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  1. First Time Since WW II, No US Carriers Deployed Anywhere In The World
  2. is a top-down (Trump) revolution underway?
  3. How will MSM report on California rain
  4. How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime
  5. CORRECTION: The US will pay for the wall and we hope Mexico pays us back guys
  6. Props to Sam Johnson-TX...
  7. 26,171 bombs in one year.
  8. Donald Trump Has the Keys to the Most Invasive Surveillance State in History
  9. Trump. It's coming.
  10. Defunding Planned Parenthood
  11. Trump's businesses owe $1.8bn to more than 150 different institutions
  12. Joe Republican
  13. Pentagon deliberately subverted Obama's diplomacy
  14. Traffic Deaths down in legalized MJ states
  15. Greenwald urges criticism of no evidence
  16. How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News
  17. Trump to cede 13 Million jobs to China over next 4 years, in just one industry
  18. Liberal Democracy to be Replaced by Trump Tyranny
  19. Rape fantasies
  20. Pizzagate - America's deepest darkest secret
  21. U.S. Female Retirees dead last in happiness and health.
  22. GOP Pumps the Brakes on Repealing Obamacare
  23. Red State Welfare Queens
  24. Where Is Eric Braverman? "Follow The Money"
  25. New intel: Trump hired prostitutes for golden showers
  26. Can we fix this? ...Oh yeah! We DID!!
  27. Roof gets death
  28. Vince Vaughn and Gibson reaction to Streep’s Anti-Trump Speech
  29. Gbye Obama.
  30. Rate Pres Obamas Foreign Policy
  31. Christopher Steele on the run from Moscow retaliation
  32. Conflict of interests addressed?
  33. Deep State goes to War, Dems Cheer
  34. Hillary wants a Consolation Prize
  35. Hillary wants a Consolation Prize
  36. The Damage of Trump's Unreal World View?
  37. Yes, It Gets Worse: Pee Operative and His Intel Firm Worked to Protect the Sale of Baby Body Parts
  38. Trump using his new power for good...
  39. Fake news is real = mind blown
  40. DOJ to Review Charges of FBI Misconduct During 2016 Election
  41. Wet Foot, Dry Foot
  42. Obama's Last Stand (against Civil Liberty)
  43. Parent Company AT&T May Axe CNN
  44. Senate Intelligence Chairman announces bipartisan investigation of Russian activities and Trump ties
  45. Scary suppressors (silencers) soon to be freely sold
  46. How Do You Think the Far Left Will Attempt to Get Rid of Trump?
  47. How Do You Think the Left Will Attempt to Get Rid Of Trump? (Corrected)
  48. Liberals and Conservatives
  49. Collusion of Trump, GOP, FBI and Russians
  50. Trump has Killed the Idea of a "Normal" Presidency
  52. Is Donald Trump the Whiniest B*tch Prez of All Time?
  53. Eight billionaires 'as rich as world's poorest half'
  54. PissGate - The Fantasy That Won't Die
  55. Leftists Gear Up To Attack Trumps Inauguration Events
  56. German journalist: I pimped for the CIA
  57. Jill Stein is kinda hot.
  58. The Meaning of Legitimacy
  59. Ron Paul; Trump Vs The Intel Agencies
  60. Check your facts
  61. Obama commutes wikileakers sentence
  62. finally - Obama does something right
  63. Betsey Devos Confirmation Hearings
  64. Anti-inauguration Ball
  65. Communists against Trump
  66. CIA spied on the Senate
  67. Odds of Trump Being Impeached Within 6 Mos: 4-1
  68. Should President Obama Preemptively Pardon Hillary Clinton?
  69. Running Man Synopsis
  70. Jewish centres across US evacuated after hoax bomb threats
  71. OT: Trump is going in and I just found the Cult...
  72. Trump kicked a dog (video)
  73. Obama "No conclusive evidence"
  74. best armed forces on the planet?
  75. One-Third of Feds Won't Commit to Staying During Trump Administration
  76. Ten Examples of Trump Spreading Fake News
  77. How left-wing satire gave birth to fake news
  78. The America that DT Inherits on 1/20
  79. Trump is Now Your President
  80. President Trump Takes Office
  82. Some Good News
  83. Petulant children
  84. What would cause Trump supporters to lose faith?
  85. Thank you President Obama!
  86. Impending extinction crisis of the world’s primates: Why primates matter
  87. Coloradans celebrate Donald Trump’s inauguration
  88. Kellyanne Conway
  89. Richard Spencer Getting Rocked - The Remixes
  90. Republicans Propose Withdrawal from UN
  91. I Voted For Trump!
  92. Trump Rejects Obama/Republican TPP On Day One
  93. A History of US Isolationism
  94. Dems; No lessons learned
  95. Every DNC Chair Candidate Claims Primaries Weren’t Rigged
  96. Sanders, joined by Rust Belt Democrats, Praises Trump for TPP
  97. Unions Flock to Trump
  98. Trump Sued Over 'Immediate and Serious' Constitutional Violations
  99. UK Brexit at an end?
  100. Milo
  101. USDA Scientists Have Been Put On Lockdown Under Trump
  102. What the hell did Trump say to Melania?
  103. sputnik: US provided intel on ISIS to Russians
  104. Big Joe Shuts down LA Protest
  105. The Fascist Playbook
  106. Global Expectations for Trump Presidency
  107. Tomi Lahren's New Website
  108. Trumps Favorability Rising
  109. The push to Gerrymander POTUS elections
  110. Trump's reasoning for assumed voter fraud....
  111. Mexican Cement Company Poised to Profit from Trump's Wall
  112. Obama executive action takes gun rights away from Senior Citizens
  113. The Entire State Department Senior Mgmt Team Just Resigned
  114. Dems Begin Moving Away from Extremist Media Matters and Its Shillbots
  115. Hardcore History Podcast
  116. the electric war will save Trump's presidency
  117. Report: Trump Challenges Inauguration Attendance Data - Gets Owned
  118. Tax cuts, tax cuts, and more tax cuts...but we're going to double military spending.
  119. Does NATO matter
  120. Trump’s Immigration Ban Is Illegal
  121. Democracy Index 2016
  122. 'Muslim ban' story is a total lie
  123. Steve Bannon, Trump's Top Guy, Told Me He Was 'A Leninist' Who Wants To ‘Destroy the State’
  124. Trump removes DNI and Chairman of Joint Chiefs from National Security Council; adds Bannon, Priebus
  125. Enhanced Interrogation - a review
  126. Trump is doing...something?
  127. #Calexit
  128. Pope Warns that Rising Populism Could Produce Modern Hitler
  129. What do you want?
  130. Don't Give Up Progressives. The Majority of America wants You
  131. The Top Political Issue of Our Time
  132. Quebec mosque attack
  133. Bill Maher: Liberals, We Lost Because We're Offended All The Time And We Act Like Emasculated Husban
  134. BLM Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle: ‘We Need To Start Killing People’
  135. Republicans Begin to Break With Trump
  136. atomic scientists: closer to Armageddon
  137. Congrats to Trump on Reaching Majority Unpopularity in Record Time
  138. Your Next Supreme Court Justice is a Coloradoan: Neil Gorusch
  139. Steve Bannon Is Definitely Taking us to War
  140. the CIA moved its domestic operations to Denver - why?
  141. Ways our POTUS situation could've been worse
  142. BLM voice support for "Slave Rebellion" during prison riot/hostage situation
  143. Trump wants a war
  144. UC Berkley On Lockdown; Riots over speaker
  145. Trumps First Military Operation is a Disaster
  146. How Many Hearing Shall We Have on Yemen Raid?
  147. All That We Share
  148. The Trumpster Unloads on Goodell
  149. Where did Antifa Originate?
  150. Leftists cancel Tesla orders over Trump connection
  151. Joe Rogan Experience #911 - Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo
  152. In Memoriam: Remembering the Victims of the Bowling Green Massacre
  153. Trump tries to roll back financial regulations designed to prevent a repeat of 2008 crisis
  154. The Establishment
  155. Schwarzenegger wants to "smash Trumps face into a table" LMAO
  156. Der Spiegel: Trump beheading cover sparks criticism
  157. The Bigger Danger: The Liar or the Believers?
  158. Not 1984, but Brave New World
  159. NOAA Whistleblower claims ERSSTv4 Oceanic Temp Data is Fraudulent
  160. For any reason whatsoever
  161. EPA asking for Comments on Banning Pyrethroids
  162. Speaking of Killers...
  163. ***ushima
  164. Repealing Obamacare
  165. Cali Gov. Jerry Brown Gives Rump the Finger with a Threat of Hiw Own
  166. Trump Didn't Realize He Had Given Bannon a Seat On NSC
  167. Womens March leader in hot water over pro Sharia Law comments
  168. Iconic Momets from Civil Rights
  169. former NIST scientist: NIST Report on WTC collapse was a cover up
  170. According to Trump, the U.S. is no better than Russia
  171. Have you ever been wrong on an Issue?
  172. The Millennial Question
  173. Another Thread About the Importance of Belief
  174. Trump Regrets Hiring Spicer
  175. Being Allergic to Trump
  176. Well this seems dangerous
  177. Another Day...Another Racist Added to Team Fascism
  178. Another day, racism by liberals against black republicans
  179. 40% of voters want Trump impeached, up 5% in one week
  180. U.S. Military Dangerously Dependent on Foreign Suppliers
  181. AG Sessions vs. pot
  182. Trump Tells Putin START Treaty is a Bad Deal
  183. Kellyanne Conway's next job
  184. spam much?
  185. Executive Order Popularity
  186. Military-Grade Spy Gear Is Flooding into Local Police Departments
  187. The Apprentice Host is Finding The Presidency to be a Hard Job
  188. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn caught talking to Russian Ambassador about sanctions
  189. Silencers for Guns
  190. Civil Asset Forfet
  191. Can the left coalesce in time to stop the right?
  192. Trump in Freefall as Disapproval Rate and Support for Impeachment Soar
  193. Trump wants to execute Snowden
  194. Trump: Paper Tiger Folded on China
  195. North Korea 'conducts missile test'
  196. Talk is cheap...what will you do?
  197. Shop for your wife/SO for Valentines Day
  198. The Anthropocene equation
  199. Non-Partisan Congressional Tax Report Debunks Core Conservative Economic Theory-GOP Suppresses Study
  200. Noam Chomsky on the New Trump Era
  201. A Good American
  202. CIA Not Giving Info To Trump Because They Know He'll Give it to Russia
  203. MGTOW
  204. NFL players skip trip to Israel
  205. DHS Whistleblower:Delete Files Or Else...
  206. Yates Warned Trump that Flynn was Compromised. She Was Fired 4 Days Later
  207. Athenians and Democracy
  208. Trump vs. Truth
  209. After Flynn, Whose Next?
  210. The Reckoning Begins
  211. New York Times, Nancy Pelosi cite fake General Flynn tweets
  212. straight talk on Russia
  213. Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence
  214. The Jerold Nadler Inquiry of Resolution
  215. Rump White House Staff Violating the Presidential Records Act
  216. Head of US Special Opps Command: "We are in unbelievable turmoil"
  217. Russians Show Contempt for Rump -- Violate Weapons Treaty with Impunity
  218. Economic Freedom Index
  219. La Pen -- the issue today is the people vs. globalism
  220. At the End, Obama Administration Gave NSA Broad New Powers
  221. Another Rump Nominee Bites the Dust
  222. why the intelligence community is at war with Trump
  223. European Allies Now Spying on the US
  224. This is why Republicans are bad for wildlife
  225. Republican congress votes to allow for coal mining dumps into streams
  226. Today's Must-Read: Left and Right
  227. Conway Behind Anti-Spicer Leaks
  228. Trump Greatest Hits
  229. The path toward a popular vote without getting rid of the electoral college
  230. Rump's latest excuse: "It's Obama's fault"
  231. Emperor Donald the Weak
  232. Pruitt confirmed as head of EPA
  233. Sudanese Asylum Seekers Flee U.S. Border Patrol to Safety in Canada
  234. Trump tweets: The media is the 'enemy of the American people'
  235. Paul Ryan Now Linked To Russian Scandal
  236. SJW Media Goes after YT Star, Backfires.
  237. Trump, spending tax payer cash money
  238. Big Surprise...Rump's New Labor Secretary Choice is Another Scumbag
  239. One TRILLION Dollar Infrastructure Package
  240. In Memorials: remembering the victims of the Swedish terror attack
  241. America's Crisis of Democracy Looks Shockingly Like Poland's
  242. How long is Trump President?
  243. Ben Carson Gets a Taste of Rump's Loyalty
  244. Which OMMC Member is This?
  245. Robert Mugabe: Give Donald Trump a chance
  246. So. Conservative Friends. How do you feel about Milo?
  247. White House is now biggest "safe space" for Trump
  248. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Joins the Moron Class
  249. Another Scandal...Rump's Back Channel Ukrainian Connections
  250. Rump Remains Silent as anti-Semitism Rises