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  1. Facebook bans Rump's data mining firm run by Steve Bannon for violating company policy on user info
  2. Make the Case for Trump Collusion
  3. Your daily SEAN HANNITY fix... and more :)
  4. Feds busted white supremacy plot to bomb Pennsylvania protest
  5. Mueller Flubbed His Prime Time Opportunity, Destroyed Lives and Cost Taxpayers Millions
  6. Russia election: Vladimir Putin wins by big margin
  7. Kushner Co. Filed False NYC Housing Paperwork
  8. Beware of “Flying Rivers” and “Rain Bombs”
  9. Mueller has at Least Three Witnesses Who Say Jeff Sessions Lied to Congress
  10. When do you think Trump will fire Mueller?
  11. Haiti's Ex-Dictator Laundered Money Through Trump Real Estate
  12. Trump, Jr. Hosts Disgraced Congressman Mark Foley At Mar-A-Lago
  13. How Cambridge Analytica Helped Trump Get Elected
  14. Black Lives Matter, Jewish Lives Don't
  15. CIA Torture Architects Settle With Victims to Avoid Trial
  16. EPA Ends Practice of Hiding Studies that Inform Policy Decisions.
  17. Rise of the machines! The war has begun...
  18. Breaking: School shooting in Maryland
  19. How Trump Won Mindless Loyalty From Millions of Americans
  20. Say goodbye to the White Rhino
  21. the REAL political interference is by guess who?
  22. UK tested chemical warfare agents on its own people
  23. Civilians Rejoice As Syria Liberates 70% of Eastern Ghouta
  24. Texas Bombings
  25. Fox News = "propaganda machine"
  26. Facebook stock drops $36 Billion in the wake of Cambridge Analytica
  27. California City Opts Out of State's Sanctuary Law
  28. Trump Enact $60 billion tariffs on China
  29. Holocaust denier wins GOP congressional primary in Illinois
  30. SJW's going after Wes Anderson (no... really)
  31. Pro-Gun Parkland Student: CNN Canceled Interview Over Retweet Calling Anchor ‘Fake News Hypocrite’
  32. Rand Paul talks about massive budget
  33. Remember When Trump said
  34. John Dowd has resigned. Wonder why?
  35. McMaster is out, Bolton is in
  36. Would things be different.....
  37. Are you worried?
  38. Guccifer (dude who hacked DNC and leaked info to Assange) confirmed as Russian agent
  39. Anyone Marching this Saturday?
  40. Hamilton vs Burr (the rematch)
  41. Congress Gives Itself a Bonus in Omnibus
  42. The Good Ole Clapper lying again to congress
  43. Why I Hate China
  44. Parkland’s Hogg: Rules Requiring Clear Backpacks Violate Our First Amendment Rights
  45. Parkland Student Defends NRA After Being Left Out of Time Magazine Cover
  46. Israeli lobbyist - we need a false flag to start a war with Iran
  47. Michael Bennett charged with injuring an elderly paraplegic at Super Bowl LI
  48. Manziel and Kaepernick, wayword nfl souls edition.
  49. Google Has Been a Military-Intel Contractor from the Beginning
  50. Is the Left Eating Itself?
  51. How Would You Stop a School Shooter
  52. 60 Minutes Open Thread (porn star edition)
  53. N.Carolina Democrat Sheriff Candidate Wants to Kill You for Your Guns
  54. When Hillary Clinton gets indicted
  55. Trump Orders Expulsion of 60 Russians
  56. Remington files for bankruptcy
  57. China launches petro-yuan to challenge greenback
  58. Something doesn't add up here...
  59. John Paul Stevens comes out against the 2nd Amendment
  60. Russia fire: Calls for Putin to resign
  61. Emma Gonzalez and the Cuban Flag
  62. This Is the Number of Innocent People Murdered by Governments in the 20th century
  63. California Files Lawsuit Over Citizenship Question on 2020 Census
  64. How Russians lost their own 2nd Amendment: The right to bear arms
  65. Amid an ongoing gun debate and the March for Our Lives protests, 'Far Cry 5' couldn't feel more out
  66. is Trump assembling a war cabinet?
  67. They Really Want to Ban Every Gun
  68. The Stupidity of Trumpcare
  69. Tattoo or AR-15 teen chooses.
  70. "nobody is coming for your guns" thread
  71. Alt-right erupts: crying nazi Chris Cantwell is a federal informant
  72. Are we entering the age of the petro-yuan’?
  73. Australian Gun Laws
  74. 2018 wonderlic scores leaked
  75. Passover Uprising
  76. John Pilger: we are headed for war
  77. Good Morning America
  78. Stephon Clark's autopsy is in: shot 6 times in the back
  79. An army of illegal aliens is marching on America
  80. Trump freezes $200 million in aid promised to Syria
  81. Texas Minister Allied with GWB Indicted for Chinese Stock Scam
  82. The Official Trump Train
  83. Happy Passover everyone! Especially Gaffo!
  84. The good health thread. Baja lives on!
  85. Happy Easter Politics forum
  86. Qanon and other "conspiracy" followers...
  87. Happy Easter
  88. How important is your child's brain?
  89. This is not a joke, this really just happened
  90. Trump Invites Lou Dobbs to Policy Discussions
  91. Sinclair Launches Nationwide Propaganda Campaign
  92. Arguments FOR "immigration" in general.
  93. Easter, Christianity, and Flying Spaghetti Monsters
  94. When a Moron is Censoring Science
  95. Zombie herd heading towards U.S.A.
  96. Rump plots to use the US military to patrol the border
  97. Active shooter at Youtube HQ
  98. CompMag California Compliant AR-15 Magazine
  99. No other state comes close to California in terms of total welfare spending
  100. “Trade wars are easy to win.”
  101. The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System
  102. The End of the Nation-State?
  103. Trumps "Beautiful Wall" being built, but...
  104. Poll: Dem has double-digit lead in Tennessee Senate race
  105. pressure rises on UK to produce evidence of a poisoning
  106. California surpasses 1 million driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants
  107. Finland has practically ended homelessness
  108. Dr. Evil Gets Fired from Trump's Cabinet
  109. You'll be sorry,' Russia tells Britain at U.N. nerve agent attack meeting
  110. hmmm.... Former S. Korea President sent to Prison for Corruption
  111. The obstruction of justice case against Trump is already a slam dunk
  112. I ‘probably’ won’t attend White House correspondents' dinner
  113. Kevin Williamson-The Wake Up Call
  114. The Secret Military History of the Internet
  115. Florida school shooting hero blames sheriff, superintendent
  116. NYT Op-Ed: Chappaquiddick Film Is ‘Character Assassination
  117. Congressman Ralph Norman pulls out loaded gun at Rock Hill meet-and-greet
  118. A New AI “Journalist” Is Rewriting the News to Remove Bias
  119. Syria war: At least 70 killed in suspected chemical attack in Douma
  120. Editorial: As vultures circle, The Denver Post must be saved
  121. London mayor goes after knives
  122. NRA board member Ted Nugent says Democrats should be shot on sight
  123. Comey is a Weasel
  124. FISA Abuse: Out of Hand
  125. FBI Raids Cohen's office..
  126. A New View of the Moon
  127. Ted Nugent Says Democrats Should be Shot Like Coyotes
  128. Comey's Book coming out
  129. Syria assassinated reporter, court told
  130. New Survey Finally Explains the Real Reason There Are So Many Flat-Earthers
  131. Syria
  132. Zuckerberg testifying before Congress right now
  133. Paul Ryan will not seek re-election
  134. No, Robert Mueller And James Comey Aren’t Heroes
  135. Illegal immigration to America is rising again
  136. Dozens Of Black-Rubber-Clad Masochists Line Up Outside Capitol For Paul Ryan's Job
  137. GOP Congressman rips Trump (Forest Gump)
  138. More hush money: Trump doorman paid 30k to keep quiet about bastard baby
  139. Even in the South, a majority disapprove of Trump
  140. McCabe Lied
  141. Trump Pardons Scooter
  142. Trump Preparing to Fire Rosenstein?
  143. Missiles Launched
  144. Generation Lumping is Bull****
  145. Diamond & Silk: Deemed UNSAFE by the left
  146. Toys R Us not dead yet
  147. The Worst companies to work for
  148. States with lowest wages
  149. CEO apologizes as Starbucks ****s the bed over racial profiling arrests
  150. Alex Jones calls out Trump for attacking Syria
  151. Swiss lab: BZ toxin used in Skripal poisoning US/UK produced. Not Russian
  152. Soviet Nerve Agent Poisoned Ex-Russian Spy And Daughter, Watchdog Confirms
  153. RAMBLINGS: Christopher Hitchens on "freedom of speech"
  154. RAMBLINGS: is gender psychological? which parts??
  155. Russian reporter Borodin dead after mystery fall
  156. Laura Ingraham Ratings Spike to Highest Ever Despite Advertiser Boycott
  157. Youth leading social change: should they be able to vote?
  158. A look back on the “March for Our Lives” Lies
  159. Sandy Hook Parents Hit Alex Jones w/ Defamation Lawsuit
  160. there was no gas attack in Douma, Syria
  161. Shameless Self-Dealing: How Trump's Businesses Earned Millions From Spending by Trump Campaign
  162. Congress Refer Comey, Clinton, McCabe, Lynch & FBI Agents for Criminal Prosecution
  163. Marine General calls alleged sexual abuse allegations "Fake News"
  164. Trump supporters convicted in plot to kill Somali Immigrants
  165. The Republican Party is organised around one man
  166. did the CIA murder Hugo Chavez?
  167. Pence Used Private e-mail Server to Conduct Public Business
  168. DOJ turns over redacted Comey memos
  169. Trump lied to get on Forbes List
  170. Decriminalizing pot
  171. Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore.
  172. RNC Finance Dep paid Cohen $250k to fix sex and abortion scandal that paid $1.6m to Playmate (CNBC)
  173. Is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS on the way out?
  174. Rare photo of Melania Rump smiling while seated with the POTUS
  175. McCabe to sue Trump admin for defamation, wrongful termination
  176. It’s becoming clear that Trump won’t run in 2020
  177. Another mass shooting: 4 killed at Waffle House
  178. Sinclair Broadcast Group disciplined reporter who ran climate change stories
  179. amateur astronomers capture videos of ET craft on the moon
  180. RAMBLINGS: who the smurf is JORDAN PETERSON??
  181. Slumlord Sean Hannity's Secret Shell Companies Bought $90 Million in HUD Foreclosures
  182. MSNBC Resistance Icon Joy Reid’s Closeted Homophobia Revealed
  183. The Complete Fiction That is InfoWars
  184. Will the Eagles visit the White House?
  185. on the new Cold War...
  186. The Left Has Already Lost
  187. Golfing while black?
  188. Ronny Jackson defended by White House as vetting questions raised
  189. NRA Breaks 15-Year Fundraising Record
  190. French pres. Macron comes to America & reminds everyone what a real president looks and acts.
  191. The Attempted Overthrow of the U.S. Government
  192. The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies
  193. Boulder man gets 20 days in jail for using AK-47 to threaten people at party
  194. Idiot NRA nerds blow up their Yeti coolers under mistaken belief Yeti is anti-NRA
  195. Ben ****ing Carson...you thought he was just stupid? Think again.
  196. Melania reeeeallly doesn't want to hold Rump's hand.
  197. What Does Putin Want?
  198. Cosby found guilty of 3 counts
  199. House chaplain forced out by Ryan
  200. Universal health care, worldwide, is within reach
  201. why Hillary used private servers
  202. homeless in paradise
  203. No Russian Collusion? Or was there.... ?
  204. Great speech/roasts at WHCD.
  205. NRA Bans Guns....
  206. your favorite political cartoon
  207. lol patiently waiting... (not for syrian airstrikes)
  208. UK censors "free press" on Skripal case
  209. north/south korean "agreement"/"declaration"/"thing
  210. Happy May Day!
  211. Private equity owners endanger Daily Camera’s future
  212. Rump thugs raid doctor's office after hair comment
  213. Another fake scandal by Drumpf.
  214. Where's all the negative press about Tesla coming from?
  215. GOP Fascists Nominate Rump for the Nobel Peace Prize
  216. What it’s like to attend a flat-Earth convention
  217. Rudy: Trump gave Cohen that 130k; Trump: Ok I lied
  218. Republican Primary 2020 - Who Would You Vote For?
  219. 3 black teens were finalists in a NASA competition. Then hackers spewing racism tried to ruin their
  220. Alfie Evans
  221. Eric Reid
  222. AZ lawmakers pass 20% increase for teachers after 5 days of strikes
  223. RAMBLINGS: I guess this is why "Jordan Peterson" is trending (anima/animus update)
  224. A liberals view of the Trump admin
  225. RAMBLINGS: Sam Harris hosts Jordan Peterson (food for your brain)
  226. Trump voters were motivated by fear of losing their status
  227. Week 50: Rudy Steps In It and Trump Makes Him Squirm
  228. where he gets his news from...
  229. I am NOT fooled by Stormy & Avenatti
  230. McCain preemptively bans trump from his funeral
  231. Dems step up to stop Russian Fake Ads... Repubs respond with, "what is Russia?"
  232. New boss, same as the old boss
  233. "This is America"
  234. Ollie North is new NRA president
  235. Gas Prices going up, Actually is Trump's fault
  236. Metoo movement claims another scalp
  237. Defector: Wikileaks "Will lie to your face"
  238. how central bankers rigged the world
  239. BREAKING: The Russians paid off Stormy Daniels
  240. Trump AT&T sitting in a tree
  241. Mueller probe suffers two major blows
  242. Did John Kerry violate the Logan Act?
  243. A future storm of Addicts
  244. What are the odds that Cohens firm is at the middle of corruption and bribes?
  245. 3,000 Lies in 466 Days
  246. Thanks to Trump three of our own heading home: NK
  247. California: Lead, follow or get the F#ck out of the way
  248. Gun Industry is Suffering Under Trump
  249. What was Good about the Iran deal?
  250. Trump fans: who would you applaud?