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  1. American Corporations Create New Term: Inversion
  2. Israel starts offensive in Gaza
  3. Dem/Libs coin term: Bush's fault
  4. Paid family medical leave
  5. Science Strides Ahead!
  6. The Ginsberg Hypothesis
  7. About half of the genes that influence how well a child can read also play a role in their math ....
  8. I was watching the new movie "America" and saw...
  9. ot: caption this
  10. Neoliberalism
  11. 70% of Stocks/Bonds in your 401k have Multiple Owners or are NON-EXISTENT!
  12. Therapy for the Self-Hating Superpower
  13. Tax cuts leads to economic boom?
  14. 'conservatives'
  15. Republican Shoot symbol of the Dem Party!
  17. Pot is awesome
  18. Good Dem/Libs. Look At Your Creation
  19. Californian Billionaire's plan to break up California into 6 states.
  20. Thanks Obama!
  21. CBO: Dark skies ahead on deficit
  22. House Ravages IRS, Guts $1.1 Billion from Tax Enforcement Budget
  23. Republican Austerity Killing Economy
  24. Thanks Obama!
  25. The real and only truth about this world
  26. Kidnapped for Christ
  27. Obama's Pretense of Justice for the Banks
  28. Inverted Totalitarianism Marches On!
  29. Famous Liberal Law Professor Warns of Obama Dictatorship; Urges Congress to Act
  30. Will Algorithmic Regulation Take Us to the Utopia of Ultrastability?
  31. US black ops/military interventions since WW II
  32. Another legal setback for Obamacare
  33. Court upholds Obamacare subsidies
  34. Salon Rips Obama a New One
  35. A family gets kicked off a Southwest flight for a tweet
  36. mhgaffney on Irish Radio - 9/11
  37. New York Governor Cuomo's office intervened in corruption probe: NY Times
  38. One third to die by plague or famine; one third will fall by the sword; one third to be scattered to
  39. Republicans are stupid
  40. A Web of Lies
  41. Did al Qaeda Cash in on the 9/11 Attacks?
  42. Thank you Boner
  43. It Ain't Medicare and SS That Will Bring Us Down
  44. What's Wrong With the Democrats
  45. Remember Those Banks You Bailed Out?
  46. Israeli MK: Palestinian children are "little snakes"
  47. What Should Be the American Posture in Foreign Policy
  48. Thanks Obama...again!
  49. Who wants to impeach Obama?
  50. How Could Txtebow Have Missed This One???
  51. Richard Gage on CSPAN about 9/11 demolitions
  52. Top Gun 3 In Eastern Europe...someone get Tom Cruise
  53. Debt Up $7 Trillion Under Obama
  54. Go Inside Cavernous Hamas Tunnel Beneath Israel: Careful its from "Fox News"
  55. Despite Chris Matthews’ Greatest Efforts ‘Not to Get Ethnic’
  56. Left-Wing Activist Judge Admits his Racial Bias Convicted Innocent White Man
  57. Do No (More) Harm
  58. Back to war in Iraq
  59. Allowing someone to die of thirst - moral, immoral, etc . . .
  60. Exxon Mobil starts drilling in Russia's Arctic
  61. US Presidents Reconsidered - By Death Toll
  62. The Documentary the Catholic Church doesn't want you to see
  63. Physically Fit to be our next Presdent
  64. What the Hell is Going On With the Police in This Country?
  65. Jim Bamford interviews Ed Snowden
  66. Worse than Watergate: New Revelations from Nixon Tapes
  67. Texas' Perry indicted for coercion for veto threat
  68. The billion dollar web site we all paid for
  69. Propsed bill to have police outfitted with cameras
  70. Is Man Capable of Living in Peace?
  71. Guns don't kill people
  72. You have Zero impact
  73. Is your money safe in the bank? - U.S. Bail-Ins - Fed Vice Chair Fischer Says “Preparing A Proposal”
  74. A hundred walked out of my lecture
  75. BREAKING REPORT: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket”
  76. When do we all agree we must do "whatever it takes" to destroy ISIS?
  77. Now watch this drive
  78. The extraordinary candidate (Obama) turns out to be the most ordinary of men,
  79. Putin Launches His Offensive
  80. Syrian official makes appeal to the West
  81. Nugent tell Native Americans to go back where they came from...
  82. Is this Real?
  83. Russian economist says US wants a European war
  84. A black youth, hands cuffed behind him commits suicide by shooting himself says police coroner
  85. US schools to have non-white majority
  86. Dude, Where's My Religion?
  87. Rand Paul OpEd: How U.S. Interventionists Abetted the Rise of ISIS
  88. 70% of felons register democrat to vote
  89. Where are the Mullah's??
  90. Ron Paul: US Had Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks
  91. Great Comedy Site
  92. Stunning Satellite Images Show Summer Ice Cap Increase Of 1.7million Square Kilometres
  93. Which Should Hold More Power?
  94. Jim Rickards: economic collapse lies ahead
  95. 'degrade and destroy' AND 'Manageable Problem,'
  96. Drought apocalypse begins in California as wells run dry
  97. Cantor found a new gig
  98. GOP Candidates Ranked
  99. Artic Sea ice in worse shape then experts thought.
  100. Foreign Governments Buying U.S. Think Tank Influence
  101. Love your police officers
  102. Global Warming ‘Pause’ Extends to 17 Years 11 Months
  103. Mystery virus EV-D68 exploding among vaccinated children; U.S. medical system clueless without a vac
  104. Support Bernie Sanders
  105. 9/11 -- thirteen years on
  106. Rush Limbaugh compares Islam to Christianity
  107. Chipotle workers walk off the job....
  108. Hillary Rolling With Kissinger
  109. Teacher asks 6th-graders to Compare Hitler to Bush
  110. CNN Truth of Benghazi
  111. You Can't Make This Stuff Up
  112. Religious people behave no better than nonreligious people
  113. Senate races
  114. Let Us Take a Moment and Review the Path of Superpower
  115. Should Scotland be an independent country?
  116. has Ebola gone airborne?
  117. Please Watch This
  118. People's Climate March
  119. Does Obama return his Noble Peace Prize?
  120. Tolerance?
  121. Boots on the Ground - Army to deploy in Iraq soon
  122. will Lithium batteries make the electric car feasible?
  123. Holder resigns
  124. Skype interview with CIA analyst Ray McGovern
  125. i present to you the religion of piece
  126. U.S. War Against ISIS
  127. Dress Code at Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant Called ‘Racist
  128. These Liberals Might Stop Saying Islam Is Peaceful After What Just Happened To Them
  129. West Coast warming linked to naturally occurring changes
  130. RIP James Traficant
  131. Hong Kong protesters defiant after tear gas chaos
  132. The work fetish
  133. Presidential Daily Briefs: A Time - Based Analysis
  134. My nomination for pig of the year.
  135. The Fear News Network
  136. Leon Panetta criticizes Obama for Iraq withdrawal
  137. Bad news again righties
  138. An Open Letter to My Democratic Spammer
  139. Argentine Pres accuses global financial elite of "economic terrorism"
  140. Kyle ****ing Orton after comeback win in Detroit
  141. Obama Rebuilds Mosques While Churches Burn
  142. Indianapolis woman says cop preached to her about Jesus during traffic stop
  143. Panhandler Grandma Gets in Heated Confrontation when CAUGHT GETTING INTO A BRAND NEW CAR!
  144. PCR: Washington is destroying the world
  145. 10 states with the worst quality of life
  146. another cops gone wild video Hammond Police Dept Break Through Vehicle Window and Taze Passenger
  147. Kids Skip School, Get Extra Credit For Attending Biden-Merkley Rally
  148. Interesting Case to me...waiting to get to work at work
  149. VIDEO: Lois Lerner Confronted – ‘Will You Apologize for Targeting Conservatives?’
  150. Big Pharma Lobbies Hard to End India's Distribution of Affordable Generic Drugs
  151. Republicans are people too
  152. Obama: You Can't Get Ebola 'Sitting Next to Someone on a Bus;' CDC: 'Avoid Public Transportation'
  153. Bill Maher Islam facts make Ben Affleck ANGRY!
  154. Mark Udall Supports Late-Term Sex-Selective Abortions
  155. How Obama’s Arab Spring Created the Islamic State
  156. Ten Myths About Obama’s Latest War in Iraq and Syria | Global Research
  157. Protesters stage surprise sit-in at St. Louis gas station; 17 arrested
  158. Fun With Ayn Rand
  159. Should the U.S. Arm Assyrians to Fight Isis?
  160. California Obamacare cronies got paid big via no bid state contracts
  161. The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons
  162. shadow gov't links JFK assass, Iran-Contra, 9/11 etc.
  163. NY Times Just Blasted Out of Existence Biggest Myth About George W. Bush & Iraq War
  164. Photos Of STL Teen Family Claims Was Unarmed When He Was Shot By Cop Show Him Holding Gun, Flashing
  165. What's your ballot look like?
  166. Lockheed Announces Fusion Breakthrough
  168. Here's another question for the Dem/Libs.
  169. obamas scandals : )
  170. Socialists Push For $20 Minimum Wage But Won’t Pay Workers That Much
  171. BLOOD ON THE GUN: Michael Brown Was First Shot Inside Darren Wilson’s Police SUV
  172. Russell Brand Tries to Rile Things Up at Fox News HQ. He Nearly Gets Himself Arrested.
  173. My thoughts on gay marriage exactly
  174. People walking out of his speeches.
  175. Letter: Vote for the man, not the funds
  176. Dems voted for an empty suit. They'll vote for and empty chair. LOL
  177. MH-17: The Untold Story
  178. BREAKING: Jihad Attack on NYPD? Axe-Wielding Assailant Had Possible Ties to ISIS
  179. The War on the Poor and Working Families
  180. VIDEO: Mike Brown Family At War Over T-Shirt Business; Fight Erupts, One Beaten with Metal Pipe
  181. New country: Reagan
  182. Obama Speak about new Ebola Czar
  183. Putin blasts US for destabilizing world order
  184. We're Witnessing The End Of The Oil Era
  185. CDC Cover-Up: Ebola Nurse Complaining About Civil Rights Is A Liberal Who Used To Work For Them
  186. cheaper gas hurts economy?
  187. Chicago Activists Unchained
  188. 2014 Senate Predictions
  189. Why Mass Shootings Keep Happening
  190. limp...
  191. Voting Error at Moline Public Library
  192. Republican Science Curriculum Guidelines
  193. the GOP sucks
  194. another epic GOP failure
  195. Lindsey Graham promises results for white men
  196. States with the highest % of uninsured.
  197. Democrats are looking at possibly historic losses
  198. Capitalism explained
  199. 20-30 Former Gitmo Detainees Fighting US Again With ISIS
  200. Area 51 scientist's deathbed video: UFOs are real, aliens have federal jobs
  201. Chris Matthews tingle down his leg is a leak in his bag.
  202. Thousands protest NFL Washington's name
  203. 286 women raped and killed in E Ukraine
  204. Ray McGovern brutally arrested
  205. Can Obama Reboot? Does he even want to?
  206. Ron Paul warns voters about Republican control
  207. *AHEM* It appears that D.C. and Oregon have legalized it. :)
  208. has Washington just shot itself in the foot?
  209. How Corruption Works in America
  210. The $9 Billion Witness
  211. Obama and the Democrats push for Perpetual War
  212. The jpg that should have ever Dem/Lib scared.
  213. 90 Year-Old Man Arrested for Feeding Homeless
  214. Colorado Students Buck Conservative Censorship
  215. The Real Unemployment Picture?
  216. Romney is Being Sued in Federal Court for Criminal Racketeering
  217. What Happened to the Democrats' Voice?
  218. The Architect Of Obamacare Wants You To Know
  219. Illegal Aliens Demand This Restaurant Change Its ‘Racist’ Name – Here’s the Owner’s Awesome Response
  220. U.S. Senator Writes that War Against ISIS is Illegal
  221. 1 day 45 minutes ago by Lupita Murillo and Michel Marizco N4T Investigators: Border Patrol stripping
  222. The aloof Obama models his new threads for the Chinese audience.
  223. Why the GOP is stupid when it comes to governing
  224. The Bunker-in-Chief
  225. Silver price falls even as demand soars -- huh?
  226. Starbucks teamed up with Monsanto to sue the small U.S. state of Vermont
  227. Will Democrats Push Keystone Pipeline Vote
  228. Kids go hungry as lunch rules force schools to toss leftover food
  229. Rutgers Professor Destroys Fox Minimum Wage Myths
  230. Dying Vet's "F@#* You" Letter to Bush and Cheney
  231. Judge Napolitano:Orwellian ‘Net Neutrality’ Anything But Neutral “The next step would be to regulate
  232. Will Europe break with US at upcoming G-20 summit?
  233. Jon Stewart Tweets: Coal Miners Are Self-Destructive Morons
  234. FCC “secret” tax plan a threat to the Internet
  235. My Open Letter to Obama on Presidents day.
  236. America: For Sale
  237. Pelosi says no special treatment for preggos in the House!
  238. Tax dodger Sharpton no role model for blacks
  239. Lowest Voter Turnout Since WWII
  240. Why Internet Service in France is Ten Times Better Than in the U.S.
  241. Some "libertarian" types are serious jerks...
  242. Ted Cruz: Net neutrality regulations put government in charge of Internet prices, services
  243. Boehner Sues Obama
  244. You Mean Inequality Kills American Jobs?
  245. 43 students abducted in Mexico by police, feared dead
  246. Repub Congress pushing new bill to arm Ukraine
  247. Whatever happened to Benghazi?
  248. SNL immigration parody
  250. President Obama Immigration Executive Action. Obama This Week Abc.