t have to
  52. GOP already effing us...
  53. KKK helped Repubs win south
  54. peace activist gets 3 months for protesting US drones
  55. Creed singer thinks he’s a CIA agent on a mission to assassinate Obama: 911 call
  56. Victory TX cop tazes 76 year-old Spanish man
  57. Peyton Manning Opens Up About His Christian Faith
  58. Obama normalizing relations with Cuba
  59. Michelle Obama Claims She Experienced ‘Racism’ During a Visit to Target, America Does a Face Palm
  60. N. Korea wins, Sony pulls release of The Interview.
  61. near term extinction?
  62. Corporate caving to pseudo-terrorist threats
  63. The worst idea in the world?
  64. rout of the ruble
  65. Obama answers....
  66. Obama and other race baiters get what they wanted...
  67. Alaska showing devastating effects of climate change
  68. Beijing's AIRMOMAGEDDON
  69. North Korea is having major Internet problems
  70. Racist Nationalists Open Carrying Assault Rifles & Cops Do NOTHING
  71. New NYPD Beating of Unarmed Black Man
  72. QT3 GDP -US economy grows at fastest pace in a decade
  73. Merry Bipartisan Christmas to all
  74. Republicans Were Wrong About EVERYTHING In 2014
  75. Our number one enemy that WILL bring this nation to it's knees
  76. Ferguson protester described by media as ‘peaceful’ just set a convenience store on fire
  77. will 2015 be a happy new year?
  78. crime wave engulfs new york city cops murdered
  79. Media Nearly Silent After NC Cop Thwarts NYPD-Style Assassination Attempt
  80. The Rise and Rise of the Top 0.1 Percent
  81. research biologist: one in two children will be autistic by 2025
  82. U.S. Dollar Reaches Highest Value In 9 Years
  83. Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Sentenced to Two Years in Prison
  84. At least 12 dead in attack on magazine staff in Paris
  85. Colorado school district requires girls to cover ankles, wear head scarves on trip to mosque
  86. What is Aladura
  87. What is Asatru?
  88. Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing
  89. Jon Stewart CRUSHES Obama for Snubbing France, the World, and Free Speech
  90. God hates lesbians
  91. Think you know Ted Cruz? Maybe think again ....
  92. Acting Nominees for Oscars All White
  93. Americas Changing Crime Rate
  94. States with Shortest Life Spans
  95. 2014 was the hottest year on record 135 years
  96. Police Gone Wild
  97. We Can’t All Just Get Along
  98. Obama Drops Tax Plan Bombshell on Republicans
  99. About damn time Obama takes action
  100. Interesting
  101. CHICAGO UNCHAINED: Inner City Activists
  102. atomic scientists reset Doomsday clock: 3 minutes to midnight
  103. King Abdullah Dies At 90
  104. Yemen unrest throws wrench in Obama's terror message
  105. Will Greece get kicked out of the EU?
  106. The Day the Klan Messed with the Wrong People
  107. Greek Election Results
  108. Syrian pres. Assad calls for national referendum
  109. House GOP Meltdown
  110. No Mittens!
  111. protesters call for Kissinger's arrest for war crimes
  112. Socialism Created the American Middle Class
  113. Fox News: The World’s Comic Relief
  114. Think It's Going to Get Better for the Next Generation of Americans?
  115. DAs office vs. Public Defenders
  116. Zacarias Moussaoui: Saudi princes funded Al Qaeda
  117. King of Jordan Gunning for ISIS
  118. is Obama the most reckless US president?
  119. The Republican Party of Saudi Arabia
  120. Jon Stewart is quitting 'The Daily Show'
  121. Apple & Energy Accounting Fraud
  122. The Big Food Discrepancy: Why Are American Foods Routinely More Toxic Than European Versions?
  123. the world's most powerful financial entity
  124. Denver 20th most Liberal Large city in U.S.
  125. What if Netanyahu gave a speech and nobody came?
  126. The Liberal Left, the Ultimate Hypocrites
  127. ISIS-Superb Write Up
  128. Courts halt Obamas executive actions on immigration
  129. What Putin Learned From Reagan
  130. Caption this Pic
  131. Walmart gives raises to lowest paid employees
  132. O'Reilly war claims false
  133. Country Folks are Infuriated with Tim McGraw
  134. Domestic extremism
  135. Jobs For Jihadis | "Dana
  136. Anti-Science 'Skeptics' Are Not Skeptics. They Are Incredibly Willing to Believe BS.
  137. Koch Bros. Pay Scientist $1.25 Million to Lie About Climate Change
  138. Something Horrible Has Happened To The Man Who Walked 20 Miles to Work Everyday
  139. The Massive Failure of Conservative Economic Policy
  140. Bill Nye on Europe's Jews: If Only They Were More Neighborly
  141. Ex-CNNer Sesno: O'Reilly Allegation Nowhere 'Near on That Scale' of Williams
  142. 12-Year-Old Black Student Gives Epic Answer to the Question: ‘Do You Really Love America, Obama?’
  143. Trending poll reveals alarming responses from US Muslims on free speech, Shariah law
  144. Michelle Malkin calls out Christian-mocking comic: Going to make fun of Muslims, too, hon? Read mor
  145. List of Islamic Terror Attacks from the first part of 2015
  146. Bill Clinton Hammers Republicans: "They’re Begging for America to Fail"
  147. Affirmative Action advocates
  150. Jesus to defeat ISIS: End of the world coming 2022
  151. just found out my nephew is an athiest
  152. Father Of Black Son Murdered By An Illegal Slams Obama
  153. Billionaire Governor Taxes the Rich, Raises Minimum Wage...
  154. the war on terrorism has failed
  155. 10 Most miserable States in the U.S.
  156. You must unlearn what you have learned
  157. Most Transparent Administration Evah
  158. The Return of the 19th Century
  159. The Collapse of American Democracy Approaching
  160. Sleeping Disease likely to spread
  161. Feds prepare criminal corruption charges against Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
  162. Even DOJ Admits: “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” An Utter Lie
  163. Arkansas Rep. Justin Harris Gave Adopted Children Away to a Man Who Raped One of Them
  164. ISIS Fraying from Within
  165. Solar Plane to fly around the world
  166. Putin reveals secrets of Russia's Crimea takeover plot
  167. Pakistan ready to supply the Saudis with nuclear weapons
  168. BREAKING: Republicans brazenly contact Iran, violating the Logan Act
  169. BREAKING: Republicans brazenly contact Iran, violating the Logan Act
  170. Obituary: Boris Nemtsov
  171. How to Become a Conservative in Four Embarrassing Steps
  172. Will Greece flee the EU and join the BRICS?
  173. Stop the lying about evolution.
  174. College Graduates moving to inner cities
  175. The Republicans who did ‘exactly what Hillary did’
  176. Leaked Email Reveals Who's Who List of Climate Denialists
  177. Scientists respond to Ted Cruz
  178. German officials call US claims about Ukraine "propaganda"
  179. Bibi Netanyahu in full conspiracy mode
  180. Christian radio host: More bilingual young people means U.S. is ‘no longer one nation under God’
  181. Ukraine conflict: Putin 'was ready for nuclear alert'
  182. Jeb Bush’s e-mail Troubles Grow More Serious
  183. Rep. Aaron Schock to resign amid spending scandal
  184. crashup - the black budget goes global
  185. Most Transparent Administration Ever
  186. Rightards wrong again
  187. Lawmaker questions Dunford on Yemen embassy evacuation
  188. Does anyone know if Amy Poehler has a religion or believes in God?
  189. My mother
  190. Save us Obi-Wan ... you're our only hope
  191. Most Transparent Admin Evah, Part 939,011
  192. Does Washington Intend War With Russia?
  193. Another beating for driving while black
  194. Vladimir Putin's formative German years
  195. Saudi Arabia invades Yemen...what's it about?
  196. Backlash Against Indiana Hate Legislation Continues to Grow
  197. Dying Teen Is Being Denied A Heart Transplant Because He’s Had Trouble With The Law
  198. Troubled Ga. teen who received controversial heart transplant dead after crime spree
  199. And again
  200. Rand Paul 2016 Campaign thread
  201. Khamenei accuses Saudi Arabia of genocide
  202. The Israel Lobby: Is it good the US? Is it good for Israel?
  203. Exposing Libertarian Falsehoods About Social Security
  204. FBI whitewashing Saudi connection to 9/11
  205. Fracking earthquakes on the rise
  206. Hillary in 2016 = Beginning of the End for GOP?
  207. Are the days of NATO numbered?
  208. Women falling short on pay
  209. The new min. wage: $70,000 yr.
  210. The Poor Pay no Taxes? That's a Big Surprise to Them
  211. whistleblower W. Binney warns of population control
  212. Koch Brothers want Scott Walker
  213. Queen of TeaTard Land warns Baby Jesus is coming thanks to the Black Man in White House
  214. Hilliary Clinton follow the money!
  215. And This Is Why Hillary Sucks
  216. Rightard mentality
  217. new product line from Tesla Motors
  218. What does your state have more than any other state?
  219. Russia jails three women over twerking video at WW2 memorial
  220. Israel is supporting Al Qaeda in Syria
  221. The Baltimore Riots Thread
  222. Bernie Sanders is IN...Goodbye Hillary.
  223. Statistical anomalies favoring Republicans in counts coming from large precincts across the country
  224. Texas Governor Deploys State Guard To Stave Off Obama Takeover
  225. Je suis Redneck
  226. A love song to Obama with thanks
  227. Russia stages massive WW2 parade
  228. Complaint says crosses at Catholic school offensive, prevent Muslim prayers
  229. George Zimmerman involved in another shooting with road rage.
  230. U.S. about to lose oldest city due to rising oceans
  231. 10 best vs 10 worst countries for women to raise child
  232. Sy Hersh: US lied about the murder of Osama bin Laden
  233. More people than ever before in the U.S. are going to hell
  234. Fox "News" leads all news programs in LIES
  235. TPP - the dirtiest deal you've never heard of
  236. Top 10% screwing America
  237. Arctic Ice near collapse
  238. Scott Walker is Ruining Wisconsin
  239. Racist Americans fill Obama's Twitter Feed with Hate
  240. George W. Bush Did Something Much Worse Than Lie Us Into War
  241. Memorial Day is a hoax
  242. Huckabee: What if the Supreme Court picked the president?
  243. ALEC: Corporate Government For All
  244. Christian Aleppo: soon to be overrun by ISIS hordes?
  245. Pentagon report predicted West’s support for Islamist rebels would create ISIS
  246. Russia Is Using Mobile Crematoriums to Hide Ukraine Dead
  247. Raise the minimum wage....DAMMIT!!!
  248. why is the US trying to bully China?
  249. Fatal police shootings in 2015 approaching 400 nationwide
  250. Denver Sheriff Officer fired for not destroying evidence of abuse