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  1. A Rump Insider is about to tell Mueller the truth tomorrow
  2. Trey Gowdy resigns as GOP prepares to out classified info in violation of DOJ agreement
  3. A running list of things conservatives can't criticize future DEM presidents on because of Trump
  4. A revolution in health care is coming
  5. Chris Hayes nails the real issue on why we can't "negotiate" with Rump
  6. Scalps
  7. The History of Republican Madness
  8. Here’s what the memo says
  9. Ben Carson Under Scrutiny for Family Nepotism at HUD Despite Warnings
  10. Jon Huntsman Sr dead
  11. White High School Flies the BLM Flag in Vermont
  12. Weaponized Government
  13. Spy Warrant Relied On Dossier And News Stories Planted By Fusion GPS
  14. Rand Paul goes on Late Show
  15. The DNC is reportedly 'dead broke.'
  16. When the Constitution Was 'At War With Itself,' Frederick Douglass Fought on the Side of Freedom
  17. Israeli Investigative Reporter: Trump Shared Even More 'Secret Info' With Russians Than Reported
  18. He's golfing. Again.
  19. Putin, power and poison: Russia’s elite FSB spy club
  20. Russian fighter jet shot down in Syria's Idlib province
  21. Senior FBI Agent Retires to Publicly Fight Trump
  22. Scientists Discover Massive New Expansion to Ancient Mayan Civilization
  23. Illinois governor candidate stands by ad blasted as racist
  24. Time To Publicly Vet The Dossiers
  25. The left in 2018
  26. Divided Colorado
  27. Military/industrial Complex Can't Account for Hundreds of Millions
  28. the dramatically increasing danger of war with Russia
  29. The Orange Headed Baboon in the WH Attacks NHS
  30. Don the Con calls Democrats traitors.
  31. Big Surprise: CNN Hires Comeys Personal Assistant
  32. The Federal Reserve May Secretly Want to Sink the Record-Breaking Stock Market
  33. Philadelphia Super Bowl Riots Reaction ‘Glaring Example of White Privilege’
  34. Carter Page
  35. Rump goes after the service industry to steal tips from low wage workers
  36. Israel threatens to demolish 45 Palestinian schools
  37. international arms watchdog: US armed ISIS
  38. Elon Musk does it again
  39. Adam Schiff Duped by Russian Pranksters, Tries To Collude With Russians To Damage Trump
  40. Republicans Drinking the Trump Kool-Aid
  41. Carter Page: FBI 'shredded' Constitution by eavesdropping on me
  42. President WTF wants his military parade
  43. Mueller’s Investigation Is Larger—and Further Along—Than You Think
  44. Christopher Steele Made False Statements, Expect Him to Be the Clintons Sacrificial Lamb
  45. Trump aid to resign after multiple claims of spousal abuse
  46. Bureau of Land Management announce effort with Black Lives Matter to remove monuments
  47. trump unhinged - literally
  48. Russians Penetrated Voter Systems in 2016
  49. Soros exposed in UK
  50. NSA expert explains why Russia-gate is a scam
  51. Think the Republicans Aren't Pursuing One-Party Rule?
  52. No longer all the president's men
  53. Missouri Dems Flip Bright Red House Seat
  54. Holder Eyes a 2020 Run for POTUS
  55. White House officials knew about Porter's abuse allegations and scrambled to protect him
  56. A peek in at a Libertarian "debate"
  57. Another Fox Belly-Flop
  59. Republicans are ruining Kansas
  60. Amazon not going to compete with UPS and Fed Ex
  61. Banned From Election, Putin Foe Navalny Pursues Politics By Other Means
  62. Trump believes the men
  63. Rump refuses to release the Dem memo
  64. Associate AG Rachel Brand Steps Down at the DOJ
  65. US spies bilked for $100,000 by Russian peddling Trump secrets
  66. Tea Party Leader and Trump Campaign Chairman Pleads Guilty to Prostituting Kids
  67. 9/11 was an inside job
  68. How rich are the rich? If only you knew...
  69. This server was mad when a church didn’t tip her for a $735 order. Now she’s fired.
  71. Wow, Trump's budget... is HUUGE
  72. Since 2014 the Alt-right has killed over 100 people in the U.S.
  73. Baltimore is at 11 days without a homicide — the longest streak since 2015
  74. The Era of Fiscal Conservatism is Dead
  75. Game on
  76. Someone in the WH is lying about when they knew of Porters
  77. When Will John Kelly be fire/resign?
  78. So happy, there are few people I hate more than this guy
  79. This is the lady Trumped raped when she was 13
  81. Jeff Sessions Dog Whistles the Alt-Right
  82. HAHA - Trump's Lawyer Admits to the 130k Payment to Pornstar
  83. The Concealed Reciprocity Act
  84. Obama Portrait Artist Kehinde Wiley Once Painted Black Women Decapitating White Women.
  85. Turn on your TV
  86. Mass shooting in High school in Flordia
  87. 14 28 3 arrested after SUV crashes main gate of NSA headquarters; 3 injured
  88. Active Shooter - Douglass High School
  89. Russian Twitter trolls stoked KKK fears at Mizzou during 2015 protests
  90. Americans overestimate social mobility in their country
  91. People are leving Trump WH in record numbers
  92. More than 130 Rump WH staffers do not have required security clearance
  94. Florida shooting suspect trained with white nationalist militia
  95. Granny thwarts school shooting in Washington State
  96. Fictional Reality
  97. Is John Brennan the Mastermind Behind Russiagate?
  98. GOP Repukes Gut the Americans with Disabilities Act
  99. Should AR-15's be banned in the U.S.
  100. Will mass shootings END if AR-15's are banned?
  101. FBI Screwed the Pooch (again)
  102. Deputies called to suspected shooter’s home 39 times over seven years
  103. Mueller's indictments
  104. Dutch gov't nearly falls over lies about Russia
  105. Dutch Intelligence Service had a Front Row Seat to the Russian DNC Hack
  106. Should the US label the NRA a terrorist organization?
  107. Should i donate to the NRA?
  108. Are there too many stupid polls?
  109. #"We call BS....SHAME ON YOU!": Watch this extraordinary speech by a high school student
  110. Russia military contractors reportedly tried to test the US military in Syria — but they got whooped
  111. Not My President (w/ hashtag n stuff)
  112. What teachers think about packing heat in the classroom
  113. US now out of the closet: global incitement
  114. How Does Trump Get Away With It?
  115. James Buchanan thanks Trump
  116. Jared Kushner ...dozens of others w/o security clearance may be gone next week
  117. PA Supreme Court makes new Congressional map
  118. How the GOP is destroying existing gun laws
  119. Would you be in favor of gun detectors at public schools?
  120. Michael Moore Participated In Russia-Sponsored Anti-Trump Rally
  121. San Francisco is disgusting
  122. The Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas
  123. Dem wins Kentucky state House seat in district Rump won by 49 points
  124. The March for Our Lives
  125. Russian Trolls' Favorite Pundit: Joy Reid of MSNBC
  126. Who's the next shooter?
  127. FOX News Reporter: "Does the president have any ideas of his own?"
  128. 60th B-day for the Ban the Bomb symbol
  129. Billy Graham dead
  130. Trump Consider Emolument Clause to be a Joke
  131. Trump is coming for your guns
  132. Why the Second Amendment does not stymie gun control
  133. Venezuelans lost 24-lbs on average last year as hunger spread...
  134. Trump is polling BETTER than Obama at the same point in his presidency
  135. SpaceX Starlink Project set to Launch Nearly 12,000 Satellites for Global Internet Saturation
  136. Shooter apparently has an $800K inheritance coming
  137. How Putin meddles in Western democracies
  138. Florida Lawmakers Advance Bill Requiring Schools To Display 'In God We Trust'
  139. CNN and the scripted propaganda event
  140. Missouri governor Eric Greitens(R) indicted for felony invasion of privacy
  141. NRA supporters are sending death threats to Florida shooting survivors
  142. Two Centuries of U.S. Immigration
  143. China gives best pro gun statement ever
  144. American attitudes towards gun control
  145. US Companies Cutting Ties with the NRA
  146. Melania Rump's parent's immigration status could be thanks to "chain migration"
  147. Russian disinformation distorts American and European democracy - part 1
  148. Russian disinformation distorts American and European democracy - part 2
  149. The Dems Memo has been Released
  150. What I’ve Learned About Gun Control aka “Holy ****, Stop Trying to Ban Assault Weapons"
  151. DACA recipient, 21, threatened to 'shoot all of ya b----es' at NY high school
  152. No, The Founding Fathers Didn't Give You a Right to Bear Arms
  153. Republicans Throw Out Last of Conservatives
  154. CNNs tapper grills sheriff
  155. No, The Founding Fathers Didn't Give the Feds a Right to Tax People’s Income
  156. Georgia's GOP Lieutenant Governor Assumes the Powers of a King
  157. peace activist Kathy Kelly on the Yemeni war
  158. Full of Schiff: Democrat Memo Confirms Nunes Memo
  159. Hamilton dash board
  160. "Generation Z" and the GOP's decline converging with the demographic shift
  161. Ben "Poverty is a state of mind" Carson's newest cluster**** exposed
  162. Rump's stooges are busy shredding their business documents as hotel seeks to evict them
  163. Hope Hicks is outta the WH
  164. Companies See Negative Responses to Cutting Business Ties With NRA
  165. California's Housing Crunch Pits Liberals Against Each Other
  166. Georgia TEACHER Arrested for Firing a Gun in a Classroom
  167. Trump Wants to Take Your Guns!
  168. Putin reveals Russia's 'invincible missile'
  169. How Russian trolls exploited Parkland mass shooting on social media
  170. The Prohibition? Thread
  171. Marxism Again: South African Parliament Votes to Seize Land From White Farmers
  172. A History Of Gun Control For Black People
  173. the billionaire who in 1994 foresaw our present economic mess
  174. NRA refuses to answer senator’s questions about funding from Russia
  175. NRA refuses to answer senator’s questions about funding from Russia
  176. Kushner selling the Presidency
  177. Trump Creates More Chaos With Tariffs
  178. How the West got China wrong
  179. Mike Huckabee bails out of the CMA under fire
  180. Donate to Roy Moore?
  181. Rump Moved to Shrink Utah Protected Land for Oil
  182. Rep. Steve Lebsock is expelled following harassment complaints from five women
  183. https://www.logicallyfallacious.com/tools/lp/Bo/LogicalFallacies/129/Moving_the_Goalposts
  184. How did Melania Trump, a Slovenian model, score ‘the Einstein visa?’
  185. Rump praises Chinese president extending “tenure for life”
  186. Mueller Investigation Looking into UAE Influence on Rump
  187. Florida middle school teacher outed as white nationalist with podcast
  188. Better gun laws could save thousands of lives, major non-partisan US study finds
  189. How many do you have on iggy?
  190. State Dept. was granted $120 million to fight Russian meddling...they've spent $0
  191. Mueller Subpoenas Communications With Rump and Inner Circle
  192. Oscars losing millions of viewers
  193. Flippy, the robot hamburger chef, goes to work
  194. AI reconstructs whatever you see just by reading a brain scan
  195. Is anyone watching Nunberg implode on air?
  196. Report: Russia blocked Mitt Romney's appointment as Secretary of State.
  197. Putin orders another assassination?
  198. A bit of feel good news
  199. Putin claims strategic parity, calls for diplomacy to curb arms race
  200. Women’s March Leaders Have An Anti-Semitism Problem
  201. Horrific School Attack in the Netherlands
  202. Making Some Common Sense of the US Trade Tariffs
  203. The science of fake news
  204. NRA Spokeswoman Pitches School Shooting Remedy: End Education
  205. Trump Drops Another Impulse Bomb
  206. Close the body cam loophole
  207. Florida Gov. Scott Breaks with the NRA to Sign Legislation
  208. Trumps About to Close the Mueller Book
  209. 'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years in prison
  210. NRA sues Florida for passing gun law
  211. Elliot Broidy & Rump's Connection to the Malaysian Prime Minister and his Multi-Billion Dollar Crime
  212. US mis-steps in Syria cause split with US NATO ally Turkey
  213. Democrats Love Some Old Timey Jew Hate
  214. ICE seeks illegal immigrant in Colorado fatal hit-and-run who bonded out of jail
  215. Lizzie Warren Refuses DNA Test to Prove Native American Heritage
  216. Mensa Candidate Betsey Devos Doesn't Know How The Schools in Her Home State Are Doing
  217. Lets all reminisce about the time Wayne Lapierre said "no guns in schools"
  218. Oj confesses
  219. Clinton Shenanigans: Guy Who Kicked Off Trump FISA Scandal Is Major Clinton Cash Player
  220. Is a serial bomber murdering black people in Austin Texas?
  221. White House scolds cabinet heads over ethics, because "optics matter"
  222. The Banality of Putin’s Potemkin Elections
  223. Republicans Kill Their Trump Investigation
  224. weekend at hillarys
  225. A Leaked Message Board Shows What White Supremacists Think of the Police
  226. MIT and newly formed company launch novel approach to fusion power
  227. Pentagon flips off Congress
  228. Rex Tillerson fired
  229. In Progress Now...Lamb vs. Saccone: Dems Pushing PA's 18th District Race to the Wire
  230. 7,000 children
  231. Remember when Fox and posters on this site slandered Seth Rich?
  232. Trump does something right...finally
  233. the world through Russian eyes...
  234. The National School Walkout Protests
  235. Trump to FBI: Political Enemies List
  236. Gun Trained Teacher Discharges Gun in Class, Injuring Student
  237. FBI Investigating Clinton Foundation
  238. Remember Conservative Outrage When.....
  239. White men stockpile guns because they’re scared of black people and feel inadeqate, science says
  240. A Cabinet Full of Corruption
  241. Sad news: Don Trump Jr Headed for Divorce
  242. YouTube to start linking Wikipedia articles next to conspiracy theory videos
  243. Trade deficit soars under Trump
  244. H.R. McMaster is getting canned
  245. Mueller subpoena's Rump organization for documents on Russia
  246. Russia Hacked Power Grid
  247. California Student Says He Was Forced to Participate in Walkout
  248. The Elites Don't Care About You
  249. Obama AG Holder Encourages Leftists to "Have a Knife Fight" w/ GOP
  250. Facebook bans Rump's data mining firm run by Steve Bannon for violating company policy on user info