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  1. Hilldog supporters openly plotting to falsely accuse Sanders of sex crimes
  2. The media's Russia probe meltdown: 3 screw-ups in one week
  3. Add another one...FOX News anchor says Rump sexually assaulted her on an elevator
  4. War With ISIS is Over, Declares Iraq
  5. Former chairman of Colorado’s Republican Party found guilty of voter fraud
  6. U.S. Diplomat’s Resignation Signals Wider Exodus From State Department
  7. Why I Can No Longer Call Myself an Evangelical Republican
  8. Suicide Bombing at NYC Port Authority
  9. Wow. Ole Bonespurs McGee has the worst first-year approval rating ever
  10. Rump Bans Black Journalist April Ryan from WH Christmas Party
  11. Fault Lines-Confidential: Surveilling Black Lives Matter Documentary Exposes FBI Surveillance of BLM
  12. Rump's Treasury Department Embarasses itself with One Page "Analysis"
  13. Should an indep counsel investigate the multiple sexual abuse / harassment claims against Trump?
  14. Moore vs Jones Alabama Senate Race
  15. USA Today Reminds USA What It Already Knew Last Year
  16. Sad news from the Trump team
  17. To our normal conservatives: what is it that you want?
  18. If this is true, Pelosi should resign also.
  19. KY GOP official accused of assault dies in apparent suicide
  20. In case you missed it...there was more bad news for the GOP last night
  21. World's richest 0.1% increased their wealth by as much as the poorest half
  22. On the 5th anniversary of Sandy Hook, here is what we know: our mass shootings will never end
  23. ISIS stole U.S.-supplied rockets weeks after they arrived in Syria, report says
  24. WAPO: Doubting the Intelligence, Rump Pursues Putin and Leaves a Russian Threat Unchecked
  25. Russia-gate and the failed US war against Syria
  26. Trump's Nominees for Lifetime Court Appointments are a Joke
  27. Albright Calls on Congress to Stop Trump
  28. Putin Came to Power Through an Act of Terror
  29. Trumps Love Coal
  30. BLM Activism Across the Racial Divide
  31. Extreme Poverty in America: UN Report
  32. 7 words the CDC cannot use in any document
  33. What happened to Barry Sherman?
  34. A "Libertarian" Spin Doctor Opines on Moore and Bannon
  35. Hey Trump, where are those sanctions against Russia that you signed into law back in July?
  36. The victims of fake news
  37. RIP...Iconoc Civil Rights Journalist Simon Booker Dies at 99
  38. A Pro-Trump Republican Rep Just Deleted Her Twitter After Vile Argument With High Schoolers
  39. FOX News Contributor Tamara Holder Outs Rupert Murdoch's Sexually Abusive Corporate Culture
  40. Power Outage at ATL Hartsfield International Airport
  41. Republican luminary Sarah Palin's son, Track, arrested for assault
  42. New Mexico School Shooter was a Pro-Rump White Supremacist Online Troll
  43. A fun stat!
  44. Trumpy McTrumpface Makes Another Doofus Climate Decision
  45. Amtrack Train Derailment in Washington State
  46. We Are Not Alone
  47. Jeff Sessions: Civil & Human Rights Champion
  48. Disney's President Donald Trump robot gets mocked
  49. White Christianity is in big trouble. And it has itself to blame.
  50. 9/11 Father Seeks Justice | The Bobby McIlvaine Act
  51. Senate Committees Investigating Jill Stein for Russian Connections
  52. Nikki Haley UN Speech
  53. GOP buy's Corker vote with 'Corker Kickback' - pathetic
  54. FAUX News Douche Speculates Whether FBI was Planning Rump Assassination
  55. Every Vote counted..... LITERALLY every single one!!
  56. US spent $500 million to defeat Assad
  57. Rump Blackmails the World
  58. Chappaquiddick the movie!
  59. Row of Racists Trees to be Removed
  60. Comcast, Cox, Frontier celebrating Tax Cuts by raising rates.
  61. Trump Laundered Russian Money through his properties
  62. BLM Gearing Up to Fight the FCC Over Net Neutrality
  63. Trump declares Human Trafficking National Emergency...
  64. Humans Destroying the Seas
  65. Trump’s Dutch ambassador confronted with clip of him talking ‘no-go zones’ after calling quote ‘fake
  66. Ben Carson's Weird Prayer
  67. Justice Dept Hezzbollah/Obama Investigation
  68. Trump pays back Putin.
  69. newly released docs confirm that US deceived Gorbachev about NATO expansion
  70. Goodbye Russia: A generation packs its bags
  71. NYT: Rump said Hatian Immigrants "all have aids"..."Nigerians won't go back to their huts in Africa"
  72. Congressional Rethugs Invent a New Way to **** Up
  73. The GOP House Intelligence Committee Plots to Obstruct Justice
  74. Teenage Neo-Nazi Murders Girlfriend's Parents
  75. Rump tells fat cat pals after passing tax bill, "You all just got a lot richer".
  76. Steve Bannon Reportedly Considering 2020 Presidential Run
  77. Rural America and the Digital Divide in the Wake of the FCC Decision on Net Neutrality
  78. Alfred McCoy: The Rise and Decline of US Global Empire
  79. Russian presidential election: Alexei Navalny barred from competing
  80. How the campaign against the Mueller probe has taken hold
  81. Trump administration moves to boost missile defense system despite flaws
  82. $21 trillion missing from federal budget (over many years)
  83. Why things may be not be as bad as we think
  84. Merry Kwanzaa to footsteps and those who celebrate
  85. Carl Bernstein: "FBI isn't tainted, Rump's presidency is"
  86. Baltimore PD Locks Down an Entire Black Neighboirhood for Six Days
  87. Obama and Trump: Equally Loved
  88. Federal Judge Halts Ben Carson's Move to Segregate HUD Recipients
  89. Rump Goes Full Mental with Impromptu Interview
  90. SPLC Report: Rump's Ultra-Racist Judicial Nominee Thomas Farr
  91. How Cheney and His Allies Created the North Korea Nuclear Missile Crisis
  92. Rump goes after Amazon
  93. Cops kill unarmed Kansas man victimized by a prank
  94. War on AIDs....errr... War on People with AIDs
  95. WH intern flashes White Power symbol during group picture
  96. The New Abolitionism
  97. Rump Issues a Fake Poll
  98. Anti-Abortion Congressman Resigning After Asking Mistress To Have An Abortion
  99. Let's take Richard Spencer seriously
  100. Five Cops Ambushed in Highlands Ranch CO
  101. Rump Clone David Clarke Threatens the Media
  102. Apple deceives customers - good thing we gave them a tax break
  103. Why Is A Tiny Town Of 6,500 The Nexus For Neo-Nazis, The White House, And An End Run Around The CIA?
  104. Orrin Hatch announces retirement
  105. Another dem will have to step down
  106. Twitter leads to nuclear war?
  107. Stephen Colbert's New Show 'Our Cartoon President'
  108. Bannon turncoat?
  109. Making China Great Again
  110. Rump dissolves his phony voter fraud commission
  111. Manafort sues Mueller
  112. FOX b****es that there are too many black people on the Mueller Grand Jury
  113. Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House (M)
  114. No Better Place for This Than Here
  115. Jeff Sessions Opens Door to Federal Pot Prosecution Again
  116. Ralph Nader - breaking through power is easier than we think
  117. Donald Rump Didn't Want to be President
  118. Trump’s Nationalism Is Arbitrary, Dangerous, Incoherent, and Silly
  119. Senate Judiciary Committee Proving to be a Sham
  120. Stay Classy Republicans
  121. How a Texas Jury Used a State Gun Law to Set a Murderer Free...and Why.
  122. "Sloppy Steve" Bannon Grovels in the Dirt for Rump's Forgiveness
  123. 6" tall (alien?) skeleton found in Chile
  124. Abby Martin interviews Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
  125. Australia world's first Solar Train
  126. OPRAH WINFREY 2020
  127. Charlottesville Nazi Arrested for Amtrak Terror Attack
  128. Russia-gate unraveling
  129. Rump's "spiritual adviser" wants your dough...or else.
  130. Another Pervert Prodigy Steps up to the GOP Senate Plate
  131. Lawmaker Says Black People Can't Handle Marijuana Because Of 'Genetics'
  132. Trump Advocates Bipartisan Immigration Bill
  133. A Massive Oil Spill off the Chinese Coast Foreshadows our Next Big Environmental Disaster
  134. Diane Feinstein End Runs the GOP and Releases Fusion GPS Transcript
  135. Russia blunts drone attack on its Syrian bases
  136. Democratic Senators Announce the Obvious About Russia
  137. Republican retiring thread
  138. I am gonna SUE that idiot buffoon President
  139. Meghan McCain Destroys Wolff and Book on Live TV
  140. University of Chicago Profs: Obama Library Socially Regressive Waste of Taxpayer Money
  141. Rand Paul threatens to filibuster over FISA surveillance program
  142. Clinton/DNC Dossier Used to Obtain FISA Warrant, Spy on Trump Team
  143. Republicans Have 4 Convicted Criminals Running For Congress In 2018
  144. Ginsberg Strikes a Blow Against Gerrymandering
  145. Would you support a two state solution?
  146. Rump Uses Profanity To Disparage African Countries
  147. Rump Lauds Fighter Jet Sale for Planes that Don't Exist
  148. Trump's profanity-laced tirade at media over their coverage
  149. Remember Trump's "Winning" Deal with Carrier?
  150. Prosecutor launches probe of Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens
  151. Eric and John Jr. must wanna kill something
  152. Harvard Business Review: Immigrants are More Entrepreneurial
  153. Woman Blames Rachel Maddow for Inspiring Her Death Threats Against Republicans
  154. Trump Paid a Porn Star 130k USD to Keep Quiet After Sex
  155. Hypothetical question for our conservative friends
  156. Today is a good day
  157. Mueller Sets Trial Date for Manafort and Gates
  158. Russian hackers are targeting the US Senate now
  159. Chelsea Manning Running For Senate....
  160. A Message from Bernie
  161. California Love:
  162. Why is liberal California the poverty capital of America?
  163. Israel facing International Criminal Court probe over war crimes in Gaza
  164. Breaking New Banking Scandal Ties Kazakhstan Dictator's Visit to Rump
  165. NJ bans bump stocks like those used in Vegas terror attack
  166. New California declares "independence" from rest of state
  167. DHS seeking to charge leaders of sanctuary cities
  168. Mueller Subpoenaed Bannon for the Grand Jury
  169. Turn Your Head and Scoff
  170. Oscar Perez Implodes Maduros ****hole
  171. Panel Set to Discuss Trump's Mental Fitness Canceled Due to Violent Threats
  172. Betsy DeVos Linked to Financial Conflict of Interest with Student Loan Repayment Contracts
  173. Ok, I will get crap for being a Girther but........
  174. Dems flip strong Repub seat in Wisconsin
  175. Haiti Strikes Back
  176. The one-year-old Trump presidency: Is it really this bad?
  177. 2017: One of the hottest years on record
  178. Manhattan D.A. raids Newsweek headquarters
  179. Trump stole his Inauguration money
  180. how the US staged the 2014 coup in Ukraine
  181. Big ICE sweep heading to Nocal
  182. Apple responds to lower corp taxes
  183. House Intel Committee Releases their Fusion GPS Testimony
  184. Govt Shutdown Looms with POTUS MIA
  185. CREW: Trump Leading the ‘Most Unethical Presidency’ in Modern History
  186. Wake Up and Take Back Your Information
  187. Jeff Sessions' War On Pot Goes to Court, Attorney General Will Fight 12-Year-Old With Epilepsy
  188. Pope Shocks Chile
  189. The Memo
  190. Elizabeth Warren Facing Comeuppance Regarding Lies About Ancestry
  191. Rump's Inauguration Money is Missing One Year Later
  192. The Shutdown Begins
  193. The Rising Race-on-Race Homicide Rate: National Institute of Justice Research Changes the Discussion
  194. GOP Congressman Working to Stop Sexual Harassment in Congress....Outed as a Sexual Harasser Himself
  195. Rump Tweets Support for Women's March that's Protesting Him
  196. How NK and U.S. almost went to war for a 2nd time
  197. "Cadet Bone Spurs"
  198. Global Gallup Poll: America is no longer seen as the world's leader
  199. Rump takes an ass beating from Forbes Magazine
  200. CATO Institute Policy Analyst Says the GOP House DACA Proposal is a Fraud
  201. Sessions/DOJ Produced a Fake DHS Terrorist Report to Support Rump's Immigration Policies
  202. What the border wall has done to San Diego
  203. Republicans Getting Support from Russian Bots to Push Shutdown Blame
  204. What modern democracy's immigration policy should we aspire to?
  205. USA Violating Basic Human Rights Law
  206. LOL: Ivanka is leading a search to replace John Kelly
  207. ‘Defiance Disorder’: Another new book describes chaos in Trump’s White House
  208. Trump slaps 30% tariff's on solar panels
  209. Back to work: Government shutdown ends after Dems relent
  210. New Yorker: Jared Kushner may have been compromised by Chinese intelligence agents
  211. Sessions interviewed on Russia probe
  212. English Show Evidence of Possessing Brains
  213. Russia bars 'extremist' British comedy The Death of Stalin
  214. Counties that Voted Against Trump Accounted for Three-Fourths of Increased Economic Output in 2016
  215. Gowdy used $150,000 of taxpayer money to settle claim with a fired staffer
  216. Trump/Russia Investigation: More Bombshells to come
  217. FBI Official: Missing FBI Texts Include Threat of Violence
  218. Kentucky School Shooting
  219. The Other Memo: The DACA amnesty power play
  220. Doomsday clock set at 2 mins to midnight
  221. The Danger of Demagogues
  222. Trump Tried to Fire Mueller in June
  223. GOP: "Oh crap" thread
  224. A Massive Swarm of Russian Twitter Bots are Pushing Trump Propaganda Right Now
  225. Horny congressman resigns after settling sex harassment case with taxpayer funds
  226. RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn Accused of Forcing Employees to Regularly Perform Sex Acts
  227. Former Colorado GOP chairman sentenced in voter fraud case
  228. Two refrigerators need to be replaced on Air Force One
  229. Cali cant help themselves from overtaxing
  230. Republicans soon to benefit from corporate tax cuts in a big way.
  231. Could Ted Cruz Lose his Senate Seat?
  232. Village Idiot Likens Coffee and Bagels to Cold War Struggle with the Soviets
  233. Trump supporter and all around asshole accused of molestation
  234. Snowflake-in-Chief: Not visiting UK unless Theresa May bans protests
  235. Glenn Simpson testimony - released
  236. RIP Robert Parry, investigative journalist extraordinaire
  237. Trump looking to Nationalize 5G Mobile Network
  238. McCabe Goes Down, "Resigns" the Day After FBI Director Wray Read House Memo
  239. Weismann Being Investigated by Congress for Leaks to Media-Muellers Pit Bull In Trouble
  240. California teacher’s anti-military rant: ‘Dumb sh*ts, the lowest of the low.’
  241. if you think the Mueller probe will deliver justice, read this
  242. Trump again refuses to enact sanctions on Russia
  243. State of the Union
  244. US bungling in Syria threatens war with Turkey
  245. Libertarians Earn Major Party Status in New Mexico
  246. Democracy continues its disturbing retreat
  247. Exclusive:StrzokFBI agent co-wrote initial draft ofexplosive Comey Ltr reopening Clinton email probe
  248. Lewis Black - stand up comic -the next George Carline
  249. Good times in Trumps Kleptocracy today
  250. Multiple Russian Spy Chiefs Meeting in Secret with Rump Officials