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  1. The misuse of American military power and the Middle East in chaos
  2. Trump Tax Petition Breaks WH Record
  3. Russian Foreign Minister & Ambasador Out Rump's Lie
  4. Congress Woman Maxine Waters' Scorching Attack on Rump's "Bunch of Scumbags"
  5. The Mental Health Professionals Petition to Remove Rump from Office
  6. This Just In...it was Fake News!
  7. Mexico Looks to Dump US Trade Imports
  8. Racism is dead!
  9. Indivisible
  10. Muslims Crowdsource Funding to Repair Jewish Cemetary Destroyed by Anti-Semitic Bigots
  11. "Biggest Threat to Democracy..."
  12. Trump Sayz: More Nukes!
  13. Trump Sayz: No More Weed!
  14. Whit House tries to sabotage FBI investigation
  15. Olathe shooting: Murder charge after Indian man killed in bar
  16. NAFTA/Free Trade Hall of Shame
  17. LOL CPAC pranked
  18. Show us your papers: Border Patrol Agents Stop Domestic Travelers at New York Airport
  19. Supporting Trump has life and death consequences
  20. The "New" Politics and the REAL Progressive Agenda
  21. Rump Administration Influenced Key Investigation People to Control News Reports
  22. Democrats Stick with Neoliberalism and Big Money
  23. Libertarians dont go to CPAC