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  1. The decline of American democracy won't be televised
  2. Far-Right Terror Plots and Attacks Outnumber Islamists 2 to 1
  3. Jeh Johnson: DNC did not want DHS help following election hack
  4. Newsweek: Comey Wanted to Move on Russia Hacking, Obama Spiked It
  5. Clinton calls GOP the death party
  6. Dems Beginning to Cut Cord on Russia Conspiracy
  7. Kennedy may retire
  8. NBC/Harvard: Majority of Americans Believe MSM Russia Coverage Has Been Irresponsible/Overblown
  9. Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation
  10. Philando Castile's Murderers Now After His Girlfriend
  11. AP analysis shows how gerrymandering benefited GOP in 2016
  12. Trump's Infrastructure Plan: A Corporate Con by a Corporate Conman
  13. SCOTUS Trinity Lutheran Ruling
  14. Watch Franken Take Down Climate Deniers
  15. Supreme Court turns down case on right to carry guns
  16. CNN busted for such news fakery that even they are ashamed.
  17. Racism cannot be fought with more racism. College fires BLM Teacher
  18. California bans official state travel to states that are anti-LGBTQ
  19. Image of the U.S. has plunged under Trump
  20. Trump's Lies
  21. Republican Values: Hypocrisy
  22. Trump golf clubs displaying fake Time magazine cover
  23. nice apology, washington post...
  24. ‘Don’t underestimate Trump’
  25. Man arrested in Arkansas for breaking the Ten Commandments
  26. How the military are tackling climate change
  27. If you still support Trump I know 7 things about you
  28. Trump owes millions to banks lobbying the government
  29. There was no Sarin attack by Assad last April
  30. House passed Kate's Law
  31. Trump and Friends want your info
  32. Donald Trump's sexist attack on MSNBC host criticised by leading Republicans and Democrats
  33. WTF..... Getting ready to cheat another election
  34. professor Cohen: US is responsible for the new Cold War
  35. would you party with trump?
  36. Um...About Those "17 Intelligence Agencies"....
  37. White American mortality rates are rising
  38. Mass graves killed by conservatives (make America great again) Discovered
  39. Russian Prostitute: Donald has smallest penis I have ever seen.
  40. How the Left Lost Its Mind
  41. Central Americans, ‘Scared of What’s Happening’ in U.S., Stay Put
  42. Trump supporter arrested for plot to kill French President
  43. Putin will demand return of two diplomatic compounds at meeting
  44. Viva La Raza - Racists Spreading Pro-Genocide Propaganda in San Diego
  45. Let America Be America Again - Langston Hughes
  46. Do libertarians buy postage stamps?
  47. CNN Off the Rails: Threatens to Dox Redditor Who Made Satirical Gif
  48. NPR calls for a revolution, Trump fans livid
  49. Career criminal and Obama/Hillary/BLM supporter assassinates female police officer
  50. Trump: the 'perfect' a-hole to deal with NK?
  51. Nearly Half of Donald Trump's Twitter Followers are Fake Accounts and Bots
  52. Hacked computer server that handled DNC email remains out of reach of Russia investigators
  53. Hobby Lobby heads fined for smuggling Iraqi artifacts as 'tile samples'
  54. Anyone see Trump get off the plane and look totally lost?
  55. On July 4, Colin Kaepernick talked about his trip 'home' to Ghana
  56. LOL: Man vandalizes elementary school out of anger against liberals
  57. Court rejects Trump's delay of EPA drilling pollution rule
  58. Activist Linda Sarsour Calls for 'Jihad' Against Trump Administration
  59. Republicans feed fake news story to MSNBC
  60. What politician is possibly more stupid than Trump?
  61. Conspiracy Thinking and the Need for Certainty
  62. German newspaper's take on Trump... brutal
  63. Trump meeting Putin today
  64. FDR's Second Bill of Rights
  65. Another day, another harassment scandal at Fox
  66. These Coloradans say Earth is flat. And gravity’s a hoax. Now, they’re being persecuted.
  67. Trump's State Dept. Grants U.S. Visas to 150 Russian Spies
  68. Officer wounded in deadly ambush sues Black Lives Matter
  69. Question: is Mike Pence a smart man?
  70. Smoke rises over Hamburg as Merkel's free speech gamble hangs in balance
  71. US rabbis shocked during visit to Hebron, West Bank
  72. U.S., Russia Agree To Syrian Cease-Fire
  73. Tesla's model 3 on schedule to ship this month
  74. Little Rump & Friends Met with Kremlin Lawyers During the Campaign
  75. Ethics Complaint filed vs Rohrabacher, Royce and Risch
  76. Radiohead's Thom Yorke Gives Anti-Israel SJW's the Finger
  77. Rump's Dumbest Idea Yet Ridiculed by GOP Leaders
  78. new study:Clinton lost because of opposition to US wars
  79. Australia: Trump has no desire and no capacity to lead the world
  81. Pew Research: College is Bad for You
  82. Marijuana state of emergency
  83. slain NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia fund
  84. China says 'China responsibility theory' on North Korea has to stop
  85. When entitled SJW millennials get arrested, hilarity ensues.
  86. Jared Kushner 'tried and failed to get a $500m loan from Qatar before pushing Trump to take hard lin
  87. Clinton Campaign Colluded With Ukraine during election
  88. LIberals at Fox News "shredding" Trump
  89. Former Anheuser-Busch CEO appeared ‘too intoxicated to take off’ in helicopter
  90. Noam Chomsky: Requiem for the American Dream
  91. Meet the Trump voters who wish they could take their vote back
  92. Kushner being eyed as key figure in helping Russia improve its cyberattack
  93. Chomsky on climate change: racing to the precipice
  94. Remember the outrage?
  95. Hillary Sold Nerve Gas To Syrian Terrorists
  96. Could Sinclair’s possible purchase of Tribune shift two major Denver TV stations to the right?
  97. Congressman Brad Sherman becomes first to file impeachment article against President Trump
  98. Montana Church Starts Ammo Company
  99. US to install ABMs in Romania
  100. The Fermi Paradox & why we're screwed
  101. French President Macron
  102. WH aids now exposed to scrutiny from Special Counsel
  103. Presidents Rated by Historians
  104. Republican donor kills himself after talking about working with Russian hackers
  105. LMAO: Democrats' Real, Pervasive Collusion With Russia Somehow Lost In Media's Hysterical Anti-Trump
  106. Uncovering the Russia ties of Hillary’s campaign chief
  107. Comey testimony: Many news stories about Russia are "dead wrong"
  108. Racist Republican "Patriot" bursts into tears after being charged with hate crime
  109. Rump Takes Revenge on Citizens Who Emailed Phony Voter Fraud Commission
  110. A whistleblower plays by the rules at CIA, and finds ‘nothing gets done’
  111. The ten worst states to live in
  112. America's War for Global Domination
  113. Rump Lies on the Secret Service
  114. Ann Coulter has a Hissy Fit Over her Seat on a Plane
  115. Game of Thrones Libertarian Edition
  116. Bible Belt leads the nation in consumption of gay porn
  117. Trump begs Theresa May to find people who like him
  118. Republican vs. Democrat
  119. Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
  120. Another Police Shooting in Minnesota
  121. SJC rules Mass. companies can’t fire workers just because they use medical marijuana
  122. Rump Backs Obama's Iran Nuke Deal...AGAIN
  123. Republicans now refuse to repeal Obamacare!
  124. Both sides are screwed and therefore America is screwed
  125. Transgender woman trolls texASS Governor
  126. Rump Held a Second Meeting in Secret With Putin
  127. Congressional Republicans Moving to Eliminate the Elections Assistance Commission
  128. What Do You Consider the Dominant Issue of Our Times?
  129. Trump picks Huntsman as Ambassador to Russia
  130. A Russian Criminal Found to be Present in Rump Jr. Meeting
  131. Netanyahu repudiates US-Russia cease fire in Syria
  132. Russia is killing us on cyber warfare, and Tillerson may kill the cyber sec dept.
  133. Prayers for Sen. John McCain
  134. Scots on Trump
  135. Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow
  136. CNN’s Jake Tapper Is Alt-Right Lackey, Liberal Activist Linda Sarsour Says
  137. In Interview, Trump says wouldn't have hired Sessions
  138. Baltimore Cop Caught by His Own Body Camera Planting Drugs
  139. Trump uses Obamacare funds in attempt to kill it
  140. Trump-Mueller tensions escalate
  141. De-escalation in Syria
  142. Kamala Harris, Rand Paul back fixes to bail process
  143. Sean Spicer resigns
  144. US bans travel to North Korea
  145. Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian ambassador
  146. LOL ny times
  147. DNC 3.3 Mil in Debt
  148. USS Gerald Ford: The latest warship to join the Navy’s fleet
  149. FDA conceals serious research misconduct–fraud, deception, even deaths
  150. USS Fitzgerald collision: What really happened?
  151. 8 found dead in trailer at San Antonio Walmart
  152. Donboy & Manafort will not testify under oath
  153. 100% Clean, Renewable Energy Is Possible, Practical, Logical
  154. Tillerson thinking of leaving
  155. Predict the next shmoe to leave Trump's admin
  156. Paul Ryan distances from Trump, it's all over now.
  157. “President Trump’s accomplishments are nothing short of historic!”
  158. GOP amendment would slash CBO funding, replace experts with right-wing think tank data
  159. Trump boy scout Jamboree speech angers parents
  160. Trump's domestic travel
  161. Princeton’s new ‘men’s engagement manager’ to combat aggressive masculinity on campus
  162. APA Lifts Goldwater Rule - Says Members Can Comment on Trump's Mental Health
  163. Scaramucci: "I'm going to fire everybody"
  164. Sea Level Rise has Accelerated
  165. Senators on hot mic: Trump is ‘crazy,’ ‘I’m worried’
  166. intel veterans: DNC computer was leaked - not hacked
  167. IT admin to former DNC chair arrested trying to flee the country
  168. Senator Kid Rock. Don't Laugh.
  169. Trump: No more Transgender Military
  170. Top Dem’s aide under investigation, nabbed trying to leave US
  171. Rick Perry thought he was speaking to the Ukrainian prime minister for 22 minutes
  172. *** THE DAILY TRIGGERED ***
  173. SUPER OFF-TOPIC: the movie 'Matilda'
  174. Should the military have to pay for gender reassignment surgery?
  175. Rump Administration Targets Workplace Anti-Discrimination Law for Gay People
  176. What does the US election integrity commission need to be credible? Some actual experts
  177. Scaramucci quotes Joe Paterno about Honor...
  178. Dept of Interior now in Healthcare?
  179. Cain and Abel war in the WH
  180. Scaramucci calls Reince a "f*cking paranoid schizophrenic"
  181. Trump Declares Primae Noctis on Conservative Party
  182. Newly declassified memos detail extent of improper Obama-era NSA spying
  183. Vote-A-Roma!
  184. Republican Incompetence
  185. Senate GOP Legislators Stop ACA Repeal Initiative Again
  186. Study disproves the Bible's suggestion that the ancient Canaanites were wiped out
  187. Rump Urges Cops to Commit Police Brutality
  188. Repeal & Replace, Full Repeal, Skinny Repeal - ALL DEAD
  189. When will the Donald score a 60+ disapproval rating?
  190. North Korean ICBM Appears Able to Reach Major US Cities
  191. the railgun.
  192. The Republican Faction
  193. Meanwhile, in China...
  194. US must cut 755 Diplomats
  195. How the Trump administration broke the State Department
  196. Putin is Dr. Evil
  197. Sanctuary Cities
  198. The Awan "Family" IT Scandal
  199. AHAHAHAHAHA - Scaramucci out after 10 days
  200. Arpaio, another Trump bud, was just convicted
  201. A sad day for Tesla-hating conservatives. :(
  202. US bill on Israel boycotts sets up free speech battle
  203. FB shuts down AI program after it invents its own language
  204. Washington DC Detective: "Rump Pushed Fox News to Falsify Info on the Seth Rich Story"
  205. The Magnificent 'RUSSIA' diversion
  206. For Yoda's Viewing Pleasure
  207. Seymour Hersh: Seth Rich Indeed Leaked DNC Emails to Wikileaks
  208. Donald Trump Is Pushing America’s Special Forces Past the Breaking Point
  209. Rump/GOP Prove it's Not Just Illegals They Hate
  210. And here we...go: Denver Media outlets calling for Broncos to sign Kaepernick
  211. Designer Babies: Good? Bad? ???
  212. In Abusing NSA Intelligence, Did Obama White House Commit A Crime?
  213. Study: Nearly Half Of People Who Use Cannabidiol Products Stop Taking Traditional Medicines
  214. NAACP issues its first statewide travel advisory, for Missouri
  215. Memo to Pence: Prepare to Be Gerald Ford
  216. Arctic Sea ice may be gone this summer
  217. The Top Five Foreign-Policy Blunders Trump Hasn’t Made Yet
  218. Confession: I think I support Trump's skill-based immigration approach
  219. Trump has girlfriend working in the White House
  220. It could happen
  221. What Could Possibly Go Wrong: PROJECT PELICAN
  222. Eric Bolling suspended over 'lewd messages'
  223. Trump starting 17 day vacation again... with golf.
  224. Why the NRA is going after the media
  225. Trump's pick for top science job called progressives 'race traitors'
  226. Sanctions on N. Korea passes the UN.
  227. How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration
  228. Fossil Fuel Subsidies: $5.3 Trillion
  229. Time to beat up old people: Trump ending elder abuse protections
  230. LOL: popular black Trump fan is fake
  231. Trump is alone in the White House
  232. Conservatives Starting to Question the Trump Highway
  233. Alt Right and Russian Nationalists are Attacking HR McMaster
  234. Best guesses on how many die in Trump's "fire and fury" war with NK?
  235. Fox News Has Completed Its Transformation Into Trump TV
  236. apparently, war looks inevitable now (i guess?)
  237. Paul Manafort raided by FBI last month
  238. One in 12 doctors receive payments from opioid makers
  239. Liberals and Conservatives Read Different Science Books, And That is a Problem
  240. Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart
  241. The death of the internal combustion engine
  242. The Game Is Over, and North Korea Has Won
  243. Anti-Refugee geniuses rescued by refugee boat after losing power
  244. 18 Years Ago President Trump Warned About NK Nukes
  247. Some good advice...
  248. UVA White Nationalists March
  249. White Republican Terror Suspect - James Fields
  250. What to do if all four major US political factions all suck