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  1. AP Reporting Melania Rump Worked Illegally in the US
  2. Dems Seeking DOJ Investigation into FBI-Giuliani Connection
  3. If Trump Wins...
  4. NC Rethugs Try to Disenfranchise 100 Year-Old Black Woman
  6. Fox News apologizes for falsely reporting that Clinton faces indictment
  7. The Big Con
  8. Imagine if you held a debate and nobody showed up
  9. Will the Hitlary Disciples Go Full Bore Revolution if She Loses?
  10. Democrat Presidential Elector: I Will Not Write Hillarys Name In
  11. Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties
  12. FBI examining fake documents targeting Clinton campaign
  13. Dave Chapelle on Hillary: "She's Not Right and We All Know It"
  14. Donald Trump: The unauthorized database of false things
  15. Protester with gun goes after the donald
  16. Woman drops rape accusation against Trump after death threats
  17. College student calls out Hillary @ her own Rally
  18. Trump's Child Sex Trafficking Finally Becoming a Major Story
  19. House Democrats Are Getting More Diverse. Republicans Aren’t.
  20. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R) Reported To FBI For Using Potential Illegal Private Email Server
  21. Spamfest 2016 - Nov. 7 and 8, 2016
  22. Obama Encourages Illegals to Vote, Promises No Reprisals
  23. The GOP's Slow Moving Coup
  24. Now, Trump Runs Anti-Semitic Ad
  25. Comey: FBI Has Not Changed its Position That Hillary Should Not Face Criminal Charges
  26. Rump Charged with Criminal Fraud in Mexico
  27. Trump "obsessed with vengeance" in final days of campaign
  28. Clinton Campaign tries to discredit
  29. The Green Party's Jill Stein: Why Choose Between a 'Fascist' and a 'Warmonger'?
  30. Clintons and their use of Magick ?!
  31. How bad does Trump get beat tomorrow?
  32. Voting on Tuesday? WTF?
  33. Senate Control
  34. Zero Days (Stuxnet Virus, Nitro Zues Virus)
  35. John Pilger interviews Julian Assange
  36. Voter ID laws have nothing to do with fraud & everything to do with keeping poor people from voting
  37. Election Day
  38. The Rock Sings to Hillary
  39. Who you vote for today?
  40. How other countries would vote in the American election
  41. Whoever wins the American presidential election, Russia comes out ahead
  42. Largest donors to the hilldog campaign
  43. Can Putin Control Trumps Ego?
  44. God help us all
  45. HL Mencken
  46. A few thoughts
  47. Where's Shillbot? Did She Get Infected With Malware?
  48. Wow ... Dat election
  49. Celebs who said they’d leave country if Trump won
  50. Well, bye.
  51. Why Russia is celebrating Trump win
  52. The keys are yours now, conservatives...
  53. Time for the Bitter Elitist Condescension to End
  54. #NotMyPresident
  55. Some Good News for a Change
  56. Where do you get your news
  57. NATO places 300,000 troops on war alert
  58. What were some down ballot items that passed/failed that you like/disliked?
  59. Sooooooo......what do we self employed people do now for health insurance?
  60. Stages of Grief
  61. Michael's Moore's Morning After To-Do List
  62. what will you miss about obama?
  63. Did Hillary try and steal the election?
  64. The Electoral College
  65. Any Liberals kind of excited about a Trump Presidency?
  66. Let's Look at the Maps
  67. we dodged a bullet
  68. How can Trump extend an Olive Branch?
  69. Trump Crew Already Backing Off the Big Promises
  70. GOP induced recession incoming in 2-3 years.
  71. why we face extinction by mid century
  72. Is Old Media Finally Undergoing Their Autopsy? Shocking Admission of Widespread Bias
  73. Russia: We Did Work With Team Trump During Campaign
  75. DNC meeting. Oh Donna!
  76. Cubs Pitcher offers 1 way tickets to Canada
  77. Chris Matthews on Trump Protests: What Statement Is There? They Lost
  78. What needs to happen.
  79. Snowflake crisis hotline
  80. The GOP's Pyrrhic victory with Trump
  81. Will Trump supporters turn on him?
  82. Hillary so fake
  83. Bill Maher ; PC people got Trump elected
  84. If you voted for Trump because he’s ‘anti-establishment,’ you got conned
  85. Bernie Sanders: Where the Democrats Go From Here
  86. Trump vs the US Oligarchy
  87. Clinton blames defeat on FBI director
  88. Trump IS becoming a dictator
  89. Deep inside the Basket of Deplorables....
  90. Priceless
  91. #NotMyPresident is Fake
  92. Obama WH Reviewing Trump Russian Ties FBI Ignored
  93. Just In: Therapy Dogs Didn't Vote
  94. Denver police chief or arm for the democrats
  95. Keith Ellison, DNC Chair Candidate: 9/11 Was a Reichstag Fire (false flag)"Jews Benefited from 9/11"
  96. Gang of White Teens
  97. "Kill The Traitor"
  98. Republicans were wildly successful at suppressing voters in 2016
  99. I always did like Lindsey Graham...
  100. Voters Who Said They Wanted "Change" Just Reelected Almost All Incumbents to Office
  101. Elon Owes You a Trip to Mars
  102. Trump Can Make the U.S. Energy-Independent — If He Goes Green
  103. NSA Chief: 'Nation State' Intervened in a Presidential Election to "Achieve a Specific Effect"
  104. Hidden in Plain Sight; TITANPOINTE NSA SPY HUB
  105. Best Analysis So Far
  106. Baltic warning over Russian move on NATO
  107. Trump’s Foreign Business Ties May Violate the Constitution
  108. The impact of Fake News
  109. Trump U to be settled
  110. For America’s poorest, it’s like living in 1975; for the rich, it’s like the future
  111. Iraq Loves Trump
  112. Jeff Sessions Desegregated Alabama Schools, Broke the Back of the KKK, Put KKK Head to Death
  113. Was Sandy Hook A Hoax?
  114. GOP Control of FCC = End of Net Neutrality?
  115. GOP Control of FCC = End of Net Neutrality?
  116. Prediction: Rise of the Strongman?
  117. Obama Fails Again With Out-Of-Touch Speech That Proves How Bad He Is
  118. NRA Statement on Trump Victory
  119. Tales from the Violent: Cataloging Leftist Violence and Violent Rhetoric in the Trump Era
  120. Broadway musicals public enemy #1.
  121. 20 Lessons
  122. Will Russia now cool its anti-US propaganda?
  123. America: The Cult of Clinton Is Bull****
  124. Bernie Supporter Tulsi Gabbard (D) Visits Trump and Transition Team
  125. America calls bull**** on Cult of Clinton
  127. Guys, conflicts of interest aren't a big deal, guys
  128. Trump Charity Admits to ‘Self-Dealing’
  129. The Left is Completely Unhinged
  130. 'Hail Trump!' White Supremacist Rally In D.C. Alt Right Richard Spencer Speech
  131. Does the alt-right and white supremacy go hand-in-hand?
  132. Tulsi Gabbard meets with Trump
  133. Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’
  134. The Rise of the American Fascist State
  135. Republicans fighting against Trump
  136. Trump Proposes an Advocate of Mass Public Surveillance as CIA Chief
  137. A Progressive Guide to Thanksgiving Conversation
  138. Fidel Castro Died
  139. Trump tax plan to screw middle class
  140. The Intercept: Washington Post Publishes Fake News and McCarthyism to Promote Globalism
  141. SLATE Struggles to Stay Relevant, Fires President
  142. RECOUNT! Dems Won't Win, So Why Put America Through More Division?
  143. murderer of Victor Jara found guilty
  144. Ohio State Mass Shooting/Stabbing Attack
  145. Delta Airlines bans beligerent Trump supporter for life
  146. We Haven't Killed Off All the American Thinkers, Yet
  147. Liberty University Hires Baylor's Scandal Ridden Athletic Director
  148. Jimmy Carter: America must recognize Palestine
  149. A Yale history professor’s powerful, 20-point guide to defending democracy under a Trump presidency
  150. Trump Keeps Carrier in America
  151. Crazy Lives Here
  152. Uh Oh. Keith Ellison Loves Him Some Jihadis
  153. Trump's Bizarre Conversation with Pakistani PM
  154. Trump Takes a Call From Taiwan's President
  155. The left has lost its mind
  156. Trump praises Dutertes murder of his own people
  157. Let's Ponder Fascism Again
  158. Austrian Trump Defeated by Green Party Candidate
  159. How Colorado's Economic Empowerment Zones Finance Wealthy Companies at Taxpayer Expense
  160. DAK Pipeline SHUT DOWN!
  161. Left Wing Finance Site Threatens to Sue Washington Post for Defamation Over Fake News
  162. The Mafia State
  163. Name the Left Wing Tea Party
  164. The End of Jobs
  165. How Do Democrats Rebound? Step 1: Quit Being Assholes
  166. Impeachment Poll
  167. ~ WWI - Allied Aggression ~
  168. White Lawyer Sues Texas State Bar Association for Right to Hold a Minority Seat on the Board
  169. Ralph Nader to Trump: divest or be impeached
  170. Republicans set to repeal Obamacare
  171. Brandon Marshall
  172. Imagine Trump's Inaugural Address!
  173. Trump transition team for Energy Department seeks names of employees involved in climate meetings
  174. The Obama Legacy - In the Shadow of Bush?
  175. Will Trump investigate 9/11?
  176. Trump biographer: Stop overestimating him — he’s a cross between a junkie and a hungry chicken
  177. CIA: Russia Helped Trump
  178. Bye Bye
  179. Why Does the GOP Refuse to Accept Its Radicalism?
  180. Con Agra Peanut Butter Case Settles
  181. What would a great America look like?
  182. Biden Hails Trudeau, Merkel as Last Liberal Leaders Standing
  183. Iceland IM kicked out FBI trying to frame Assange
  184. And Just When America Elects a Climate Change Denier
  185. Former CIA Agent Blows Whistle On Shadow Government
  186. Geoengineering with limestone particles
  187. Trumps many conflicts of interest
  188. In the Most Miserable Nation on Earth...they Fear Donald Rump
  189. News chart
  190. How to Wage Hybrid War on the Kremlin
  191. BuzzFake
  192. How bad of a President Will Trump Really Be?
  193. North Carolina Republicans try to strip powers from incoming Democratic governor
  194. Huge Tear on Ring of Fire
  195. Women are too stupid to make important decisions.
  196. China-ZERO F***S Given
  197. Russian-American talks about the new Cold War
  198. Trump lied about education
  199. Mo'chelle, STOP!!
  200. U.S. is the 7th most Empathetic country in the world
  201. WiGS' Democrats Weaponizing Government Offices and Programs Thread
  202. Obama Failed as a Legislator
  203. Discuss: Manmade Climate Change
  204. This Political Theorist Predicted the Rise of Trumpism. His Name Was Hunter S. Thompson.
  205. A CIA-led Coup Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes
  206. Syrians capture US military officers in E Aleppo bunker
  207. Trump, Putin and the Pipelines to Nowhere
  208. Russian Amb To Turkey Assassinated (Video)
  209. Merry Christmas! - Your Friend, Radical Islam ;)
  210. Democrat Elector in Denver Refuses to Vote Clinton
  211. Donald Trump's Christmas (NOT HOLIDAY) Yule Log
  212. Paul Krugman is Insane
  213. Funny...
  214. Elizabeth Warren Goes after the Trumpster with the Emoluments Clause
  215. Snopes is a Joke
  216. MSM's Top 10 Moments of 2016
  217. Trump: US must greatly expand nuclear weapons
  218. The Soviet Union Is Gone, But It’s Still Collapsing
  219. FBI Profiler Profiles the Trumpster
  220. Obama scraps registry
  221. As 2017 approaches, face it...
  222. "How I came to understand the CIA"
  223. UN Security Council demands Israel stop settlement activity
  224. Globalist Elite and You
  225. Thomas Sowell Retires
  226. Where's Trump?
  227. Barrack Hussein Insane
  228. Stop arguing
  229. Trump says he’ll write inaugural address himself
  230. Idiot's Guide to Independent Thought
  231. Idiot's Guide to Unprotected Sex.
  232. Dilbert challenges climate scientists
  233. Eight Craziest Things Trump Voters Actually Believe
  234. Critical Thinking from the Left: Something About This Russia Story Stinks
  235. Liberal contempt
  236. Should there be an investigation on Trump / Putin collusion in the election?
  237. The toughest man in America
  238. Trump Gives Koch Bro the Boot
  239. House Republicans gut their own oversight
  240. Trump tracker thread
  241. James McCanney decodes the Nazca lines
  242. Ford cancels Mexico plant in 'vote of confidence' in Trump
  243. Megyn Kelly reportedly takes less money to leave Fox News
  244. What News Sources Do You Like?
  245. 2016 ratings are in and CNN and MSNBC have caught Fox
  246. Megyn Kelly going to NBC
  247. Political Compass time...
  248. Chicago Racists Kidnap, Torture Mentally Challenged Man on Facebook Live
  249. National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Introduced
  250. Regarding Trump's SCOTUS Picks...