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  1. Greenpeace co-founder says ‘no scientific proof’ humans cause climate change
  2. Russian Invasion
  3. From your party's 2016 hopefuls, who would/wouldn't you vote for if they got the nomination?
  4. russia entering ukraine
  5. Spike Lee has become a bitter, old black man
  6. Surfer Dude on Food Stamps
  7. http://www.infowars.com/the-war-on-men-10-ways-masculinity-is-under-attack/
  8. Romney on Russia
  9. Hillary History Lesson
  10. Ryan's new/old/repeat screw the poor budget
  11. Wags, is this your employer?
  12. Bus day trip - would you do it if it were free?
  13. why the dollar must fail
  14. For Ro & Mark, I know strange bedfellows...
  15. Here is the list of our military elite who have been purged or fired under Obama:
  16. CPAC minority outreach panel
  17. 9/11 interview - mhgaffney and Russ Wittenberg
  18. GOP outreach to minorities
  19. Sync Alert: Ok, This Is An Official Rollout: U.S. Deploys New “Sky Dreadnought” Over Ukraine; Medi
  20. The Absent President
  21. Proof that throwing money at disadvantaged minorites doesn't work
  22. CIA caught lying to Congress (again)
  24. Really Palin ? Nukes ?
  25. Snowden's first live: 'Constitution being violated on massive scale
  26. America
  27. Mystery of Flight 370
  28. Tell me did this make you cry?
  29. Malcom X calls out Blacks who blindly follow the Democrat Party
  30. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  31. MazaCoin, the new BitCoin
  32. Jolly wins Fla. congressional race
  33. Sebelius says Obamacare premiums will go up next year
  34. More GOP 'rebranding'
  35. the state, the deep state, and the Wall Street Overworld
  36. banks being sued over gold manipulation
  37. Reid finally finds something he can work with repubs on.
  38. Paid What You're Worth is BS
  39. Russian Invasion Spreads Beyond Crimea
  40. 3/11/2014: The Freeing Of Humanity
  41. Fox Affiliate Cuts Cosmos' Reference to Evolution
  43. Four Teens Just CALLED OUT Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a Way That Would Make Any English Teacher Proud
  44. Dems run and hide from confirming new Surgeon General.
  45. Today, The World is a Better Place
  46. Israel fed IAEA fake documents re Iran's nuke program
  47. GOP senator schooled
  48. Drudge Report author caught in debate over Obamacare penalty claims
  49. Global Warming reason can't find Malaysia Flight MH370
  50. The Right Loses It Over Russia—Again
  51. Syrian war set to intensify..?
  52. god loves guns
  53. Should non-citizens be allowed to vote in US elections?
  54. Christian school ban's girl for looking to boyish.
  55. Secret Service agent found drunk; three sent home
  56. Nick Cannon does "WHITEFACE"....where's the outrage?
  57. Shady Democrats and Shrimp Boy Chow
  58. Marijuana can cure cancer?
  59. California State Senator Who Authored Gun Control Legislation Arrested for Conspiring to Traffic gun
  60. Vladimir Putin, Russian Neocon
  61. Oliver Stone: the US is now an Orwellian State
  62. Freeloaders!
  63. Kobe expresses individual thought; is attacked by BLACK leadership
  64. Jim Rickards: “Next Collapse Will Be Exponentially Bigger- Dollar Will Collapse 90% or More!”
  65. A nation's attempt to survive isn't 'racism'
  66. Putin / Russa strike back
  67. Couple Gets Pre-Marked Dem. Voter-Registration Card From Covered California
  68. Bill Maher Stuns Liberal Audience
  69. This is pretty amazing....
  70. "Killing me softly"
  71. SCOTUS Rolls With Plutocracy
  72. Glenn Beck being sued
  73. Supreme Court votes to keep big money in politics
  74. Chris Hedges: our only hope is rebellion
  75. Vlad Putin Calls.....
  76. UPS Fires 250 Union Employees
  77. Homeless boy steals talent show
  78. The difference between men and women
  80. Why the All-Ivy League Story Stirs Up Tensions Between African Immigrants and Black Americans
  81. the prospects for survival
  82. Article: Could the Military Have Done Anything to Stop Another Fort Hood Massacre
  83. Are Members of Congress Underpaid
  84. Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why
  85. EPA under fire for using humans as guinea pigs for pollution tests
  86. Softly Wiping the Chalk From the Blackboard....
  87. Shhhhhhhh...
  88. Sy Hersh: chemical attack last Aug was a false flag
  89. Let's celebrate "Equal Pay Day"!!
  90. Another of Eric Holder's "Disparate impact youth's"....
  91. LAw School Deans blame Diversity for POOR RANKINGS
  93. We need corporate tax reform
  94. The War on Antiwar Republicans
  95. First Amendment Area set up by BLM
  96. 20 kids stabbed at PA school
  97. A case for hope!
  98. All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
  99. Appeals Court Rules Unanimously Against ‘Hypocritical’ Anti-Discrimination Agency
  100. Bundy Ranch
  101. Would you have these in your house?
  102. At Least Some People Out There are Having Fun with Politics
  103. Buffett's wealth soared $37 million a day in 2013
  104. New state higher-education plan addresses changing demographics of students
  105. Obama's press secretary decorates home with Soviet propaganda
  106. In Pursuit of the White Whale
  107. What does a hero look like?
  108. Wisconsin Republicans Voting on Secession
  109. The American food system is nearing a state of crisis
  110. what was CIA director Brennan doing in Ukraine?
  111. University Calls the Amount of White People on Campus a ‘Failure,’ Asks for Ideas on How tohaveFewer
  112. Glaring limits of the Civil Rights Act: We need to redistribute wealth...
  113. Bundy's Nevada Militia are Homegrown Taliban?
  114. The ACA covering more people than first reported
  115. Meanwhile, On a Different Planet...
  116. what lies behind the dead bankers?
  117. Four Horseman
  118. What the Koch Bros. Want by Bernie Sanders
  119. Ancient Knowledge
  120. New court decision destroys the last element of the justice system
  121. Today at the rescue mission!
  122. Quality of Life in America?
  124. the growing danger of nuclear war
  125. CEO of Exxon Mobil Sues to Stop Fracking Near His House
  126. White Male Privilege Squandered On Job At Best Buy
  127. FRIKEN OUTRAGEOUS - TSA agent fondles a little girl way too long
  128. NSA targeted Obama from his Senate days
  129. A Global Warming Civil War?
  130. Years of Living Dangerously
  131. Bow to your master, Mr President.
  132. Liberals burn babies to make electricity.
  133. Obama & the press
  134. Look at this BACKASSWARD New York Times HEADLINE....
  135. CAPITAL CONTROL - are you ready for your haircut?
  136. Some positive foreign policy news?
  137. Rampaging Paranoia!
  138. Shocking news concerning Bundy and racism
  139. Racist NBA Owner Donald Sterling Is Racist on Tape
  140. the Zionist blueprint for the Mideast
  141. Terminator seeds and Doomsday Seed Vault
  142. Reporter sneaks in and tapes Kerry talking to world leaders
  143. Police Search of Cellphones During Arrests
  144. Jay Z wears emblem of anti-white hate group
  145. Joe Kline watches.....
  146. Colorado HS Students Pledge ‘One Nation Under Allah’
  147. Democratic state Senator charged with child porn!
  148. Vermont Becomes First State to Call For Constitutional Convention to Overturn Citizens United
  149. Hey. guess what.... Bush & Obama are cousins
  150. "White Privilege"--very well stated Young man!
  151. seismic data points to use of explosives on 9/11
  152. Generation Zero
  153. g
  154. How old is Earth
  155. Signs you are a Slave to the Matrix...
  156. Another dead banker
  157. SCOTUS allows Christian prayer at town meeting
  158. Fox News is racist!
  160. War is Peace
  161. Pope Stirring Up More Trouble for Capitalism
  162. Congrats to Canada for having wealthiest middle class in world
  163. Harry Reid says bring back the Pork
  164. Stephen Hawking: "I was wrong about black holes."
  165. no debate for you!
  166. Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan Solve Poverty!
  167. is the US driving the world toward Armageddon?
  168. What Republican should be President
  169. oops
  170. What Dem should be President?
  171. A Biker, a Cowboy, a Curmudgeon and a Governor...
  172. Landslide victory for Modi in India
  173. Florida Couple Fined, Threatened with Jail for Feeding Homeless
  174. Israel engaged in massive US spying in lead up to 9/11
  175. Why can't we get a Infrastructure Deal?
  176. Alaska’s Controversial HAARP Project is Shutting Down
  177. How America Disposes of Dissent
  178. Obama threw 20 billion extra to the VA, no results.
  179. former Malaysian PM: CIA covering up missing MH370
  180. Net Neutrality Already a Thing of the Past
  181. The Solution to Higher Minimum Wage in the Fast Food Industry?
  182. Something everyone will love even Wags
  183. Rat **** Bastards
  185. Open Carry Law in Texas - lolz
  186. Where the Left gets its news. LOL
  187. Randi cynics lose 9/11 physics debate
  188. West Coast graduates loved Bush, hate Obama.
  189. Russian intelligence: mini nukes demolished WTC on 9/11
  190. Visuals of the Keystone Tar Sands Project
  191. Money in Politics - How to Buy a Presidency
  192. Government Isn't the Problem. LOL
  193. OT - Bowe Bergdahl
  194. Rapper Nas: 'I'm a Proud American...There Was a Time When I Didn't Feel That Way'
  195. "Pay up, WHITEY......."-The Case for Reparations
  196. Yaaaayyyyyy another school shooting!!!!
  197. Still feel SAFE flying? Affirmative Action at work....
  198. 5 Gun control Laws I would like to see in gun control
  199. Convenient
  200. How Eric Holder’s Disparate Impact Crusade Leads To Quotas
  201. 'Dead Broke' Hillary Defenders: 'You're Afraid'
  202. Cantor loses primary
  203. Guns ?
  204. Major cities in Iraq fall..
  205. Top 20 LGBT-Friendly Cities
  206. Chris Matthews DEFENDS Tea Party
  207. Islamic Militants poised to take over Iraq
  208. Political Polarization at an all time high
  209. Republicans to students: Drop dead!
  210. The Border Crisis
  211. Black Activist gets REMOVED from jury pool; Prosecuter who removed her: FIRED
  212. Democratic Party Happy Flag Day! See They're love 'merica
  213. Huge Change of Trajectory for Iraq and Kurds
  214. Will Scott Walker Join Blago in Prison?
  215. Damn! Even Megan Kelly at Fox Can't Sit Still for Cheney's Bull****
  216. But, but but...We ArE all the SAME! Differences are simply "skin deep"....
  217. Is Religion a Product of Evolution?
  218. Presbyterians vote against Israeli apartheid
  219. America in 2034....
  220. George W. Bush’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Found Read
  221. Gun death Rates all 50 states
  222. How are Obama and the IRS getting away with a blatant coverup?
  223. Tax payer burden of illegal immigration in California
  224. California Becomes 2nd State to Call for a Constitutional Convention
  225. Incarceratuion Rates If US States Were Countries
  226. House Passes "London Whale Loophole Act" for the Koch Bros.
  227. Obamas trying to hide economy in a freefall
  228. Boner plans to sue
  229. House Republicans to Sue Obama
  230. IRS commissioner donates only to dems!
  231. 3rd party coming?
  232. Supreme Court tells Obama you broke the law! You are a liar!
  233. Ried and Senate dems bring Senate to a halt!.
  234. Coulter seeks more attention
  235. the coming short squeeze
  236. Gas about to be highest since 2008, thanks Obummer!
  237. Supreme Court Decisions Today
  238. Your Hero's Hero.
  239. Republican Racist!!!!
  240. 20 person church fighting the man "Town of Gilbert"
  241. Who Was Right About Iraq?
  242. Main Governor all cuddly with Domestic Terrorist group that kills police officers
  243. Quinnipiac Poll: Obama is Worst President Since WWII
  244. Bikers Ride To Free Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi: Border control
  245. The Criminal Banking Cartel Will Soon Be HISTORY -- Karen Hudes
  246. Israeli police brutally beat a 15 year old American Citizen
  247. "This is the ‘fundamental transformation’ Obama promised..."
  248. WIGS...they're finally coming for you.........
  249. Proof That There is No Limit to Redneck Ignorance
  250. American Corporations Create New Term: Inversion