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  1. Angelina Jolie part of a clever corporate scheme to protect billions in BRCA gene patents, influence
  2. Cornell West calls Obama a "war criminal"
  3. The Best of Times, or The Worst of Times?
  4. Syrian war is escalating. Syrian forces and Hezzbolah attack border town together in heavy fighting
  5. Deadly 'superbug' MRSA now being found at U.S. wastewater treatment plants
  6. Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories
  7. why the banking system is a scam
  8. Obamacare working in CA?
  9. Loose Cannon: McCain Sneaks Into Syria
  10. California has a new problem...
  11. New era: Drone Wars
  12. Think the Democrats Are Going to Fix Anything?
  13. is Obama in control?
  14. Pakistani Girl takes on her rapists.
  15. Obama = Worst Socialist Ever
  16. Chinese Company Buys Smithfield, Armour, Farmland, et al
  17. Batcrap crazy Bachman is stepping down
  18. Reagan's foreign policy
  19. Following Tesla's good news, Fox conveniently forgets government loan
  20. must watch interview with Israeli scholar Ilan Pappe
  21. Over 75% want IRS invesigted by a special prosecutor.
  22. What percentage of Public Education is run by Retards?
  23. Another Walmart Thread?!
  24. Obama IRS’s Shulman had more public White House visits than any Cabinet member Read more:
  25. The GOP is the "party of debt"?
  26. Rand Paul pushes for legalization of industrialized hemp in new farm bill
  27. How three fateful actions helped lead to the failure of today's mainstream medicine
  28. Why GOP Scandal Mongers Can’t Have Nice Things
  29. GOP still doesn't get rape
  30. Cheerios stands by TV ad showing mixed-race family
  31. Obamas Un nominee completes Obamas apology tour
  32. Sen. Sanders: Gang of Eight Bill is an 'Attempt to Attract Cheap Labor
  33. hot female vocalists...
  34. The Global Divide on Homosexuality
  35. I'm Not A Conservative And You Shouldn't Be One Either
  36. Reason #2,457,890,234 To Avoid Texas
  37. Inevitable Thread About Prism Program
  38. The worm has turned...
  39. Republican Steve King Claims Ronald Reagan Gave 15 Million Votes to President Obama
  40. Life on Earth Caused by Comet Impacts?
  41. Big Brother is watching you (and listening, and gathering and storing data, etc)
  42. The Whistleblower
  43. NSA whistleblower comes forward: Edward Snowden exposes global spy grid run by government spooks
  44. Liberal Talk Show Host Freaks Out On Air Screaming 'Barack Obama is a Liar'
  45. Reagan: The Original Teabagger
  46. NSA Leaks Mucking Up Partisan Divisions
  47. Handy tool to evaluate right-wing posts and threads
  48. GMO weed killer found in human urine
  49. Immigration Reform
  50. Darrell Issas' irs investigation falling apart
  51. Obama Sending Arms to Syria
  52. Krugman Issues a Wake Up Call
  53. Trayvon Martin justice group member tries to get onto George Zimmerman jury
  54. apparently criminal background checks are you guessed it! RACIST!
  55. gotta love elizabeth warren!
  56. Former Navy Seal has small chance in Boston Senate race
  57. 50% of Americans say Obama not trustworthy
  58. Upload Your Entire Mind and Become Digitally Immortal
  59. The 21st Century, Feudal Economy
  60. Zimmerman murder trial news and updates
  61. 9 Tourists Murdered in Pakistan
  62. An interview with Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, the 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man.
  63. new book about Operation Gladio
  64. Family: Teen Fatally Stabbed Over Piece of Chicken
  65. America's worst charities
  66. More Conservative Idiocy on Rape...This Time by a Woman
  67. 2013 Global Crisis?
  68. Finally! Something I Can Support This President On
  69. Raise minimum wage to $15/hr?
  70. US has embraced nuclear first use policy for years
  71. IRS: the scandal that never was
  72. New Jersey home invasion caught on Nanny cam
  73. Supreme Court Rules on DOMA and Prop 8
  75. DOMA struck down by the Supreme Court
  76. Global Chaos Signals World Currency System Will Be Recast
  78. What not to wear when visiting a Rec center in Pittsburgh...Sneakers.
  79. The faux concern of the VRA being scaled back
  80. The 9/11 Phone Calls: Disturbing Irregularities Uncovered
  81. European officials slame US over bugging report
  82. Egypts military gives President 48 hours
  83. U.S. Middle Class Sliding Toward Third World Status
  84. Reich Tries to Educate the Dupes
  85. Obamacare to punish healthy eaters as insurance rates double or triple for those who choose to take
  87. lol even a 9 year old sees fox news for what it is
  88. Militarized police gone wild across America; terrorizing citizens, shooting pet dogs, behaving like
  89. More GOP whining
  90. WHo are your favorite Democrats and why?
  91. possible GOP 'candidates'
  92. Wealth Disparity Killing Americans
  93. the shadow government
  94. Farm Bill and Food Stamps
  95. Wake up Brothers & Sisters
  96. Research suggests that psychedelic drugs might enhance telepathic, precognitive, and psychokinetic a
  97. Pouncey twins "Free Hernandez"
  98. GOP Reaching New Lows In Its Scroogedom
  99. The fall of reason: How to protect your sanity in an insane world
  100. BTW, Jesus is Back
  101. Detroit Files for Bankruptcy
  102. Black America's Real Problem Isn't White Racism
  103. How Wal-Mart is Remaking Our World
  104. Noam Chomsky is in denial about 9/11
  105. If you care about yur future and your children's future watch this
  106. It's Getting Real, Folks
  107. Party of repeal
  108. Hezbollah gets terrorist label for fighting Al Qaeda ??
  109. Tar Sands spill in alberta that no one knows how to stop.
  110. Obama entertains a no fly zone IN Syria @ 1 Billion a month while Detroit is turned into a land fill
  111. Mob violence continues in our metropolitan areas...
  112. Scientists discover what’s killing the bees and it’s worse than you thought
  113. Nancy Pelosi schedules Democratic hearing on Race and Justice
  114. Haliburton are crooks, liars, and cheats
  115. The GOP sabotage of Obamacare
  116. Seven murdered
  117. Cumulus set to drop limbaugh & Hannity
  118. Detroit Looks to Obamacare
  119. 2016: Your Candidates / Platform and Issues.
  120. Easy cure for type II Diabetes - but will the fat lazy basturds do it?
  121. Good News for Corporations but Bad News for Small Business
  122. Eagles' Riley Cooper, your teammates would like to chat..
  123. Technology taking over trucking
  125. Benghazi Reborn
  127. Beijing Knife Ban
  128. Fun With Nixon
  129. Feds Give Laid off Boeing Workers Sweet Deal
  130. Bloomberg: US military contracts linked to Al Qaeda
  131. Obamacare hurts parents of special-needs children Oppppps!
  132. US Banks; The new Mafia
  133. Black Self-Sabotage
  134. GOP defunds something that doesn't exist
  135. "Human activities are changing Earth's climate"
  136. A brave veteran Baltimore teacher tells the truth
  137. More GOP whining
  138. the SPLC is doing the RIGHT thing here
  139. We're From the Government, and We're Here to Help
  140. OT: Angel Priest appears at Missouri car crash scene
  141. Matt Damon puts kids in private school. LOL
  142. More bad news for the whiners
  143. Obama administration using housing department in effort to diversify neighborhoods
  145. American Enterprise Institute HCR Proposal
  146. Invest in Africa..at your own peril....
  147. 7 Democrats Who Have Spoken Out Against ObamaCare LOL
  148. CNN’s Don Lemon Responds to Critics and Russell Simmons, ‘Attack The Problem Not The Messenger’
  149. Are you smarter than a 8th Grader From 1912?
  150. I thought that only "right tards" were fearful of Science...
  151. The Elio coming to market in 2014?
  152. Rand Paul Sells Out
  153. A Nobel for Bradley Manning
  155. Author Tackles Controversial Aspect of Sports, Genes and Ethnicity
  156. Ron Paul Channel
  157. Won't Turn Over Your Customer Info to the Government? Get Arrested.
  158. Bono: “Capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid” LOL
  159. The Hollywood actor gave a very unHollywood speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.
  160. 7 Biggest Economic Lies
  161. Message to "persecuted Christians"...
  162. Damn you gubmint!
  163. Area 51... It's real folks..... But still no mention of aliens by the government .
  164. Conservatives to Sen. Alexander: Time to Retire
  165. Accidental photobomb leads to beating, 3 arrests in LoDo
  166. ***ushima now in state of emergency, leaking 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean daily Lea
  167. And you thought China was all about bicycles / Talk about ingenuity
  168. The Sun's Magnetic Field is about to Flip
  169. GOP Wins Again
  170. 3 white teens kill black college baseball player because "they wanted to kill someone"
  171. Birther conversion
  172. MILLENNIAL GENERATION IS ABANDONING LIBERALISM (you're not trying hard enough)
  173. Ted Cruz for President?
  174. What is up with Republicans?
  175. one in three Americans now on food stamps
  176. This is one brave lady. True hero.
  177. Bradley Decides He's Chelsea
  178. DWWBW...20 and counting now
  179. Reach Up
  180. GALLUP: UNEMPLOYMENT RATE JUMPS FROM 7.7% TO 8.9% IN 30 DAYS <facepalm>
  181. Watch LA State Senator Completely Destroy Liberalism in This Incredible Appeal to Black Americans
  182. The GOP winning hearts and minds
  183. Bible Visualized: Contradictions, Misogyny, Violence, Inaccuracies
  184. Should churches be taxed?
  185. Syria - another war crime in the making
  186. Proof Peyton Manning was in India
  187. Oh Oh
  188. "I Have a Dream" speech, August 28, 1963
  189. What is the Cultural Revolution?
  190. DOJ Will Not Prosecute Pot Laws in Colorado
  191. librarian wants him to step down as 'top reader'
  192. Bigger and healthier: European men grow 11cm in a century
  194. Climate Change in the Coloradan Mind
  195. Majority of Americans Agree On Syria
  196. A Storm in Finland
  197. Peter Schiff Stand-Up Comedian
  198. "My Military"
  199. Former Marine beaten by teens while trying to stop bullying
  200. good news for the right
  201. Zimmerman arrested...
  202. lest we forget....9/11
  203. Gun Control in the Coloradan Mind
  204. "Death Panels" are a lie!
  205. Obama's Noble Peace Prize
  206. GOP Crazy Person Ted Cruz LOOOVES Jesse Helms
  207. Overestimated global warming over the past 20 years
  208. Obama and Syria: Stumbling Toward Damascus
  210. GOP darling Putin
  211. massive wealth destruction?
  212. There was a rally in DC 9/11?
  213. 50 Years Ago
  214. Navy Yard shooting
  215. Racism in America
  216. CNN wins again!
  217. NSA routinely shares intel with Israel
  218. Nice and quiet in here...
  219. Tea Party May Finally Get Its Wish
  220. Bills Would Require Michiganders To Work For Welfare, Pass Drug Test
  221. Defunding Obamacare - Can it happen?
  222. Watch the 1% gobble up the country's income
  223. Cleveland Clinic announces job cuts to prepare for Obamacare
  224. How Rand Paul will create a new generation of Black Republicans
  225. P.O.T.U.S. talking **** on the Chiefs
  226. Republicans Conduct Class Warfare
  227. Israel attacks European diplomats
  228. Obama's toughness is paying off
  229. Democrats That Walked Out Of Benghazi Hearing
  230. NRA Created To Protect Free Slaves
  231. ACORN’s former chief calls for more immigration to boost black power...
  232. Antarctic sea ice hit 35-year record high Saturday
  233. Leave Obama alone!
  234. The First and True Language of America
  235. Lobbyists Keep Nursing Homes Healthy, Disabled Patients Not So Much
  236. Facebook
  237. Former Klansman elected Mayor in town of 170,000.....
  238. 33 Uncomfortable Questions for Progressives
  239. Boehner's Deal to Avoid a Shut Down
  240. SEIU unionists strike over Obamacare-related cuts
  241. New Republican strategy to eliminate the CR and piecemeal the budget
  242. 48 ways the government shutdown can hurt *you*
  243. The Obamacare Song
  244. 1960s Government Subliminal National Anthem Video
  245. Tea Party Congressman Makes a Fool of Chris Matthews Over Shutdowns Under Former Boss Tip O'Neill R
  246. 13 down 4 to go
  247. Silk Road Busted; Founder Arrested
  248. To Sum Up
  249. Aljazeera America trolls MSM with smart, insightful reporting
  250. Watch: Obama's Ironic Anti-Union Analogy That Was Supposed to Insult Republicans