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  1. The misuse of American military power and the Middle East in chaos
  2. Trump Tax Petition Breaks WH Record
  3. Russian Foreign Minister & Ambasador Out Rump's Lie
  4. Congress Woman Maxine Waters' Scorching Attack on Rump's "Bunch of Scumbags"
  5. The Mental Health Professionals Petition to Remove Rump from Office
  6. This Just In...it was Fake News!
  7. Mexico Looks to Dump US Trade Imports
  8. Racism is dead!
  9. Indivisible
  10. Muslims Crowdsource Funding to Repair Jewish Cemetary Destroyed by Anti-Semitic Bigots
  11. "Biggest Threat to Democracy..."
  12. Trump Sayz: More Nukes!
  13. Trump Sayz: No More Weed!
  14. Whit House tries to sabotage FBI investigation
  15. Olathe shooting: Murder charge after Indian man killed in bar
  16. NAFTA/Free Trade Hall of Shame
  17. LOL CPAC pranked
  18. Show us your papers: Border Patrol Agents Stop Domestic Travelers at New York Airport
  19. Supporting Trump has life and death consequences
  20. The "New" Politics and the REAL Progressive Agenda
  21. Rump Administration Influenced Key Investigation People to Control News Reports
  22. Democrats Stick with Neoliberalism and Big Money
  23. Libertarians dont go to CPAC
  24. JFK Assasination - last of the buried CIA files to be released OCT 2017
  25. Philip Bilden: "Thanks but no thanks" to Secretary of the Navy Job
  26. Dead Navy Seals Father Spurns Meeting Rump
  27. Trumps Defense Budget
  28. Trump Fans Angry After ICE Arrests Mexican Restaurant Manager
  29. Tragic Murder of German Captive...But, Eh, Wait a Sec....
  30. Rump: "Nobody Knew Health Care Could be so Complicated"
  31. Another Scandal Breaking: Rump's New Commerce Secretary Connected to Russian Bank Laundering Money
  32. And the Award for the Best New Rump Nickname Goes to....
  33. The Resurrection of Armageddon
  34. TelePrompTer is Your Friend
  35. Let's check in on how our Great Wall is coming along...
  36. Jeff Sessions had Contact with Russia--Lied to Congress
  37. Bernie Sanders eviscerates Trump's speech point-by-point
  38. Obama White House Preserved Intelligence to Prevent Rump from Destroying Russia Links
  39. Dreamer Appeals to Rump for Protection: ICE Arrests Her For It
  40. I found an actual progressive! And it was REFRESHING
  41. Obama: No Evidence of Election Vote Tampering
  42. Leaked DHS Document Blows "Extreme Vetting" Basis Away as Travel Ban Excuse
  43. Pence used AOL - LOCK HIM UP
  44. FBI Withheld Sessions Investigation Info from Congress
  45. Schumer and Putin BFFL
  46. Nkechi Amare Diallo
  47. Honoring of the Navy Seal
  48. Trump cuts to Civilian Agencies
  49. Rump: "Obama is Bugging my Phone"
  50. Indian young people offered progressive advice on sexuality
  51. U.S Soccer Says....You Must Stand For Anthem.
  52. What should we do with this damn thing?
  53. So Much for the "Buy American" BS...Keystone Pipeline Project Will Line Wilbur Ross's Pockets
  54. prosecute Senators McCain and Graham!
  55. In day of pro-Trump rallies, California march turns violent
  56. Moonlight Oscar Winner
  57. Carson says slaves were ‘immigrants’ with dreams for their children
  58. House Republicans Release ACA Repeal (lol) and Replace (lol) Bill
  59. From "Drain the Swamp" to Government Sachs
  60. Rump's Business Dealings in Azerbaijan Appear to be Linked to the Iranian Republican Guard
  62. Wikileaks, Spy agency looked at ways to hack cars to assasinate.
  63. Trumps plan to pay for the wall...
  64. Kellyanne Conway Blow Job Joke
  65. Trump personally met with Russian ambassador during campaign
  66. It’s Happening: House Intel Releases Date & Witness List Of First Trump-Russia Hearing
  67. The Confederacy was a con job on whites. And still is.
  68. Why are you such an a$$hole
  69. Donald Trump has Defeated the Disloyal US Intelligence Community With False Leaks
  70. Underground
  71. Biggest Intel leak since Snowden
  72. Huntsman tapped as ambassador to Russia
  73. What the Hell is Going on in the US State Department?
  74. Debunking the "Democrats Failed to Understand Fly-Over Country" Myth
  75. Can You ID this Man?
  76. Why are posters allowed to Derail threads so they are moved?
  77. New political section please
  78. Ivanka Trump sales Boom.
  79. North Korea Is Practicing for Nuclear War
  80. Michael Flynn Admits to Being a Foreign Agent
  81. 'Deep State' a Figment of Bannon's Imagination
  82. Tensions as Comey stays tight-lipped about investigations he's pursuing...
  83. FBI Eyeing Computer Server Connection Between Russian Bank and Rump Campaign
  84. Let's Have a Look at Those Tax Returns, Donald
  85. A Ticket to Hell
  86. "Liberal Genocide"
  87. Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone admits contact with Guccifer 2.0
  88. Gen. Flynn paid ex-FBI agent $28,000 during accusations of quid pro quo
  89. Michael Hudson explains junk economics
  90. What place, if any, do spy agencies have?
  91. Bannon Facing Criminal Investigation in FL
  92. Trump’s China Trademarks Violate the Constitution
  93. Trump's plan to dismember government
  94. Exposing Trump's Decades of Deep Ties to Organized Crime
  95. Congrats, Maddow, on getting royally played
  96. Intel chairman: 'We don't have any evidence' that Trump was wiretapped
  97. Trump Named as a Witness in Epstein Pedophilia Case
  98. BUSTED: Trump campaign chair caught in a motel room with an underage boy
  99. More apropos today than in 1976
  100. Federal judge blocks new tRump travel ban
  101. Trump Budget: More money for military, none for meals on wheels
  102. Where's all of this 'winning' Trump?
  103. why the American Left is dead
  104. Political Wire: Published 118-page dossier of connections between Trump & Russia going back 30 years
  105. Texas GOP Scumbag Steve Stockman Arrested for Diverting Charitable Funds to his Campaign
  106. RRDF Syndrome - It's real, and it's serious
  107. A Look Back At The Election....
  108. US Attorney was investigating Price
  109. Trump and his Vacations
  110. The NECRO Thread.
  111. the debt bubble (bomb)
  112. UN report: Israel guilty of Apartheid
  113. Small Business Owners Stiffed by Trump Go Public
  114. Stereotyping ethnic groups.
  115. Stick to sports! Or not?
  116. Tillerson plans go to NATO meeting in April
  117. Five takeaways from a historic hearing into Russian meddling in the U.S. election
  118. crisis developing between Syria and Israel
  119. London attack 3/22
  120. Amazing Disgrace: How Donald Trump hijacked the religious right
  121. Asian American and African American Disparity
  122. LOCK HIM UP!
  123. How Could America Have Possibly Ended Up With This Idiot as its President?
  124. WikiLeaks: DARK MATTER (3-23-2017) *NEW RELEASE*
  125. Nunes "Apologizes" for Violating Investigation's Independence
  126. Senate Republicans Vote to Kill Internet Privacy Regulations
  127. Trump is just like us!
  128. Bernie the Most Popular Politician in the USA
  129. Conspiracy Wacko Alex Jones Apologizes for Pizza Gate BS
  130. Ex CIA Director: Mike Flynn Discussed Plan to Kidnap Turkish Cleric (an American Citizen)
  131. Russians Take To The Streets In Nationwide Anti-Government Protests
  132. Gun Control Activist goes after Airline for leggings.
  133. Must-have for Trumpettes
  134. So. Much. Winning.
  135. Rump Sells Out Rethugs...Pivots to the Dems
  136. Fake News, Bots and the media world gone crazy
  137. Trump's Possible Foreign Aid Fallout
  138. School forced budget cuts due to high white student %
  139. Sean Spicer Acting a Fool
  140. Why Steve Bannon hates libertarians
  141. The Great Russian Scare! (2016-2017 edition)
  142. The House just voted to wipe away the FCC’s landmark Internet privacy protections
  143. Rachel Dolezal Says She Was 'a Little Too Black' for Her African-American Ex-Husband
  144. Rump Tried to Keep Sally Yates from Testifying to Congress
  145. New Yorker: How the White House and Republicans Blew Up the House Russia Investigation
  146. Homeowner’s son shoots, kills three burglars with AR-15
  147. DEA Seized $4 Billion From People Since 2007. Most Were Never Charged with a Crime
  148. The ‘Wiretap’ Red Herring
  149. missing the point on internet privacy
  150. So Crowdstrike...
  151. EU Chief Jean-Claude Juncker threatens to "Break Up USA"
  152. Rump Declares War on the Tea Baggers
  153. CIA code disguises itself as Russian, Chinese, etc
  154. Do you Care that the CIA targeted French Elections?
  155. Is Trump getting ready to quit?
  156. Atlanta I-85 overpass collapse
  157. The Seattle Way Tax Soda to Subsidize Heroin Use
  158. Judge: Trump Incited Violence Against Protesters At Kentucky Rally
  159. Sandy Hook to Trump: 'Help us stop conspiracy theorists'
  160. Rump: "US Will Act Unilaterally Against N. Korea"
  161. St Petersburg metro explosions kill ten
  162. Propaganda Minister Rice back in the news.
  163. Bill O'Reilly
  164. BLM Bans White People From Meetings, Twitter trolls back
  165. Assad Gasses Civilian Refugees After US Secretary of State Hints He Can Stay in Power
  166. Obama's Stasi state
  167. Obama expanded Surveillance Powers as he left office
  168. Bannon: out of the NSC
  169. Putin Is Soft on Terrorism
  170. Obama's Watergate Begins
  171. Ralph Nader: new Left-Right alliance would be unstoppable
  172. Facing ethics probe, Nunes steps down from Russia investigation
  173. An Insider's View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America
  174. Rump Stooges Feuding: Steve Bannon vs. Jared Kushner
  175. Rump Brownshirts Going After Twitter User
  176. NRA Staffer Accidentally Shoots Himself at NRA Museum
  177. U.S. Navy strike group to move toward Korean peninsula: U.S. official
  178. Study: Breitbart-led right-wing media ecosystem altered broader media agenda
  179. Syrian Survivor Thanks Trump
  180. Studies Conclude: Majority of Trump Voters Motivated By Racism—Not Just Economic Concerns
  181. MSNBC Lawrence O'Donnel says Putin helped Trump
  182. Robert Reich on Trump supporters
  184. GOP Perv Governor Resigns to Escape Impeachment
  185. North Korea
  186. professor Cohen: Russia preparing for hot war with the US
  187. In Before Bong Boy
  188. Spicer and Hitler
  189. Hawaiian Congresswomen takes Assad's side
  190. Carter Page Compares Himself to Martin Luther King
  191. double standard or is it 'complicated'
  192. Police beat man for jaywalking
  193. Sheila Abdus-Salaam -- First Muslim Female Judge in the US -- Found Dead by the Hudson River in NYC
  194. The Russia story just keeps getting worse for Trump
  195. Trump has betrayed his base
  196. From "depleted" military to "best" military in a matter of months
  197. MOAB Mother Of All Bombs
  198. Jeffrey Lord Edging Spicer for Moron of the Month?
  199. New CIA/KGB Director Admits Rump Committed Treason
  200. Rump: "White House Visitors to be Kept Secret
  201. Slave Trade comes back in Libya and Africa
  202. Giuliani In Serious Legal Trouble
  203. Could Trump follow Franklin Pierce in 2020?
  204. Battle at Berkley
  205. Leaked NSA Malware Threatens Windows Users Around the World
  206. Earth-Sized Telescope Photographs Super Massive Black Hole
  207. Racist Diversity
  208. Rump: "Who Paid for Tax Protests?"
  209. Easter Killer
  210. Turkey slides into dictatorship
  211. MIT professor: no evidence Assad gassed his own people
  212. Alex Jones to Judge: "It's All an Act"
  213. Trump Has Already Spent $500,000 In Re-election Funds On His Own Businesses
  214. Bipartisan Congressional Intelligence Reports Exonerate Susan Rice & Obama Administration
  215. Weed and The American Family
  216. Rump Congratulates Turkish Dictator on Being a Dictator
  217. Profiles of the Alt-Reich: Nathan Damigo
  218. what happened to Russia-gate?
  219. How Western Civilisation Could Collapse
  220. Rump Lied About Korean Strike Force
  221. Ivanka's company gets Chinese deal done when Chinese Officials visit White House
  222. Suspected Black Separatist Shoots Three in Fresno CA
  223. Next Up: Tax Reform
  224. Aaron Hernandez found hanged in Jail cell
  225. Iran Sticking to Nuclear Treaty
  226. Protesters Chase White Nationalists Off Campus
  227. Gronkowski crashes WH briefing
  228. Another Rat Jumps off the Sinking Ship
  229. CIA, FBI launch manhunt for leaker who gave top-secret documents to WikiLeaks
  230. US backed terrorists blow up 100+ kids
  231. Wow, it looks like mhgaffney was right
  232. DOW Chemical gave 1 mil to Trump administration, asks them to ignore damning study
  233. Major Shocker: GOP Official Is Racist & Misogynist; Resigns
  234. Exxon Waiver to Drill in Russia Rejected by Treasury Department
  235. New Scandal Brewing: Rump Secretly Meets With Former Columbian Presidents at Mar-a-Lago
  236. Trump Campaign Chair Arrested for Child Sex Trafficking
  237. Another Putin critic dead
  238. Psychiatrists at Yale Conference: Trump has a "Dangerous Mental Illness"
  239. Fact Check on Trumps AP interview
  240. Trumps Breaks Contract....
  241. is the US poised to invade Syria?
  242. Rump Stabs Coal Miners in the Back
  243. Ivanka Rump at the G-20
  244. Panel: Flynn Likely Broke the Law
  245. Something's in the works with John Kasitch
  246. Federal Judge Tosses Rump Plan to Withold Federal Funds from Sanctuary Cities
  247. Rump Launches Trade War with Canada (Yes Canada)
  248. **** the GOP
  249. Stealthing Survivors
  250. 9/11 destroyed America